GdS: Lille defender could follow Fonseca to Milan – the reasoning

By Ben Dixon -

Ahead of the mercato, AC Milan have identified key positions they will target for improvement, and they have made a defender a top priority. Today, a report has suggested that they may utilise Paulo Fonseca’s connections and sign one of his current players.

The big target for the summer is a new striker, but Milan are aware that other areas need strengthening as well, and the area of concern is the defence. Reports from this morning have suggested that the Rossoneri are looking at signing a new central defender and a right-back.

Several names are in the mix for the right-back slot, and they must be able to compete with Davide Calabria for the starting role, and a name that has been on the rise for the club is Tiago Santos, and they have had an interest in him for some time, as we revealed earlier in the season.

As Gazzetta dello Sport (via Radio Rossonera) writes, Paulo Fonseca is ready to become the Diavolo’s next head coach, and there is a chance that he looks to bring his defender with him, given he has a high potential and a profile that can be utilised in this Milan team.

Furthermore, he is seen as the primary candidate for the role, over Emerson Royal, and he could arrive for a fee of €12 million, which could be a steal in today’s market.

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  1. Of course a RB.

    Let’s sack the coach, sell one of our stars and drop the captain – all while two of one most experienced players have left.

    Can we rebrand whilst we’re at it?

    What’s in a name?

      1. Funny, because fast-forward to May 2025, y’all would be clamouring for a new coach while Maldini’s Heir and a few other sensible one would be pointing out the stupidity and unrealism of expecting a stellar season after so much change and instability.
        But continue.

        1. Whining heir sensible? Go sleep it off mate

          Also I’m not expecting anything next season. Im not daft. Maybe a coppa italia if lucky

        2. Maldini’s Heir has a history of being wrong literally about everything. The guy was complaining about Pulisic joining, yet Pulisic became one of our most productive and top performing players.

          Sensible… surely you jest. You can’t be serious.

          1. I wholeheartedly disagree. He can be somewhat annoying (sorry buddy) by repeating himself over and over that’s true BUT when you look at it he’s absolutely 100% correct. You pointed out only one sucess in a transfer campaign that saw at least 9 others come in. He, like many others here and as VORe said pointed out how flawed the expectations were around signing so many players last season and it turned out to be exactly true. The mantra of chopping and changing every season was echoed by one of the writers on this site (expecting a transfer window like last season’s in order to be called a success…and it’s only May)…so once again he has been proven right. The only major point I disagree with him is with the youth system but even that has some nuances too.

          2. @IKWYDLS: He (Maldini’s Heir) is wrong sometimes and right sometimes, just like everyone else. I do agree that I share the idea that bringing too many new players each summer and selling established players is not a good way to manage a team (for reference just watch PSG). But his whole “you’re not a true fan”, “you’re toxic”, “spoiled”,… he throws to everyone who doesn’t share is views is, to put it lightly, condesceding and disrespectful.

    1. Calabria has been in a decline and Florenzi is likely to exit. Stop complaining. If it was up to you, we’d still have De Sciglio and El Sharaawy.

  2. For those who don’t know Jorge Mendes, he’s a super agent trying to move his players as much as he can to get big commissions. He’s responsible for many failures at PSG and Wolverhampton because they were stupid enough to let him manage their recruitment. He’s thriving on clueless managements like the one we currently have.

    He’s Paulo Fonseca’s agent. He’s Tiago Santos’ agent. He’s Leao’s agent and PSG will look for someone to replace Mbappé as a left winger.

      1. You’re right actually, his current agent is Marco Abreu. Jorge Mendes was his agent a few years ago. It’s unclear why Fonseca changed though.

  3. Calabria, Florenzi, Kalulu, Jimenez can all play there. Sure, if one of Calabria or Florenzi leave otherwise they should focus to get Theo deputy.

    Spinazzola would be a great option considering he’s out of contract in the summer.

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