GdS: Lukaku deal could open up new formula for Milan – the proposed idea

By Ben Dixon -

AC Milan are widely expected to sign a striker in the summer mercato, but a report has suggested that they could look to sign two with a new plan in mind. 

With Olivier Giroud departing, plans regarding the investment into a new striker only gain strength. However, the route that could be taken is unforeseen and could offer some light into how the seemingly imminent next head coach, Paulo Fonseca, may set up his side.

The name in this morning’s reports is Romelu Lukaku, a new name, at least for this summer. Previously, it has been Benjamin Sesko, Joshua Zirkzee and Viktor Gyokeres, but now the Belgian could be in contention.

This morning’s edition of Gazzetta dello Sport (read below) has suggested that this could be part of a bigger picture. The report suggests Lukaku would not be the new No.9, instead, he would be one of them.

What is meant by this is that Milan might look to sign two strikers, one fitting the characteristics of Sesko and co. and one like the Belgian, and this opens up several options. Firstly, there is the question about a change of system from a 4-3-3, which is the reported system that Fonseca is eyeing, or perhaps it could be a two-striker system.

Alternatively, it could be that the plan remains for a one-striker system, but the addition of Lukaku alongside a younger profile lessens the pressure on the newcomer and adds some leadership qualities to the dressing room that Lukaku could provide.

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  1. Would make some sense but I don’t see us spending that money on Lukaku’s salary at the same time as someone else’s. I don’t know what percentage Roma covered but he’s on big money and doesn’t come cheap. If Lukaku comes in, he will be the no9.

    1. If he’s sold, he’ll be well comped by Chelsea for what’s left on his contract (2 years?).

      Unless he goes to the Middle East, he will surely know he’s not getting close to §his current terms anywhere else. The question would be how low will he go because we would realistically be looking at halving them I’d imagine.

      I’d have him though.

  2. 1. Lukaku is wanted by Conte in Napoli, they already discussed that.
    2. Chelsea wants to get 45mil EUR straight for Lukaku, Milan want to load with potential option to buy. As there is also interest from Saudi teams, it is unlikely they would agree to loan to Milan. He is already 31 years old so it is their last chance to get any money back for him, especially since they paid over 100mil for him.
    3. Lukaku has absolutely huge salary at Chelsea (12mil EUR). Milan won’t be able to give him even half of that.

    Milan is exploring many options, they asked Chelsea, Chelsea refused, end of story. But as it’s a “hot name” we will se this is next dozens of news because they have to write about something…

  3. i hope this guy dosnt land in milna. we can do allot better. he is not the same player he once was. he has been declining and his stint at roma is showing just that . whats worse is we might potentially miss out on high potential young talents like zirkzee or sesko as well as others for this has been.

    lukaku suits teams like napoli or atalanta, roma, teams that are not aspiring towrads anything rather just looking to get by.

    if we sign him we will probably end up on this guys youtube reals of bad misses in finals and competitive matches

    1. Giroud was also a stop gap when he joined. He ended up being a lot more for a lot longer. Anyhow, between this and the Harry Maguaire news, safe to say journalist are just picking random names.

  4. The way most of us always have believe that Milan are always ready to invest money on quality players amazes me. Our management has no clear plan and motivation to spend in the market so that we can compete with other clubs in Italy less in Europe. Rather they prefer to spend money on hiring more people into the board who are noise makers . Every team is busy negotiating and buying but we are discovering new talent for other clubs to buy. In the January winter transfer before the transfer window opened Milan was all over the quality players but when the market came we couldn’t buy a single player. I will not be surprised if nothing or lower quality players arrives this summer through loan or free transfer which we are the king of free transfer players all over the world. I keep my fingers crossed and will always voice my opinion which I know they don’t care to read

  5. What an incredibly dumb take. What are you basing this on? They spent big money last summer and brought in a bunch of players, most of which contributed a good deal to the team. Milan never buy in the winter window and neither do most teams. But apparently you are inside the heads of the owners and management and know what they are going to do… Ok.

    1. You are definitely a baby Milan fan because if you knew who Milan was and is you should understand that Milan of nowadays is a mediocre team well I wouldn’t blame you because you didn’t know when Milan was on same level with Madrid. Which should be the priority of the management if they wished to get us there. You saying Milan never buy in winter window means you are new to Milan because ibra and Robinho came in winter and most gifted quality players always come in winter as a gift to if you don’t understand my point you keep quiet instead of insulting.
      Milan is full of speculation and the owners we have can’t buy quality players which Milan is known for

      1. What year are you living in dude? It’s not the late 90’s or early 2000’s. It’s so funny how all of these haters of the “evil American owners” always conveniently forget the 10 year period before Elliot took over and Pioli came in where Milan was terrible and massively in debt. Never winning a Scudetto or qualifying for Champions League play. Even if the owners had unlimited money they can’t just throw money around, there are FFP rules they have to follow. They have spent money and they are trying to get Milan a new stadium which will allow the team to earn more money. The team is getting better and they do have ambitions to improve but it is a process. We are not competing in Italy or Europe? Ok. There was one team better than us in Serie A this season. We made it to the semi-finals of the Champions League just last season. Last 4 seasons:
        2nd place
        4th place ( semi-finals of Champions League)
        2nd place
        Yeah, not competitive at all. Great point.
        We have a more recent Scudetto than Juve and have finished ahead of them 4 seasons in a row.

        Tell me more about how stupid you are please.

  6. Finally Milan has gone to Chelsea with our trademark of loan for Lukaku and Chelsea said NOOOOOOOOOO.
    This is one of my points a club of Milan pedigree doesn’t get acquired by such owners but owners who are ready to transform the club to a higher and better standard.

  7. bring De Katelare back and Lukaku isnt bad option. High wages sure but he is a proven striker and being a big targetman he doesnt rely on his speed. Each are capable of scoring 15-20 goals per season. Both being Belgian Lukaku can mentor him to become world class. It does have its merits.

    1. Hmm…
      Magic Mike
      Tomori – Gabbia – Theo
      Chuck – Puli – Benny – Tijji – Rafa
      Zirkzee – Lukaku

      Wildly out of balance, but fun to watch. Lol. Plenty of 6, 7 and 8 goal matches…

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