GdS: Maldini left with a €10m budget and two signings to make – the situation

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan do not have much of a budget left to complete their mercato after the signing of Charles De Ketelaere but they have two needs to address.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara are currently working a sum of around €10m which could possibly increase if the club collected proceeds from the sale of Lucas Paquetà by Lyon.

Midfield: Stefano Pioli has great faith in the returning Tommaso Pobega, so while Renato Sanches and Carney Chukwuemeka were evaluated as options but have gone to PSG and Chelsea respectively, a different profile is now being evaluated. Jordan Veretout is one step away from Marseille, the Douglas Luiz idea has never really taken off and Pape Matar Sarr of Spurs is the frontrunner.

Defence: Another Spurs player in Japhet Tanganga is the preferred target for the defence, but the London club want a loan with obligation to buy while the Rossoneri are pushing for an option. Abdou Diallo of PSG is back in vogue but in general the centre-back role is a department were Milan are less in a hurry to strengthen. A new arrival would almost certainly lead to the loan of Matteo Gabbia, probably to Sampdoria, but with an eye on UEFA and Serie A squad list regulations.

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  1. This new ownership was meant to make us a power again, not fail to sign targets to the likes of Roma, Marseille and Newcastle….I hope it’s just down to RedBird not getting control until September…..things need to change.

    1. The new ownership was meant to build new stadium and increase income so Milan can pay higher salary to retain star players. All of them took time. As for transfer spending, Milan is still restricted due to the agreement signed as a consequence for breaching FFP regulation at Yonghong Li era.

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong but that agreement has now ended?

        Plus you all seem to forget that a club can run losses for three seasons, we could effectively buy a midfielder now for 50m so long as in three years time the books balance. again please correct me if I’m wrong. We need a midfielder NOW..surely now is the time to make that investment and balance it over the next few seasons and with the new addition guarantee CL football and better revenues

          1. Loss is allowed under certain margin. I don’t remember the detail but Milan have to progressively reduce the loss to certain point each season.

    2. “This new ownership was meant to make us a power again”

      Was it? Elliott was here to make the club stay alive, lift its value and sell. RedBird is here to make money and hopefully strengthen the club more but they haven’t done anything yet as they don’t control the club yet so I don’t understand your comment at all.

      1. Redbird have not take it from Elliot, that is true.

        If I recall correctly, they don’t promise massive transfer/salary budget but they plan to invest on the commercial sector so Milan can generate way more income that can be used for the budget.

    3. New ownership takeover is not yet complete until September. So right now Elliot are still in charge with the money.

      And if you think RedBird gonna go nuts spending €100+ million like EPL clubs or PSG then you will be disappointed because that’s not how RedBird works nor Maldini wants.

      1. Nobody expects or wants silly spending, just measured spending where we need it to keep us where Pioli, M and M have got us back to

        1. That’s what Maldini, Masara, and Elliot did these past 3 years: an effective, smart, and sustainable transfer for Milan. They don’t want to fall in the same mistakes that Berlusconi and Yohongli made in their era.

          But some Milan fans are nostalgia wankers who keeps thinking Milan should be back spending tons of money like Berlusconi did.

          1. Yes Milan should be spending, that’s why the brand is huge this way, it was by spending, other clubs below us like fiorentina, Roma, even Atalanta are spending so yes we should spend or atleast not be a club who is counting it’s 10m and hoping we use it to buy Messi.

            This mediocreity is already creeping Inside some fans head, this is happening not because Milan can not spend but because we have vultures funds controling us, they are just stacking the money they can spend for themselves so do not bring the FFP crap, every club have issues with FFP but it is being managed and even the new rule have made it at least better for big clubs (after the dissolution of Super league)

            We are just being run by stingy greedy vultures, that’s what they do, go check their history, this is exactly how anything they take charge of operates……stop talking about Milan like you are talking about Torino, Milan is a worldwide brand, that’s they took the club from LI instead of giving him time to pay them up.

          2. Yeah, spend and keep spending, don’t bother with operating margin. As we don’t have ultra rich owner to bribe Uefa, we will ended up kicked from UCL and banned for years due to reckless spending. And guess what, the players leave, the brand value collapse.

          3. Elliott invested a lot of money in Milan, but they never took money from Milan.
            They make Milan stronger and increase the value of the club, that’s how they benefit.
            Even without the FFP issue, Milan was on the verge of bankruptcy before Elliott took over.

          4. You can’t even compare those two. Berlusconi invested in Milan when he wanted to gain political favour, he lost interest and wasn’t prepared to spend the same levels of money that the new kids on the block like Abramovic were. Was was once a the biggest fish in tie pond, and then the Megaladons started to show up. Yonghong Li was just a bizarre situation…

            I’ve supported the club since 1988 so I guess I’m one of those nostalgia wankers…the bottom line is Milan should be at the top of the tree, we are one of the three biggest clubs in Europe. I don’t believe anyone who posts here thinks or wants Milan to spend 100s of millions, we are all for sustainable growth. BUT you have to strengthen from a position of strength. Last season we won the scudetto, we ran Liverpool close twice in the CL. We are better than we have been for a decade. Inter and Juve by whatever means have strengthened and are in my view the two favourites now. We haven’t responded as such. We could of course win the scudetto again, and if we do it’s credit to Pioli and his kids, but we have failed to deliver a solution at RW.

            Now none of us know what is or isn’t going on behind the scenes, but for me there are things that could be done. Zaniolo wants out of Roma and we need an RW, he fits our profile, ours fits him, regardless of whether you think he’s the next Totti or not, he’s an upgrade in the RW and an loan with option makes sense.

            It doesn’t require tons of spending…but the CDK situation was ridiculous.

          5. “This mediocreity is already creeping Inside some fans head, this is happening not because Milan can not spend but because we have vultures funds controling us”

            The mediocrity came almsot 10 years ago already!! Wake up! Milan has taken a huge step forwards during Elliott’s reign (thanks to M&M).

      2. If anyone really thinks when Redbird officially take over in September they will start spending next transfer windows they are fkn crazy LOL. Redbird is Elliot effectively. Elliot are 30% owners and Redbird are indebted to them for over 800M. This is as good as it gets. Nothing will change once ownership becomes official. They operate the same business model. 40M transfer budget yearly and eventually will sell our top players for profit. 10M left to spend on DM and CB – Fantastic! Who the hell would have wanted Investcorp anyways right????

        1. True, what Redbird have better than Elliot are stadium expertise and commercial link which can increase Milan income.

          As for Investcorp, they are not state owned, they are just another investment fund who cannot even raise money for the takeover and they want to fund half of the operation using debt that will be carried by the club.

  2. “A new arrival would almost certainly lead to the loan of Matteo Gabbia, probably to Sampdoria, but with an eye on UEFA and Serie A squad list regulations.”

    Aren’t they contradictory? Loaning Gabbia when non-homegrown defender arrive means the UCL squad is reduced from 23 to 22 first team players, the rest can only be from primavera.

    1. Hey man are u like the UEFA representative? You’re really making me nervous about Milan in every post. XD

      BTW can you also specify the homegrown list for UCL for Inter/Juve and Napoli so that I can decide if i have to worry that MILAN are alone in this darkness or not.

      1. I just checked their squad in Transfermarkt. Inter, Juventus, and Napoli all have at least 4 club-trained and 4 Italian-trained, enough to register 25 first team players.

        Only Milan is Italian team in UCL who can only register under 25 first team players (current state: 23).

        1. Does those extra 2,3 players make any difference?
          How many teams actually use 25 players during group stage?
          Does Milan even have 25 players worthy of being on the UCL list or even playing in a UCL game?
          This is a non issue.
          22 players are 2 full teams.
          Milan barely has decent back ups for the starters , let alone a back up to the back up

          1. That means less depth for UCL squad.

            A lot of comments are saying Milan need more players for squad depth, aren’t they? I am just pointing out that by replacing Gabbia with non-homegrown, what actually happen is the opposite (in UCL).

          2. Rotation is possible if players are available in Serie A, even if they are not available in UCL.
            For example, Krunic would be useful even if he is not available for the UCL, because he can be used in Serie A matches when Pioli want to rest Tonali or Adli.

          3. That is possible but that will hurt the solidity of the squad as those excluded from UCL will feel marginalized. I feel bad for Pioli as he has to decide who will be left out.

    1. Do you mean terminating the loan of Bakayoko and Brahim? It might increase the budget a little as the salary can be reallocated.

      Regarding budget, Maldini actually spend some of them to buy primavera players.

    2. Well because those aren’t Milan players or don’t have much value. Salaemakers probably does but he’s also a useful squad player and isn’t going to fetch a fortune in the current market.

      And as others have said, two of those are loan players – might be able to save their salary but not much more.

      Don’t take the article at face value though, transfer budgets mean nothing when the players being signed may have vastly different salary requirements.

  3. What targets did Milan lose to Roma and Marseille?
    Dybala? No one wanted Dybala. Milan spent 35 on CDK to play in Dybala role, that shows Milan couldn’t care less about Dybala.
    They lost Botman to Newcastle because Newcastle went way over the actual valuation of the player to sign him. That’s the only way they can attract players by overpaying

    1. Well that all depends on how seriously believe the
      Media. Veretout would be an upgrade and he seems to be going to Marseille

      Reference to Dybala I’d have twin him as a flash 9/striker, he’s a proven 1 in 2 striker, and a point of difference to Origi, Giroud and Ibra, plus there’s rotation, CDK can’t play every game and is still an unknown quantity.

      Depends on ambition

      1. Speaking of ambition, I think Maldini chose CDK over Dybala signify his ambition. Sure Dybala is experienced but he has hit his ceiling. CDK represent greater potential and also serve as a statement that he is aiming to build a dynasty that can last for years.

        1. How do we know that he is potential? That dude is just a Tall Suso to me, let calm down with the hype till we see him performing……

          For me, I will never take CDK over Dybala anyway but let’s see what the dude can do before we conclude, because from the highlights I have watched, CDK is not more technical than Adli

        2. I think a player in his prime is perfect for Milan right now, it’s great having a team of youngsters and I’m pleased we do, but Ibra and Giroud won’t be around for much more than a season. Even Ferguson’s class of 92 had Cantona and Schmeichel around.

          Dybala at 28 could fulfil many roles for us, he could play CAM or as a striker/false9. He is guaranteed goals. Look at our forwards…Ibra is an absolute legend but he can’t go on at the level he has done now, Giroud is a great player but he’s only really. 12-15 goal a season guy, Origi could be a 3 goal a season or 30 goal a season, we don’t know. Dybala as the 4th option and the ability to play in behind would have been perfect for me.

          If we were faced with a CDK or Dybala question I’d take CDK for obvious reasons, but that’s wheee ambition of the board comes in. Are we looking to make any waves in the CL?

          1. Maldini don’t even consider Dybala. Lining up Ziyech instead of Dybala as alternative to CDK make me believe that CDK is signed for RW position while Adli keep starting AM.

      2. The only loss was Renato Sanches. He was a big opportunity, to sign a player with his qualities for 15 mil. And that’s Elliott’s fault. Their decision to sell the club in may, plus Mladini contract extension cost Milan Renato Sanches. Milan was after Renato since January. Psg wasn’t thinking of signing him until his ex Lille coach and director got there in July.
        Veretout isn’t a loss. Players like him are dime a dozen.

        1. If this article is true, it means even if PSG do not sign Sanches, Milan do not have enough budget left to sign Sanches.

          1. 😂😂😂

            Did you know? This media also claim Milan still in the running for Sanches with 15m offer on the table just before P$G offer for Sanches was accepted. Afterwards, they say the remaining budget is only 10m.

            What a joke. If they already know the remaining budget is not even enough for that 15m offer, that means they hide the information to protect the Sanches to Milan rumour so they can keep selling its news.

        2. Not signing Sanchez makes me wonder…..WHO THE HELL WILL MILAN GO FOR NOW???????

          better we keep our mediocres of bakayoko and krunic instead of wasting money on another mediocre

        3. @Coco
          Yes, Sanchez is a loss, but don’t blame Elliot. The player preferred to join PSG. He stalled the negotiations with us to see what will happen in the PSG front, and when his hold manager joined there, he felt this is the place to be.

          The only actual loss was Botman who waited for us, until he gave up and signed with Newcastle.

          1. It’s all about the timing.
            If Elliot didn’t enter negotiations to sell the club and Maldini & Massara contract were extended on time Renato Sanches would have been a Milan player in June. By the time Maldini contract was extended, PSG hired ex Lille people who went after Renato and offered him a lot more money.
            Botman is not a loss because even though he wanted to sign with Milan , Newcastle was after him and offered more money since January. Lille wasn’t going to accept an offer of 10 or more mil less from Milan when they had 40 mil from Newcastle

    2. Don’t forget, Maldini himself said that he does not plan to spend on defender. Note that free loan is not spending.

  4. Our midfield is effectively complete, we have two cams in Brahim and CDK, 4 Dms in Adli, Bennacer, Tonali, and pobega, so don’t knoweny we’re still looking for a midfielder, we need to focus on a cb and a Rm

      1. You don’t have to be a DM to play in the pivot. Is Jorginho a DM? Is Modric? No they are creative midfield players who can pick the ball up from the CBS and start the play deep. Pirlo was the perfect example of this.

        1. Yes Jorginho is a DM, if you say he is not, please log complain on Football Manager and Transfermarkt.

          Modric do not play as one of double pivot.

          Pirlo play as Regista protected by 2 other midfielders, not double pivot system.

          1. You see I prefer to use my eyes and not football manager my friend.

            So where did Modric play if not next to Kroos or Alonso in the double pivot?

            A defensive midfielder is a Desailly, Deschamps, Ince or Batty, a breaker up of play, a player who is foremost about tackling and winning the ball back before playing it to someone who can use the ball. That is not Jorginho. They are deep lying playmakers, like Pirlo. I never said Pirlo played in the pivot, the comparison I drew was him being a creative player playing deep in front of the defence where one would typically expect to find defensive midfielders. Jorginho is an evolution of this player

      2. “Adli is not DM”. Maybe, maybe not. But the lad can defend. I prefer creative players who can also defend over one-trick-ponies who are strictly DMs (like e.g. Krunic, Bakayoko, Kessie). It’s far better to have multiple creative-minded players on the field than relying on just one playmaker. One creative player can be easily taken out but how about 2 or 3? Not easy at all. But that means everyone does their part in defending. That includes Leao.

        1. There is someone here who refuse to consider Krunic as DM.

          Anyway Krunic actually play games as AM for almost 100 times, he only play as DM less than 20 times.

          1. Well… It’s the only thing Krunic is useful for. He’s absolutely useless for attacking plays as he can only pass the ball backwards – if even that. No creativity, no confidence, no passing skills, no shooting skills, doesn’t dribble (don’t know how to), can’t win a 1vs1 with the ball etc.

          2. I think Krunic is a good utility player, he doesn’t excel anywhere but can fill in in many positions, good player to have

  5. 10 mil euros left??? That’s transfer budget for a middle League one team…not for the champions of Italy…Not to mention new “investors”…

    1. Didn’t you read the earlier comments? The investor have not arrived, still processing. And we are restricted by that unfair FFP.

    2. Midfeild is not okay, Adli is not DM.

      Pobega is not ready, krunic is soooooo average and mistake king, bakayoko is just bakayoko……so yes, we are punctured and will have issues with it

      1. “Midfeild is not okay, Adli is not DM.”

        How narrow-minded. Just shows you don’t understand football. DMs aren’t necessary. In fact a team with more versatile players can perform better than teams with players with dedicated roles (such as DM).

        “Adli is not DM”. Maybe, maybe not. But the lad can defend. I prefer creative players who can also defend over one-trick-ponies who are strictly DMs (like e.g. Krunic, Bakayoko, Kessie). It’s far better to have multiple creative-minded players on the field than relying on just one playmaker. One creative player can be easily taken out but how about 2 or 3? Not easy at all. But that means everyone does their part in defending. That includes Leao.

        1. Wait a minute @bb. Now your saying “DM’s are not necessary”?? And now “ It’s far better to have multiple creative-minded players on the field than relying on just one playmaker”??? Hahahaha!!! Didn’t you bitch and complain that Sanches WASN’T a DM -he was more of a CAM/playmaker and that we needed a DM to replace Kessie??? Now your saying the exact opposite? Hahahahah! What donkey. Make up your mind which bull$hit your gonna peddle kid. Hilarious! The level of stupidity on this forum just keeps on increasing each and every day lol. Unreal

          1. “The level of stupidity on this forum just keeps on increasing each and every day lol.”

            And you’re the reason why.

        2. Still, to play at one of the double pivot, good defensive quality is needed. Something that Adli and Sanches still lacking as their defensive quality are under average.

  6. Thomas that is what you get when a Vulture fund is incharge…….They stack up money for themselves and not for the club, and instead of selling to a real investor, they borrowed money to their cousin company to buy the club…….Milan is now a playground for American business men, that’s what you get when you allow Americans to your dynasty

    1. Set aside your hate boner for American business man because they are objectively better on handling Milan than Italian business man and one Chinese guy who drove Milan at the edge of bankruptcy!

    1. Elliot is a cancer that save Milan from bankruptcy and gave another chance to slowly build a good team wuth young players to compete in Serie-A and Champions League?

      You’re not making any sense and so far your post never making any sense.

  7. Our midfield lost Kessie but we have gained adli and pobega. I don’t think we need that position but more of a central defender in loan and spend the money on a rw like ziyech. Complete the top. Renato Sanches has shown inconsistencies and injuries so its better we didn’t get him but how do we only have a 10m budget if we had agreed 15m with lille?

    1. Either the media lie about 15m offer or the media lie about the budget.

      I still wonder, Maldini said he want 2-3 important signings, 2 of them have arrived (Origi and CDK) but what is the position of the last one? CB or DM? But as he said 2-3 instead of firmly 3, I think he consider the 3rd not mandatory.

      1. The worrying conundrum is we are light in 3 areas, CB, CM and RW..none are cheap or easy to fill. Which is why loans with options are surely the way forwards.

        The one area we all demanded change on was RW, unless we are shoehorning CDK there we haven’t addressed it. Perhaps we are looking to buy a CM in January if we make it out of the CL group, that’s feasible. I still like the look of Traore from Sassuolo. He fits the mark perfectly. He should be back from injury then too.

        1. We are not light on DM if Bakayoko stay, though I prefer he leave.

          We are definitely not light on RW, there are 3 players: CDK, Messias, and Saelemaekers. Even Florenzi can play there. People tend to forget that Messias score 6 goals while missing the first third of the season due to injury as well as not having preseason. People also tend to forget that he previously was an AM, not RW, so last season was still adaptation phase for him.

          We are a bit light on CB, so I don’t want Gabbia to leave. Even if a new CB arrive, he is still needed.

          1. True, but I don’t think any of us have any faith in Bakayoko. We aren’t light on the RW in terms of numbers, but we are in quality.

            Interesting you mention Florenzi for the RW, it’s something I’ve thought about, and it may be a solution…Messias could go either way. He could be great or awful….what we needed was an upgrade

          2. We aren’t light on number for RW but we are for quality.

            Interesting you mention Florenzi for the RW, it’s something I’ve thought about and could be a solution if all else fails

          3. I actually believe CDK is an RW/LW who can switch flanks between possesions.

            His heatmap indicate he rarely play centrally.

      1. Really? How much is Fofana? Are we really only have 10m left which is not even enough to sign Sanches even if P$G did not sign him?

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