GdS: Milan eyeing €10m move for Barcelona man to fill gap in squad

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are looking to make at least three more signings before the summer transfer window ends and one of them is a central defender, with a Barcelona outcast targeted.

According to what is being reported by this morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below), a centre-back is considered the priority after some concerning signs in preseason, while a new left-back and centre-forward are also being evaluated.

Milan conceded six goals across their three games on the USA tour against Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona, while the solution for the task to replace Matteo Gabbia could well come from their most recent opponents.

Lenglet is the target in mind. He is 28 years old and has a lot of experience in Ligue 1, LaLiga and the Premier League, so he can also act as a guide for younger players in the international arena.

At Barça he amassed 160 appearances and scored 7 goals having joined them from Lyon. He returned there at the end of last season after a loan to Tottenham (26 games in England, 7 in the Champions League with 1 goal).

The feeling the management have is that €10m would be enough to bring him to Italy for a new experience, while the influence of his compatriots Olivier Giroud and Theo Hernandez cannot be excluded.

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      1. I doubt it, I think moncada has always been the scouting genius overall but maybe maldini helped convince these young defenders to join us tbf

    1. I might be the few firsts (if not the first) here to bring up the ‘Kessie’s back’ discourse. All logical reasons. Putting aside all the emotional and personal reasons (if we learn a thing or two about this new management, it’s all about logical, rational, and professional decisions).

      We’re trying so (or is it too) hard to get his Kessie’s replacement. While we could get him back with a cheaper price compared to our other new signings.

      Kessie is a vital piece of this Pioli’s Milan. Just like (sad to say that) Hakan was an ideal Pioli’s no. 10. And maybe, he tries to do things differently this season because of that exact reason.

      1. Agreed, why not spend the 15 on Kessie whose proven he can be the guy. Instead we want to waste money on scrubs like this and insist on playing that bum Spider Rico Krunic

        1. Dont call krunic a bum while asking the management to bring back kessie, If anyone is a bum its the ivorian and even one proven to be completely untrustworthy,

        2. Sure. And how would we compete with what the Saudis are paying him per year? Kessie essentially killed his career to chase money. Or else he wouldn’t be going to Saudi Arabia

    2. He’s on a reported 20m a season. He’s shown once already he follows the money (which is only half a criticism by the way), and we would have offered him less than 1/3 that package.

      In short, even if we wanted him we were never signing Kessie.

  1. The auld sell a player to create a problem that didn’t exist so you have to sign another player!

    These directors are like those council workers who just keep digging up roads to justify their jobs.

    1. I don’t think you understand the concept of raising the quality, it’s a shame to be honest because it forces you to be in this doom and gloom state

    2. Are you still crying about the same nonexistent issues? Gabbia left dude. Get over it. He wanted more playing time which he wasn’t getting. It was his decision. You can’t force an unhappy player to stay.

  2. Act as a guide lol hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha if we get him They will complain even more for the defence than last year wtf are they thinking. Better get Esteve

  3. Leglet is absolute sh##e. Another EPL flop. Pioli and the directors are idiots. Becao went to Fenerbahce for about €9 million. He’s 27, enormous and has Serie A experience, but we’re linked with the worst French defender in the World.

    1. Absolutely. Lenglet is limited, mistake ridden and no long term potential. This seems a bizarre signing if we make it.

      My theory is this is a story we put out as a media distraction, perhaps to hide our true target. And like the Okafor deal, we’ll make a decisive move before anyone is even aware.

      That’s the hope at least. Alternatively the management went out drinking, lost a bet and now have to sign Lenglet 😆

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