GdS: Maldini, Massara and Furlani clear on Pioli’s future after meeting

By Oliver Fisher -

There are currently no plans to sack head coach Stefano Pioli despite a disastrous month of January, according to a report.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews) this morning, there was a meeting between Paolo Maldini, Ricky Massara and the new CEO Giorgio Furlani after Milan’s hammering at the hands of Sassuolo.

The trio spoke about the current situation find themselves in and about the Rossoneri head coach, whose job not in discussion as they believe he is the right man to get Milan out of the nightmare they currently find themselves in.

Maldini, Massara and Furlani are strong in their belief that no one knows better than Pioli how to resolve the situation and overcome the difficulties that exist at present, starting with the derby against Inter on Sunday in which the city rivals could go five points above Milan with a win.

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  1. I love fans asking for Pioli sacking. And who will Milan get to replace him? Any top coach is paid more than Leao, and we won’t offer that money even to our best player. Milan doesn’t have money for a top proven coach, end of story…

    1. Agreed.

      No world class coach wants to work at Milan with low salary and mostly B-C tier players in their disposal then give the target to win Scudetto + UCL trophy lol.

      Pioli just renewed his contract until 2025. If Milan fired Pioli right now then they need to pay Pioli salary + compensation which is not cheap.

      There’s also the scenario where players needs to adapt again with new coach. Good if they can adapt with new coach but if they can’t then Milan gonna lost a lot of solid players from Tonali, Bennacer, Theo, Leao, Kalulu, Mike, etc.

        1. Where were you when last season Milan beat Sassuolo 3-0? Why only came out now when Milan isn’t at the best condition?

          Fake fans.

          1. Milan lost to Sassuolo at home last year as well. 3-1.
            They won 3-0 in the last game of the season, but Sassuolo had nothing to play for at that time.
            This year, we also drew 0-0
            in Sassuolo and now lost 5-2 at home.

    2. There are a lot of young talented coaches in italy like Italiano, Sottil, even Conte was nobody before Juventus. I don’t se the need for a coach as overrated as Tuchel just don’t go for ex Milan player turned into a coach route!!!!!! Or some mediocre coach that has been in the leauge for 10 years and plays like we are still in 2009. But yes Pioli has to go when you play exactly the same way every match for 2 years straight and can’t improve on basic problems of the team in 2 years, like defending corners or when to press or just control the space so the defence can get organised, things that way worst sides can do much much better than we can , something is not right….

      1. “I don’t see the, need for a coach as overrated as Tuchel”

        Is that the reason, why they won the Champions League? Six months, after his appointment?

        In the past, we have tried, appointing ex Milan players, Seedorf and Inzaghi to coach Milan.. And, we all know, what happened..

        Sottil, Italiano are all talented coaches.. But you can’t expect, them to do miracles, with an average squad.. You, have to spend to win…

        1. That CL win was such a fluke don’t forget that was in middle of the pandemic season… You all saw how “good” that Chelsea team was next season nothing remarkable to be honest given how much they spend. We don’t expect miracles but at least get to top 4 and don’t concede 2 goals per game would be a start. You can’t spend big if you have no money Italian league has been run by incompetent and corrupt people for years and there is Juventus a club that singlehandedly holds back the league for years now… How can you expect there to be money from international deals when racism is the norm in the league and clubs started to push out english content couple of years ago only quality english AC Milan content comes from fans like this site… Lets give kudos to guys that run sempremilan they are amazing!!

          1. I don’t think that the, Champions League win was a fluke.. Not everyone is Real Madrid, who would win three Champions League in a row! Even Pep’s Barca at its prime couldn’t.. Just because Chelsea, wasn’t much successful in Tuchel’s second year doesn’t make him a bad coach.. Even Zidane, didn’t have much success in his return to Real Madrid!

        2. Tuchel was lucky he had plenty of great players at Chelsea. Now he got fired and no clubs wants him as the manager. I doubt he can replicate his achievements with Milan.

          1. Do you think? Chelsea would’ve won the Champions League, with Frank Lampard? He got fired; now Chelsea are shambolic, and they might miss top four next season.. He also had, better players in PSG.

  2. I disagree that Pioli is the man who will turn this around.
    In the last 4 games vs. Lecce, Inter, Lazio, and Sassuolo Milan was down 2-0 in the 1st 20+ minutes.
    That means the team is unprepared.
    It’s one thing if you lose 3,4 nothing because you conceded 2,3 goals in the 2nd half while you were pushing forward, but it’s another to get down right off the bat.
    The players walk on the field unprepared and unmotivated. If it was only 1 game, you could give Pioli a pass, but your team is like that in 4 games in a row.
    Hopefully, they talked about options of who is going to replace him because all they did was just prolonged the inevitable.
    Pioli has run out of ideas and words, and the players have tuned him out. Time for a new voice is the locker room that will also shake up some things because there are few players that feel way too comfortable in their positions even though they haven’t been up to par for a while

    1. 100% right. I hate to see it but Calabria has been little more than a human sized cone for opposing players to dribble around. Dest for all his faults has been better. Tonali has regressed to worse than first season, giving the ball away more than he wins it back. Give Adli and Vranckx some starts for Gods sake. Kalulu is a RB. He stepped in admirably when he had the best keeper in the league behind him but that is no longer the case and he is exposed. Has been nothing short of awful these last few games. Give Thiaw a start beside Kjaer or Tomori and let’s see what the boy can do.
      Anyone could see long before this bad run of results that teams had figured out how to play us. We are attacking with 10 players and have two men in the midfield. That’s why a team in 17th place was able to run through us with a few smart passes on the counterattack. It’s painful watching Pioli learn this in slow motion. Milan is a team that should play on the counter given the speed on the wings. What use is Leao’s pace when he’s receiving a pass to his feet at the corner flag?

    2. “In the last 4 games vs. Lecce, Inter, Lazio, and Sassuolo Milan was down 2-0 in the 1st 20+ minutes.
      That means the team is unprepared.
      It’s one thing if you lose 3,4 nothing because you conceded 2,3 goals in the 2nd half while you were pushing forward, but it’s another to get down right off the bat.”


  3. Not investing in team properly is like you sick but you take the gun and shoot in your own leg.
    Maldini told we need three reinforcement after Kessie Romagnoli departure. Don’t forget we lost year before Calhanoglu also for free. That is more than 120 million euros valuable players who left for free. Maldini again had good vision about Sanchez and Botman, but owners didn’t approve money for transfers. We get only de keteleare who is struggling and a lot of players who don’t play at all. Like Adli, Vranckx, Thiaw, Lazetic, and players without any impact like Dest,Florenzi, Origi etc. And Milan media is writing how this is good way of leading the club ?

    It is obvious that very soon we will see how not properly investing in team equals losing the money and not other way. This team is like Sacchi: said already lost and it is not team any more. When they soon lose very important champions league spot, Cardinale will realise what’s not investing in the team properly means. They will lose competition money, broadcasting money, tickets sale, and from sponzors. This will affect squad they will need to sell better players and we will have the same results as before Elliott arrived. Also very soon we will be witnesses of dropping fans at San Siro. Who would like to pay watching what we have now ?

    1. Imagine if Maldini had a good vision on time that the 4 players that left, he won’t be able to resign based on the budget available and maybe tried to sell them, on time.
      Imagine the funds he would have had to buy players if he managed to sell those 4 players.
      Does he ever have a good vision on how to sell players and get money for them or only how to spend money?
      What vision did he have about Sanches? He could afford to sign Sanches. His price was less than 15 mil. Maldini failed . And it was a good thing he did fail on Sanches because that guy is more injury prone than origi and rebic put together.
      Maldini should go make some money by selling some of his players, and then he’ll have money to spend on the players he has in his good visions

      1. Maldini just CAN’T SELL! I keep wondering why we don’t sell these dead woods just cause they have one good game out of 10.
        Rebic, Saelemakers, Pobega and letting Hakan and Kessie leave should have been enough to get him sacked… That’s over 60m lost!
        And why the hell is he taking so long to sell Leao? Why can’t Maldini see the handwriting on the wall?
        Leao is a luxury player, who doesn’t track back to help out the defence, doesn’t run unless he has the ball, poses no threat in aerial duels even at his height, has maximum 3 good moments all through 90mins. Don’t get me wrong, this kid is a prodigy and has the right qualities to play for elite clubs, but unfortunately we’re not there yet and if Maldini keeps waiting, he might end up selling for cheap or watch him walk like Kessie did.
        Just sell this ONE player and use to money to stabilize other roles. CB, DM, RW and LW

    2. What we are seeing is just things coming together from 2-3 years of bad management. We ignored same mayor problems for far to long and now we are reaping the rewards. What bothers me the most is that any semi inteligent and not delusional fan who actually watches the games knew about those problems but somehow manegment with all the stats and information did fuck all… I am not saying spend 100m every transfer window but for good sake how can a RW who has worst expected assist pre game that Bastoni who is a CB not be a problem. Or that our second striker was literally in kindergarten 2 years ago.. Or that we are losing startes every fuking summer for free for 3 years in a row… Or that we have coach who did not change anything tacticaly for 2 years and did not teach our team do defend a freaking corner…. Or that we have a medica staff that lives in 1993 … If things don’t seriously change until this summer this will be another banter era 🙁

    3. “Like Adli, Vranckx, Thiaw, Lazetic, and players without any impact like Dest,Florenzi, Origi etc.”

      Florenzi would play if he was fit and Dest wouldn’t even have arrived.

  4. So mr. know it all, are we gonna use this predicatble formation for the rest of the season with nothing change in common… Fr?

  5. I’m not saying he should be sacked but if we dont have the players for a 4231, or its not working, we need to change. Why not try a 433, if only just to change things up a bit.

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