GdS: Milan set €100m price tag amid Theo’s words and Real Madrid links

By Isak Möller -

Theo Hernandez is on the radar of several big clubs and after his words yesterday, the exit rumours have been fueled. According to a report, however, AC Milan has a very clear stance on the matter as a € 100m offer would be needed. 

The Frenchman has been a key player for Milan ever since his arrival and he’s also expected to be very important for his country this summer. As highlighted by today’s edition of Gazzetta dello Sport (see photo below), his words about the future thus caught the Rossoneri off guard a bit.

Milan set hefty price tag

“I’m focused on the Euros. Whether or not I will stay at Milan, we will see later,” he stated. Theo certainly did what he does best, surprise people, but this time the Rossoneri were the ones left disorientated. Only for a short time, though, as the management has made it known that €100m is needed to sell the star.

Bayern Munich have previously expressed their interest as the renewal negotiations with Alphonso Davies have been far from straightforward. However, the Canadian international – who has been heavily linked with Real Madrid – could end up staying in Germany.

In that case, the Bernabeu side could focus fully on Hernandez and bring him back to the club five years after he left. The 26-year-old has always made it clear that he would like a return, but it would be a hefty operation.

Leao-esque salary ready

Even though Milan have made their stance clear, and don’t intend to move from it, the current contract expires in 2026 and that is far from ideal. Renewal talks are expected to pick up after the Euros and a Rafael Leao-esque salary is ready for Hernandez, i.e. around €7m per year.

However, as made clear by Zlatan Ibrahimovic a few days ago, Milan will only make an effort for players who want to remain at the club. If Hernandez were to tell the management that he would like a return to Real Madrid, therefore, things could change.

In any case, we are talking about a very high price tag and the Rossoneri know that a club like Real Madrid could come up with the money. Money which, of course, would then be reinvested ob the mercato as we saw with Sandro Tonali last summer.

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  1. I dont think they should even consider selling Theo. Im ok with Leao or Mike gone, but theo cannot be replaced given the type of playstyle we are having.

    1. What are you talking about? We can’t afford to lose either Leao or Theo, where do you think the goals and assists are going to come from? Getting rid of Leao is throwing 10 goals and 10 assists a season away. Must be the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long time. There’s a lot of Mudryk’s out there, speedy wingers with no ability, but there aren’t a lot of Leao’s, selling Leao a player loyal to the club is shooting yourself in the foot, if Theo wants to leave let him go, his ill discipline and poor attitude cost us in the past season, was hoping for a renewal and a a sale at the end of this season but if it happens now let him go.

      1. You said it all, Theo is an incredible player, but his personality and ill attitude proceeds him, he is a blessing and a serious problem at the same time, He came because of Maldini but he should be aware he is not playing for Maldini…..!!!

    2. Setting a price tag of €100m is the same as saying he’s not for sale… Bayern wanted €60m for Davies and apparently Madrid countered with €30m. No one is buying Theo for €100m

  2. Milan do smart work. Keeping club strong. Not just strong individuals but strong team. We can’t keep all stars, but then sell in best moment for full price and bring new…

  3. He certainly doesn’t have his heart set on milan….he seems like more than happy to move on, experience different challenge well in that case a hefty sum is fair enough for him…..milan should renew him if he wants or cash on him invest on team…100m to 85m is fair amount

  4. Offer him a renewal for about 7-8m/year net. If he still don’t want to renew the club can try to sell him, but only for important offer.

    It would be a bad taste, having your best player leave, but keeping unhappy player is not right, he will not give his best in matches. Better let him leave for 100m (of course if he wanted to leave and we cant convince him to stay) rather than he leave for free like Donna, Kessie, Hakan.

    1. Very true, it depends on his reasons. If it’s because he wants parity of pay to Leao then he’s justified, if he wants to leave then we need to ask why. Has he realised Redbird aren’t in this to be an elite club….the sacking of Maldini clearly signifies this. Maldini wasn’t sacked for his work as technical director, he did more right than wrong. It was what he stood for and the standards he demanded

  5. And who do we replace him with brainiac? Who do we get for the 100m? 7 average joes from France?

    It’s non football mentality. Anyone who is pro the sale of Theo or Rafa clearly hasn’t watched Milan for the past 4 seasons and doesn’t understand that not only individually, but as a partnership they are responsible for at lest 60% of our attacking potency….but hey let’s sell the best Lb in the world and oracle him with half the player. This isn’t a f@cking video game….

    This is the issue with being run by c@nts like Redbird, who have their stupid little thresholds, not you have Theo spending a month with Mbappe probably telling him how great they could be down the left for Madrid and how Milan don’t appreciate him cos they won’t give him parity of pay.

    Still carry on Gerry…..

      1. Right…and that’s your mentality? Start all over again? We allegedly want to win and win trophies (yeah right) and we have to address the defence, a no6 and striker, so why add to the cause? Why make more work. You not only lose the best left back, but also his partnership with Leao, and a captain and leader

        At some point you have to start acting like tue big boys. We didn’t make Theo a star, Theo made Theo a star, we just gave him the platform

    1. Setting a €100m price is the same as saying he’s not for sale… Bayern wanted €60m for Davies and apparently Madrid countered with €30m. No one is paying €100m for Theo, same as no one is exercising Rafa’s €150m release clause…

  6. On par with Leao on Salary is fair at theleast, he can even ask 1 million more, he is most important player for us. But if he wants to leave, this is the perfect time for it. Having one year left on his contract next season would forces our hands in negotiations, either to extended or sell.
    Replacing him would be a hard task, but if because the left wing is the most important source of our goals this few past seasons, but if Milan can use that 100 to have significant upgrades in 2 position that really being liabilities like the forward and the regista, this could comes out good. But given the cluelessness of our management, i highly doubt it

  7. Please sold Theo with 100m and alex jimenez will replace him for only 5m. That massive income, milan need money. They tagline: buy cheapest and sell the most.

  8. If we are getting 100ml for theo it’ll be good deal we can replace him easily so many good lb are around the best one is quilindschy Hartman that 100ml can give us quilindschy Hartman, geertruda, + ugarte leao is untouchable

  9. If you look that milan activate alex jimenez for only 5m, thats the anticipate strategy if Theo wants to leave milan. Milan already do the smart work.

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