GdS: The loanees that Milan hope will significantly boost the summer budget

By Ben Dixon -

With summer approaching, inklings about AC Milan’s budget are beginning to emerge, and some information about the players who may be sold after returning from loan has given some extra insight into the finances available. 

After the departure of Sandro Tonali last summer, there are fears that his move could be replicated in the upcoming window. However, the club’s position is that they do not have to sell a star, and whilst a ‘Bennacer-level sacrifice‘ has not been ruled out, there is a chance that even this might not be necessary.

As Gazzetta dello Sport writes, the biggest additions to the budget will come from those playing in Serie A, expectedly. The sale of Charles De Ketelaere will bring €22 million and bonuses, a sizeable increase on the budget already.

Adding to this, there are the potential sales of Alexis Saelemaekers (€10m), Chaka Traore (€8m + bonuses) and Divock Origi (€5m). Elsewhere, the club will assess the future of Marco Nasti, Fode Ballo-Toure, Luka Romero and Marko Lazetic.

Interest is expected to be present for all of the returning loanees, albeit at different levels, but there is a chance that an additional €40m could be earned by their returns and sales, which could almost double the transfer kitty available.

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  1. No one will buy Origi for 5M, we should let him go for free if possible.
    Who has offered to buy Chaka Traoré for 8M ? That’s nonsense. We should loan him as he has room for growth and might be useful to us in the future.
    I think we can sell Maldini in the 4-5M range.

    1. chaka traore was loaned to palermo with an option to buy so i suspect thats the 8 mil + 2 mil bonuses. He hasn’t played many minutes for them but if the club believes in his talent and they get promoted whos to say that they wont buy him.

    2. No one will take Origi even for free because of his wages and if you guys think he will lower his demands to join another team, you’re mistaken. So. Caldara 2.0.

  2. Agree… where are they getting the numbers from? We are lucky if we can offload Origi at all, let alone make a profit.
    Chaka? nothing official. I think the best bet for actually receiving an offer are CDK, Saladman, Maldini and maybe, maybe Colombo.

    1. Yes, the usual dreaming about these valuations. Even in a video game, they wouldn’t get these numbers. Traore has done nothing for Palermo, they’re not going to spend money on him.

  3. In my opinion Chaka and Romero should stay at least as backup options. They deserve to get some minutes and the decide what you want to do with them.

    1. i would change that to a „can“, they are ok profiles to be reserves, but if a good offer arrives there is no point in keeping them.
      They also won‘t get more minutes next season since they have a low place in the hierarchy of the squad and our wingers and semi strikers are generally good.

  4. It is all assumptions. But we can tell how Elliott and Red Bird did best possible moves in transfer market since beginning. Yes, Milan did not won anything, but next 2 summer transfer can be crucial to make team who can become strongest in Serie a even before building new stadium.
    Mercato must be carefully evaluated, and surly all players who can’t stand up in Milan, must be sold.

  5. I will discuss Origi’s 5m sale on my first date with Sydney Sweeney.

    At least if we don’t sell CDK for 22m then we get another chance with CDK in the team. Not the end of the world that one.

    1. Atalanta have full control on CDK option to buy, also CDK already agree salary term with atalanta over 5 years contract

  6. Atalanta have already said that they will activate the clause as they’ve been very pleased with his performances

  7. More evidenced that loans are more about getting rid of problem players than developing players.

    And if players do develop it becomes an opportunity for a ‘capital gain’ to fund another transfer for another player who we can one day send on loan to make another ‘capital gain’ which we can use to fund another transfer who we can one day send on….

    CDK and Daniele Maldini (MALDINI) have probably had the best loans and will now probably depart. Woo hoo.

    Can’t wait to sign a DM on TRANSFER DEADLINE DAY after we’ve signed a player in every other position.

    1. “CDK and Daniele Maldini (MALDINI) have probably had the best loans and will now probably depart. Woo hoo.”
      That’s why we should either dry loan or loan with a buy-back option (like what Madrid did to us). That way, we will be able to get back our most successfull loans rather than see them go.

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