GdS: Milan’s brand growing faster than any other club in Europe

By Euan Burns -

The brand of AC Milan is growing faster than any other club off of the pitch despite a largely disappointing season in Serie A, a report claims. 

As has been reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport (via Pianeta Milan), a study by Brand Finance has concluded that no club has got a faster-growing brand than Milan.

The ranking is of the 50 most valuable football brands each year and for the first time, it is Manchester City that sits at the top. They have overtaken Spanish giants Real Madrid.

The highest growth rate seems to be Italian clubs with Milan growing by 33% and making it to 15th on the list, whilst Scudetto winners Napoli have grown by 31%.

It is the second year in a row that Milan has grown the most, and that shows how effective the work being done off of the pitch is. Another year in the Champions League will only help.

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    1. Redbird will boycott themselves with their money grabbing strategy. The reason why it grew as a brand it’s because it’s success on the field and some.great games. Not because of some commercial on tv. This is not baseball or yenkees which makes money from merchandise and on the field they haven’t eon anything in over a decade. God help us. #redbirdout.

  1. Don’t care … Is it growing in Football in general? Hmm let me answer ….. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO #CARDINALEOUT

  2. Yes because Maldini build an amazing team, won scudetto and semi final in UCL, but with this owner Milan will go down… he isn’t willing to invest money, players are unhappy because Maldini was fired and it won’t be long until he sarts selling the main players like Mike, Theo or even Leao then we won’t finish on top 4 for many years… it’s sad, there are so many rich people from Middle East who would be happy to buy Milan but we got unlucky to end up with Cardinale and brokebird. He is going to transform Milan in a farm club like Ajax or Dortmund

  3. There are a lot of kids on this site who know nothing about business. How do you think a team wins? By getting quality players, coaches, staff, facilities. How do you think they do that? With money.

    1. The rare appearance of common sense and logic on this site these days is refreshing. Thank you for this. The level of overreaction has been incredible. I liked M&M but can also understand the decision to let them go. In time as people calm down, I would imagine most will be able to do the same.

  4. Our brand is growing because of 1 reason:
    Raphael Leao!!

    Maldini & Elliot lost Donna, Calhanoglu and Kessie

    Cardinal kept LEAO, let’s not forgot the most important FACT

    1. Cardinale kept Leao.. How do you know? Cardinale wasn’t even, negotiating his renewal! If you don’t like, Maldini and Massara that’s all right.. But not make, fake claims!

        1. The fact that Cardinal owns AC and he authorises everything, I think it’s a safe bet to assume that it was Cardinal who paid and will continue to pay for Leao’s renewal, so ultimately it was Cardinal who kept him.

          I think what is filtering through is that Maldini held and wanted to much control. This it seems was the main bone of contention.

          I also think Ibra was one of those who was not pleased about Maldini having total control!!! and this will prove to be the case over the next few weeks.

          I have watched, admired and am grateful to Maldini as Milan fans for 30 years plus for all the great memories but he has dropped the ball a few times over the last couple of years in his role off the pitch.

          1. So by gour logic, Cardinale pays for leao’s salary and Maldini paid for Calha, Kessie, and Donna? Why the good thing goes for the owner and the bad thing goes for Maldini? You are so bias
            All player that left freely was because their demands exceed our salary cap which was 4 mill. Guess who set this?
            Calha’s contract in Inter is about 5 mil, Kessie’s about 6, and $umma started with 8 and increasing annually. Could’ve Maldini renew them? Guess again.
            When Donna’s contract about to ran out, Maldini worked fast and got us Mike. We couldn’t get Calha’s replacement because we could only afford loans. Kessie’s replacement didn’t come because the transfer restriction relating to ownership transition hinder him from closing any agreement.

    2. Last time I check, IG followers of Milan is around 4 times higher than Leao.

      Leao is a great talent, but his brand is still not bigger than the club.

      1. and of you say it’s about his performance then I would say Maignan is equally important, just look at how bad Milan perform when he is injured.

  5. Here are a bunch of children on here who didn’t even watch Maldini play which are talking a load of rubbish. Do you people remember how the ultras booed Maldini on his farewell? Maldini wasn’t making these moves off the pitch that was the ownership, and if you noticed how our “sister” clubs Liverpool and Toulouse have grown then I think we are in good hands, I don’t agree with how things were handled by Cardinale, but we can’t afford to go on another 200m spending spree like Yonghong Li did. That proved that just recklessly throwing money around fixes nothing, grow up, if that’s the way your mind works then you should be supporting PSG. And people on here are starting to sound like those fans who want to chase Messi, and Neymar out of their club. Grow up

    1. No one is talking about 200 mil spending spree. Most of us the fans dont want to go in the red again because that only brings trouble. But 35 mil is way way to low for the refreshments we need. 35 mil is way too low when they just pocketed 100 mil from this season. Yes M&M did mess up last window so now we have to recoup, cardinale was also at fault for that last min contract. Liverpool has always been big. Yes they had some dark periods but overall been up there, plus there is a lot of money that flows in pl. And toulouse, early to tell, most haven’t heard them that much, if ever. At the same time comparing ac milan with toulouse is the same as comparing milan with monza. We are a heavy weight in the world, yes been in some dark periods but the world needs a strong milan, just like they need real, bayern etc etc. Smart buys, right investments is all we are asking until we flow.from our own stadium etc. Meantime shitbird is feeding us crap with 35mil for this summer .

    2. Maldini was booed because he spoke out against the ultras. Someone from our curva stabbed another fan and Maldini spoke against it.
      Don’t come here trying to spread BS because most of us know what’s up.
      Maldini has for the last 3 years been the best DS in Italy, Maybe Europe. It was his guarantees and presence that attracted Theo, Mike, Rafa and the rest. Tonali had a poster of Maldini on his wall growing up. No one gets everything right but M&M have gotten most right.
      Maldini walked because RedBird was only putting in 35m for the summer Mercado.
      You can’t buy crap with that and with all of the holes in our squad it will really interesting to see Furlani and Moncada will do.

      1. Maldini has not gotten most right – he lost Donna and Kassie for free (around $100 million loss). He sighed Origi for 4m per season instead of Dybala for 3.5m. He then wasted the only money he had on CDK who didn’t score a single goal all season. Also, he wanted to bring more dead wood to the team. He did a poor job overall and that is a fact. He also was a dictator like and that’s why he is gone.- if you can’t work as a team, you can’t work, period.

        1. He couldn’t renew them because of the salary cap you dumb-ass. Maldini was not the one who set it. Those players left to get bigger contracts than our salary cap.
          Maldini could not do sh*t.
          CDK signing made so much sense and in line with our goal at that time. Young, had superstar potential. It is natural that a signing could go wrong. In the other hand, It is the coach’s responsibility to make the signing flourish into the team.
          Milan was on a transfer restriction by the end of Dybala’s contract so the deal couldn’t be sealed anyway, then Roma came with Mourinho. Rest is history

  6. better spend $ for transfer budget rather than pay some keyboard warriors to spread clowndinale as a saint..

  7. The brand is growing because of the improved onfield performance.

    It is not brand growth anyway.

    Milan has been top 3 in the world in terms of its international supportership, in reality probably top 2 with Man U. It was a reawakening.

    Why do I get the feeling that the owners think the brand growth will be there regardless of what happens on field?

  8. The more and more you think about it, it’s really not the performance of M&M. It’s their approach didn’t jive with Cardinale, plain and simple. UCL 3 years in a row, a Scudetto, increase value of the squad esp starting XI, solid foundation, increasingly better balance sheets, increasing value of the overall team best growth of all Europe. Nope it’s definitely not the results. I’m 100% convinced

  9. People, we need to trust the person who has money, competence and proven record and that is oir new owner. I was, am and will be Milan fan even if they get relegated.

    Things happen for a reason and Maldini is history now. Accept it and let us move on. Nothing good happens without changes, we know ehat transpired last year and money is just an excuse.

    Maldini has for the last 3 years been the best DS in Italy
    I think Igli Tare has been the best for las 15 years, with w budget of 1 Maldini okayer he has done miracles.

    Let us reflect and accept that money is important yes, but not ultimately what makes a club. Need to say more then Chelsea? How much did they spend? Brighton with Vardinale strategy how much?

    We have the right leadership and need to trust them, results will come

    The very moment i heard Aranutobitch was even a remote option for us I lost all my respect for Maldini. AC Milan is bigger then all of us, its a legacy in making. Maldini played his cards and now he belings in our hostory. I truly jope his son will continue the journey with us.

  10. Its true,but money is needed to retain our good players coach and others important manager and this season will need a very good No9

  11. guys guys in todays market its all about cash . and literally any team that doesnt put good transfer budget they are going to fail im personally saying that if maldini got 100m budget im sure he wouldnt get a player that could cost 80m 90m 70m but rather multiple players that can fix the spots or rather DEPTH this team needs DEPTH similar to first 11 but if u dont put money and have 50 m your ideas is going to be origi for example why because with 50m you needed cb got thiaw rb because florenzi gets easily injured same as gabbia kjaer u got on loan baka vrackx coz pobega gets injured they brought origi to cover st lw rw and cdk cam so see the strat with limited budget from m&m but they put less money and bring random players

  12. also pretty much maldini make leao tomori bennacer theo to renew because dont be foolish if u say who put the money then all of them could have left for other teams like psg liverpool man city real bayern chelsea arsenal who have way more money than us so you have to be appriciate the work m&m done . also i do believe they didnt care about moncada but idk the strat was to find players that have some kind of exp in eu competitions . but they way the club goes we have to be ok if we finish top 10 because i doubt we can get to the very next cl also scaroni said in the beginnig of the season do not expect to win the league again like what we habe to fight ? also at the end of the season only he talked was we finnish in good pos and we had good finacialy season like huh you dont care to win trophies? at last i doubt pioli can grow whatever name they bring he must pray or do voodoo to him so he can find the answer how can i help cdk for example

  13. Milan is Milan today because of Maldini, without Maldini Milan is dead.

    In your face mofos 😛😛😛

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