GdS: Milan ready to accelerate talks with Sassuolo over €45m double swoop

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are making plans for the future as investments are expected on the market, having refrained from that in January. They have set their sights on a double swoop from Sassuolo, a report claims. 

The Rossoneri are currently in first place with berardieight games remaining of the Serie A campaign. They have done really well with the squad they have, in other words, but it’s clear that a few reinforcements could do them well.

According to today’s edition of Gazzetta Dello Sport (via MilanNews), Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara have set their sights on Sassuolo duo Gianluca Scamacca and Domenico Berardi. One striker and one right-winger, in other words.

Milan will have a meeting with Sassuolo soon to discuss the matter, ready to accelerate the negotiations. In fact, they are willing to put €30m and €15m on the table for Scamacca and Berardi respectively. A significant investment which the Neroverdi, however, deem too low.

Inter are also interested in Scamacca, as the paper continues, but Milan are able to invest straight away unlike them. This is something that could tempt Sassuolo and that’s why the Rossoneri are coming in with lower offers.

Maldini also has an agreement with Divock Origi over a free transfer but Scamacca is a profile that teases, just like Berardi.

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  1. 1000% scammaca is far better, why will Liverpool will let him go if he is that g00d, let us build the future as we us, bring in young with potential, IBRA, geroud and you are talking about old origi, I’m sick of this, and if origi come how are they going to be?

    1. Origi is not old. he is 26. Liverpool don’t want to let him go, his contract will expire. he is a good striker and has a lot of experience despite being only 26. how are you THIS blind? I am sick of Milan fans moaning about Origi signing. He is a phenomenon player!

  2. If they are seriously interested in Scamacca does that mean that the Origi deal is not happening? I don’t think Milan will spend 30 mil for Scamacca to come off the bench, at the same I don’t think origi would swap Liverpool bench for Milan bench. And what about Giroud , he certainly still have a lot in the tank to accept being the 3rd wheel. And there is still Zlatan who by his latest interviews doesn’t seem like he is retiring.

  3. Origib is far better than scammacca, Milan should be tired of all these small team players, origi has experience on every level and have produced enough goals giving the small playing time he has been given…..origi is 26 which is a strikers pick.

    Alot of players were Fring players in their club before they change team, got playing time and became superstars.
    Salah, vanbryne, lukaku, even kjaer etc were all once bench players before they got into a club that trusted them and gave them playing time, so stop the “origi is a bench warmer”, he has scored many important goals and hand full of them, he will do better than scammaca who haven’t gotten away from his comfort zone.

    Scammaca is not even doing better than piatek before we bought him.

    Origi all the way, I will even prefer belotti to scammaca. Look at locatelli in Juventus, berradi in Italy……sassuolo is always a midtable team and not all all the players can survive the pressure of big team, origi have performed on all different level of pressure and performed extremely well, scored gials and even won championships

    1. @Kossy, may God bless you abundantly Bro 🙏.
      Your comment is actually one of the best if not the best that I’ve seen on this page.
      Divock Origi always deliver in the biggest moment.
      He’s only unlucky to be on the Liverpool bench.
      They even offered him a new deal but he turned it down. Even Jürgen Klopp refered to him as a Liverpool legend.

  4. Haters are gonna hate but, let this sink in to ya fk 🧠, if Tammy Abraham could score a lot of goals in Serie A, Origi would possibly do better.
    The guy has already won almost everything.
    Getting him for free is a blessing in disguise for Milan.
    I don’t know why most Milan fans on this site continue acting as if Maldini and Massara are morons.

  5. This summer should be pretty simple if it was up to me. Sign origi Bellotti and Kamara for free. Origi can also play the RW. Send Messias Bakayoko and Diaz back to their teams. Sell krunic and Castelljo, plus we have $ coming in with the obligations to buy triggered in Duarte and hauge. Then we can buy a legit #10 in SMS from Lazio for 60-70m and spend the rest on Botman or Bremer… Squad complete

  6. For got 2 position’s… Also trigger florenzi’s option to back-up Calabria sell ballo-toure and buy hickey or Cambiasso to back-up Theo… We don’t need beradi or scamacca. We have some promising young Italian talent in the Primavera squad and also out on loan for the future.

  7. Agreed. This makes sense to me too, but surely Maldini is aware of the shortcomings of this team. He was captain for many years, his heart and mind are in the right place.

    I for one, am excited about the transfer window. Hopefully we sign some players early.

  8. That is yours view, talk your talk but as I’m 10000%milanista i prepare scammacca than old origi, you have ibra & giroud and you are looking for origi comon guys let bring in younger than 26 and try, for me we need scammaca. ❤🖤

  9. IMO I’m not convinced by Scamacca or Berardi. Would Scamacca be a guarantee to start over Giroud or Ibra? I haven’t seen him perform in big games or at international and European level to say he’s worth 30-40M. Origi is proven at one of the best clubs in the world, has CL experience, plays the same system, is big, strong and fast and in his prime at 26 – and he’s FREE. This is a no brainer. We have seen English strikers come from the EPL to Italy they thrive. IMO Origi will do the same. Scamacca for me is still a question mark and at his age he needs to start every game. That won’t happen so long as Giroud and Ibra are still around. Origi has played off bench which demonstrates he is a team player and scored goals at highest level under pressure. In a year from now when Ibra retires, then yes we should spend heavily on a #9 – but until then I don’t see it us spending heavily on this position – otherwise we could have signed Vlahovic when we had the chance….So I don’t think Scamacca is the right player for us now. Berardi same thing. Yes he’s solid for the league. But For 30M we can get a more dynamic young player that can break the lines (like Leao) and offer another weapon for the RW. Pass on both IMO. Sign KAMARA for mid (to replace Kessie) and ORIGI and a RW (Lang?). Botman, a quality back-up LB for Theo and another mid (sanches) and we are set IMO.

  10. Am surprise that we fans did not see our struggle in the champions league not that Liverpool were better than us in the home and away game we played ,but we are nervous,
    We don’t need too many right now
    Just add quality to this squad like,

    Hazard ,who is not playing in Madrid

    Dybala,who is not happy with juve


    Guys,remember we are not arsenal
    We are Milan,at least we need a top player,
    We don’t need too many now,
    This same guys u are rejecting now is the reason u are on top of the table right ,
    Just little adjustment,

    I can see hazard rebirth in milan

    1. My friend ,you support wrong team. This club’ never pay salary more than 7m euro / season for just one player even in Berlusconi prime years. Dybala rejected Juve 7m euro/salary offer,Hazard salary in real Madrid are 15meuro/ season. Isco asking salary 8m euro / season. Go support PSG/manc city,Real Madrid for all star player

  11. Origi all the way that is far far better than scamacca and lang for the RW botman for the CB And Sanches or Kamara for the MF send Dias back to Real Madrid brings back Adli an pogbega and get a backup for hernandez that’s all will are good too go

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