GdS: ‘Manoeuvres in midfield’ – Milan plan to sell before signing main target

By Oliver Fisher -

Signing a new striker might be AC Milan’s priority heading into the summer transfer window, but they also want to add a defensive midfielder to help balance the department.

According to this morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport, Paulo Fonseca is already at work with the management planning how the team might look for next season, and several areas to improve have been identified.

One of these is the midfield where there is no physical player to act in front of the back four. The right profile could be Youssouf Fofana from Monaco , who still has one year left on his contract but in recent days announced his desire to leave the Monegasque team.

“I still have one year left on my contract with Monaco. I spoke about my future with the managers, it’s not a secret. We have an agreement to take this next step,” he said.

“If it doesn’t happen, I will stay at Monaco for the rest of my deal. I hope everyone wins this summer, but at the moment I’m not thinking about it.”

In addition to Milan, Juventus and some Premier League clubs are also interested in him so it will not be a clear run at the 25-year-old. However, it could well be the case that a sale is needed first.

To try to get ahead of the other suitors, the paper claims that Milan need an exit in midfield and the number one suspect is Ismael Bennacer who has a €50m release clause.

At the moment, however, there are no negotiations for the farewell of the Algerian, whose dream is to go and play in Saudi Arabia in the medium-long term future.

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  1. Yeah first “Milan has 100mil EUR to spend this summer”, now “Milan will first sell then buy”. This just proves media do not have a clue about any plans in Milan’s HQ, but they just throw up some random stories based on assumptions.

  2. Let’s believe that Buongiorno and Fofana, who are coveted by many top clubs and who could be starters at the Euro for top European teams, would still be available in August because we have to sell first. This management is more ridiculous every day.

  3. The more i look at Fofanas stats and comapring them to our players the more im convinced he is a mezzala and a better one than what we have 😀

    Was a bit suprised tho that Thuram has better def stats over Fofys.

    Im 70% sure our scouts only look at xG when looking at players

    1. Our scouts only look at players that are on expiring contracts hoping that we can get them for cheeper and then resell later on for more. The problem is that many other clubs are jumping on the opportunity of expiring contracts and the competition is high for the better players, so we usually fail to get this players with our sallary cap.

  4. Didn’t Deschamp encourage his players to have sorted out their new clubs before the euros so its fairly safe to say that Fofana will be either lost or in the event of arriving that it most likely wont happen before late July.

    1. There’s a likelihood that Fofana’s price might go up after the EURO’s, so Milan would be wise to to get this done in advance… But hey, what do I know.

      1. I absolutely agree as there is always the potential that he will cost more after the euros but then it should already have been done because if Deschamps doesn’t want his international team players to negotiate contracts with potential suitors while with the team then it seems that we have already been out to slow. Its fairly safe to say that France probably will go deep into the tournament and that the players will need a small vacation afterwards so i cant really see it happen before late July unless we already striked a deal in advance.

    1. There actually was am article in the last week or two where his agent said that Bennacer would like to go there and preferably in two years time. Whether that is a false statement or the agent is just dreaming loudly of his big payday is difficult to say but it should cause some worries and maybe it is indeed the time for him to leave the club.

      1. That may be true, but still… If you desire to go to that competition at that age you have no ambition for your football career

        1. A football career is short. If he goes to Saudi Arabia, he is set for the rest if his life and perhaps the after life as well

  5. This should have been wrapped up already. Even with the manager turmoil, and what the new system is gonna be, Fofana is what our midfield is missing. And it’s a bargain.

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