GdS: Milan have the best super-subs in Serie A – the interesting figures

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan have enjoyed a lot of goals from substitutes this season and as highlighted by Gazzetta dello Sport this morning, they have the best super-subs in Serie A. Indeed, Noah Okafor’s winner last night was further proof of this. 

As stated in the pink newspaper this morning (see photo below), Milan have scored 13 goals ‘off the bench’ this season and this is more than any other team in Europe’s top five leagues. Taking a look at the individual numbers, Okafor and Luka Jovic are the ones that stand out.

The two forwards have scored four goals each off the bench, joint-first with Lautaro Martinez on this front in Serie A. In other words, the Rossoneri have the best super-subs in the league and it’s clear that the depth has improved since last season.

Okafor’s winner last night was crucial for Milan after three games without a win, claiming one despite not playing that well. It was also his second goal against Lazio this season, coming off the bench in the reverse fixture and also finding the back of the net then.

Although it’s great to have super-subs in the team, it remains to be seen if Okafor and Jovic can step up when given the chance from start.

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  1. Give them a chance to start more often than once every 2 months and they will step up.
    I don’t think neither Jovic,
    Okafor, nor Chukwueze have started 5 games all season. Give them 2,3,4 starts in a row and then judge their performance as a starter, not just based of their once in a blue moon start. Rhythm plays big part in players performance.
    Each of them has barely played 500 minutes this season in serie A.

    1. Yet both Okafor and Jović showed a lot lot more than Chuk in given opportunities. That’s quite an indicator already.

      Jović came on a deadline day, so those “he had no preseason” excuses are pointless.

      Even Chaka had more impact than Chuk when given opportunity.

    2. 2,3,4 starts in a row in place of who??? We can’t afford to lose games trying to get our backups in form.
      The same people killed Pioli when he started the backups against Monza and we lost. You get 2,3,4 starts in a row by performing well when you do get your turn.

      1. In place of the players that play in their positions. It’s not like the starters have lightning the pitch on fire. One of them had not scored a goal in 5 months and up until last few weeks was playing poor. Giroud is 37. Jovic started producing during the time when Giroud had to sit out because of his stupid red card. That was the first time he had the opportunity to start in consecutive games. It’s not like Milan has Mbappe, Neymar, and Messi up front, so it would be unheard to bench them. Far from it.
        And when it comes to people complaining about rotations, they complain about massive rotations. He goes from extreme to extreme. How about one game you start Leao, Giroud, Pulisic, next game Leao Jovic, Pulisic; Leao, Giroud, Chukwueze; Pulisic Giroud, Chukwueze. Not play the same eleven non-stop, and then once every two months, throw 7 bench players all together. Same with the other departments.

        1. Easy for you to say. Your job is not on the line literally every single game now. I don’t blame Pioli one bit for going with his strongest 11. THose guys have been good off the bench, but have not performed well when given the opportunity to start.

          1. Are you saying that making small rotations more often is harder and puts Pioli’s job at more risk than massive rotations once every other month?
            Also, he has been doing this for 2 seasons, not just now, because his job is on the line every game.
            Pioli was doing the same thing last season, and Milan looked bad every time he rotated. Excuse last season was the depth and the quality of the bench players. What’s the excuse this season?
            Over reliance on the same 13,14 players in a packed schedule leads to a record number of injuries even though he has 25-30 players at his disposal.

          2. I’m saying you play to win every game. And constantly rotating guys in and out means your best players aren’t out there enough. You wanting Okafor and Chuku to get 3 or 4 starts in a row means we are without our best players for 3 or 4 games in a row. Sorry, can’t afford that luxury.
            He has used these guys off the bench and it has been quite effective. Not everyone can or should be a starter.

          3. Any coach would be fired after benching Leao, Giroud & Pulisic for 3-4 matches in a row. We all know how those matches would end if Pioli did that.

    3. Chuckwueze shouldn’t have been signed, he’s awful. You can’t compare him to a free transfer and a young forward who cost about €15 million.

  2. Okafor is a good player and his statistics prove it. He deserves to play more but up front. He has that positioning and nose for goal.

  3. Said it in the ratings, Okafor and Jovic have been excellent subs while Chuk needs a settling period. But that’s a really expensive sub. Both Jov and Oka have a good sense for being in the right place at the right time

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