GdS: Chaos on and off the pitch – Milan fans let club know time is running out

By Oliver Fisher -

There is chaos surrounding AC Milan at the moment, something that was reflected in their performance yesterday against Genoa and by the protests of the fans.

As La Gazzetta dello Sport recall, the supporters protested with banners, silence and then even emptied the Curva, while the management continue to look for the coach with whom to build the future around.

The two situations – the disappointment of the fans and the choice of the coach – intersected in the curious Lopetegui affair. The club had chosen him but the opposition of the fans convinced them to walk away, so other names are being evaluated.

This wait can be interpreted as a sign of unclear ideas, but perhaps it only indicates that Milan want to take all the time necessary because they know that they cannot afford to make the wrong choice. The supporters have made it clear that time is almost up.

There is the risk that the pressure, already considerable, becomes excessive. If Gerry Cardinale (him, not the fans) identified the new coach in a reasonable time, it would make everyone’s job easier, including those who have to operate on the transfer market.

Uncertainty fuels tension, nervousness, disappointment which then leads to anger. The only crumb of comfort is that the gap to Juventus remained given they drew with Roma, but it is far from a positive moment for the team.

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  1. The constant pressure the clubs brings upon itself is one of our biggest problems because at this point it transforms into instability.
    I am not only talking about the coach and management here, it is also wearing on the players, if it is constant panic mode everyone will eventually shut down mentally and performances like yesterday are the result.

    1. Despite what fans from Arkansas can say, that chaos is a consequence of that erratic last summer.

      We desperately need to find a replacement for Kessié ? Let’s sell Tonali. Then we can sign Kamada. Oh no actually, let’s buy Reijnders that nobody knows, and Musah that nobody knows.

      We need to find a striker to rest Giroud ? Let’s loan Colombo because we are recruiting Thuram. Oh he doesn’t want to sign because he’s chasing money, shameful. Let’s go for Taremi then. Oh no actually, here is Jovic who will be ready to play in December and until then let’s play 37 yo Giroud every three days.

      The good acquisitions were Loftus-Cheek, who was a target for depth from the previous management and was dropped by this management before they finally decided that he could be useful, Sportiello, who was signed by the previous management, Okafor and Pulisic, who were targets of the previous management. The rest are useless players on loan, for the sake of trading because maybe one day we could sell them for profit.

      Also, fans would say that Pioli is a lame coach because he plays Reijnders or Musah out of position, but they want Okafor to play out of position as a 9 when he’s not suited to play there for that system. Same for Jovic who is lost when he plays alone as a 9.

      1. I forgot Chukwueze. He’s looking good now. After four months of adaptation. For 3 goals and 3 assists in 32 games, while Messias had 6 goals and 2 assists in 36 games.

    2. Sorry my friend, but that’s nonsense. Dealing with pressure is part of their job, and it will be the same in any top team they go. Do you think psg fans will be more forgiving to Leao he goes there?

      If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Or in other words, those that crumble under pressure should be sold as they do not belong in a club like Milan.

      1. “Those that crumble under pressure should be sold as they do not belong in a club like Milan.” I really love these words, but unfortunately, management knows best. Better make money by selling Theo, Mike, or Leao and keep those that crumble underpressure. And also some of the fans are happy with it. Better sell them and get a 5 players replacement with Musah level.

      2. There’s pressure and then there’s irrational calls to be sacked when you meet and exceed expectations.

        That’s not pressure. That’s just unfocused nonsense.

        Also if pressure is such a big thing at big clubs (which it is) that’s all the more reason not to keep changing things up as you’ll have the same issue with the next manager or players who will also take time to adjust to the pressures.

        That is unless you can afford a Klopp or find another Ibrahimovic.

        But every time we change – every time we hit the reset button – we are having to wait for players to reach ‘Milan’s level’ and then we sell them before they do.

    3. Yep.

      This is just a classic hypocrisy from the media who are the main cause of the chaos.

      The fact that it’s now widely accepted that Pioli should be sacked for ‘only’ getting us to 2nd after last summer’s chaos shows just how toxic the influence of the media is.

      And it is the media. Billionaires don’t own newspapers (or football clubs) to make money from them.

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