GdS: Milan anchorman wants €8.5m-a-year to stay as Liverpool and Spurs circle

By Oliver Fisher -

Liverpool and Spurs have reportedly come forward and sensed an opportunity as AC Milan battle to secure the renewal of Franck Kessie.

According to this morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews), the road leading to the renewal of Kessie has become a bit complicated, but there is a decisive factor that bodes well and that is the fact that the Ivorian and the Rossoneri wish to continue together.

In the last meeting, Milan’s proposal was a €6m net per season salary with the addition of some bonuses to further raise that fixed amount. The counter-request, however, has risen to €7m net, which could become €8.5m when adding on the desired bonuses.

In short, it is an Ibrahimovic-level salary that Kessie and his agent are demanding given his importance to the team. The dialogue between the parties continues but the interest of Liverpool and Tottenham must be recorded.

However, from Casa Milan there are feelings of confidence, as the Milan leadership consider Kessie a pillar of the team and Franck reciprocates the affection.

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  1. Kusye says:

    It’s same problem… 🙄

  2. abanjo2003 says:

    2.2M to 7M + bonus. That’s literally more than triple his salary. For 1 good season. Heavily undeserved. 6M or 6.5 would’ve been apt.

    Kessie turned on us.

  3. Bambang Satriawan says:

    Just sell him now ASAP, he will not respect the management…

  4. Aaditya Verma says:

    sell him asap, sell him ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. we will get adli also demand altleast 35m for him from spurs it a fair price adn enough for us to invest elsewhere

  5. Shagy says:

    How he can do that to the fans? People sing songs about him, everyone admires him, and this is how he treat all of us?
    What’s the matter with these players?? Are they can be really that fake???

  6. ABDULRAHMAN says:

    I hope and pray Milan sells him before this Window ends. This is greed from him! He had two bad seasons at Milan, we were patient with him, he performed well the following season, then turns himself to a god all of a sudden, asking for too much from the management! Seriously, if I were to be the management, I would always give a deadline to players to sign extension, if not we sell them off and get much better and passionate players. Kessie disappoints me! Too bad

  7. combro says:

    Dont loaned out Pobega plus Bakayoko arrival it will be enough. Sell him Asap in good price

  8. Dhaus says:

    Just sell him now, he don’t really will to stay at the club… Dont make your head sick because of one player… We are milan… We don’t need player who played just thinking money… He only crazy of money not thingking about milan glory…

  9. Ibn O. says:

    It’s as though these people make requests from same playbook.

    My verdict: Sell him now, not only because he doesn’t deserve 8.5 million but because he saw how Donnarumma played out and he decides to do this.

    1. Adrian Wilson says:

      Honestly the premier league and their ridiculous wages are allowing players to make these damands…

  10. Tomato says:

    Sell him. With the money we can buy one of Vlasic, Zyiech, Bernardo Silva who are much more needed.

    Give Tonali, who played wonderfull against Samp playtime. He has more potential than Kessie btw

  11. Rainse says:

    You guys are absolutely stupid, selling Kessie is the worst thing Milan can do, just pay him, he deserves it, a true great world class player, 8.5 million is not a lot, so we are happy to pay ibra that amount of money to play less than half a season at the age of 40 (we won more games without ibra than with ibra proving that he is not needed as much) but we are not happy to pay someone who has the potential to be one of the best midfielders in the world, plus the most consistent and reliable player, young and rarely gets injured, and the most important player in the team, just pay him, Kessie is not one of those players you could easily replace

    1. Ibn O. says:

      Lol. How long has Kessie been in the team? How long has Ibra? Whose arrival coincided with upturn in form? Ibra is a champion for ages. They don’t even compare.

      Kessie does not deserve the money, one great season out of 3? Who are you kidding? Bakayoko is getting 2.5€mil now for ffs and his single year with us matches the whole of Kessie’s three seasons in form and performance.

      1. Opinion Varies says:

        That must be Kessie’s agent lol

        1. Kusye says:

          Lol, it’ really funny bro 🤣

    2. Juro says:

      Of course we should keep and pay him like we should have with Donnaruma but let’s be realistic there is no way Elliot will do that – so that is why we are all saying sell him so we can make $$ off him and not end up with ZERO like with Hakan and Donnaruma…but I understand your point – Operating like this we will never attract top players as no one wants to come to a club with a salary cap and our young players who develop into stars will also leave for a bigger pay day….we are fucked of this is the direction we are going. Who’s next? Theo for sure. Bennacer? Leao if he breaks out this year? List goes on and on…

  12. Iki says:

    Sell him!!! No respect for spoiled players like him & donnarumma. Tonali is the role model.

  13. Emmanuel says:

    Sell him and get Nandez

    1. Eddie says:

      Nandez is nothing like Kessie. He’s a good holding midfielder but he’s not as creative or as good with passing the ball. However he’s pivotal he can play more than 1 position.

  14. yustomo says:

    sell him now

  15. qqq says:

    The more you want, the less important to the team you become.

  16. Ifeanyi says:

    What in the world 🌎

  17. Vero Rossonero says:

    I add my voice to those saying we should sell if he won’t accept 7m. We’re tripling his salary. That would be 35m over 5 years. That’s enough to get Vlasic and pay half of his first 5 year contract. Tonali can step up as a starter next to Bennacer. If we get a transfer fee for Kessie in the region of 15-20m, then Adli can arrive as well in addition to Bakayoko, who seems set to arrive regardless, plus maybe even an RW if you throw in the 8m from the Castillejo sale (if it happens).

    1. Vero Rossonero says:

      And before people jump down my throat about my valuation of Kessie, remember this is a tough post covid market, Kessie has one year left on his contract and one week remains in the transfer window.

      1. Milan fan says:

        Kessie is worth easy 40- 50million

  18. Milan fan says:

    Sad he does this… sell him then or he accept 6-6,5m+bonuses

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