GdS: Milan’s plan for if Caldara, Origi and Ballo-Toure do not depart

By Oliver Fisher -

There is a risk that there could be multiple players who are left spending at least a few months on the sideline unless they find a new club by the end of the window.

La Gazzetta dello Sport speak about the situations of Mattia Caldara, Fode Ballo-Touré, Alexis Saelemaekers, Chaka Traoré and Divock Origi, more specifically what would happen to these players if in the end they were to stay.

Saelemaekers is the least of the Rossoneri’s worries at the moment because he is currently undergoing his medical before joining Bologna on a loan with option to buy deal.

After that, there are two players who have appeared out of action since early summer: Origi and Caldara. There was a moment in which it was assumed that if the mercato did not bring the right additions they would become useful again.

However, the Rossoneri management took action in both cases by signing Noah Okafor and Marco Pellegrino, so now if Origi and Caldara don’t leave would very seriously risk being sat in the stands until the window reopens.

The Belgian seems to be attracting interest from a couple of Italian clubs and Burnley in the Premier League but the story is always the same: he is basically a prisoner of his €4m net per season salary.

The situation changes partially when talking abut Ballo-Touré, because unlike his team-mates he clearly expressed a desire to be sold in order to be able to play more. Despite this, he is still here as he has rejected destinations and Milan have turned down offers.

If he stays, he would return to being the deputy to Theo Hernandez and Davide Bartesaghi would return on a permanent basis to the Primavera.

Finally, Chaka Traoré has been promoted on a permanent basis from the Primavera to the first team, but he evidently will get little playing time and thus a loan spell is being sought.

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  1. I don’t understand the loan with option to buy.

    If the loan goes badly the loanee club won’t sign the player. If the loan goes well the loaner club loses a player.

    So it’s a lose-lose for the loaner club.

    For the player of course there’s the ongoing uncertainty and disruption. Again back in the real world people famously don’t perform particularly well in their jobs if they don’t know where they’ll be in a few months time.

    But hey footballers aren’t people.

    1. “I don’t understand the loan with option to buy.”

      It seems there are a lot of things you don’t understand. Like the last two sentences in your comment proves.

    1. How easy would Furlani be able to sell a player who says no to clubs that came for him or the one that’s a slave to the free €4m per season Maldini gave him to do nothing? Which club will pay such money to acquire useless players that are hard to get rid of?

      1. Reminder:

        Origi was signed before Maldini had his authority increased. During that time, transfer must be sanctioned by Gazidis and Furlani.

        1. It’s funny to see how Moncada’s scouting network was said to be the reason Milan signed a lot of francophone players, including non-French such as CDK, Origi, Saelemaekers, etc but now that they flopped, it’s just Maldini.

          All of them (Maldini and Moncada included) should share both the blame and the praise for previous seasons signings.

    2. Even liverpool are struggle to sell this origi and must wait till his contract expire ( he get 2,5m euro nett at liverpool) . We give him 4m euro nett salary just for 2 goals

        1. Nope . My friend are die hard liverpool fans . He say only klopp want to renew origi ( source from paul pearce trusted source ) . The club dont want renew origi even fans liverpool on my country want to get rid him . He is not worth in liverpool board mind . Only maldini highly rated him ,ignore team data suggestion

          1. “Only Klopp”???

            “Only one of the best managers in the world”!

            Why listen to him!

            When some director or fan who has never even played the game knows more!

          2. That basically confirm my claim as Klopp role is similar to Ferguson, he is not traditional coach but more of manager/coach hybrid.

            Last season Klopp want to renew Origi but Origi informed him that he don’t want to renew so no contract offer was made.

  2. 4mio frozen out at sidline, after one year? sorry but thats just stupid, i have mentioned many times that beeing supportet by salah and mane is totaly different to what we need. But guys responsible decided to take him, the only way now is give him minutes and hope for some goals that someone take notice from him and maybe pay the salary. Thats the reason why all others go for teenagers (1mio salary) and easy to sell

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