GdS: Milan decide on Fonseca as next head coach – the three main reasons

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan seem to have decided that Paulo Fonseca will be their next head coach and there are three reasons above all that they have gone for him, a report claims.

Milan announced this morning that Stefano Pioli will leave the club at the end of the current season, following a tenure of nearly five years at the club. Tomorrow’s game against Salernitana, therefore, will be his last with the club.

This morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) reports that the path for the Rossoneri’s future seems to lead to Fonseca, who ‘is getting closer to Milan day after day’ even if ‘it’s not all black and white yet’.

The Portuguese coach and the Milan management ‘are working on the contract which could be for two years with an option for a third season’. The journalist Luca Bianchin writes that Fonseca’s future ‘seems to be written’ and it will be in red and black, while the official signatures could arrive soon.

The ex-Roma boss is admired by Milan ‘for what he showed at Shakhtar, Roma and Lille, for his willingness to work as a team with the club, and for the many young players launched or developed in these years’.

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  1. Say goodbye to targets like Zirkzee Sesko Calafiori and Buongiorno and welcome Fonseca Guirassy Ito and more and more I know French “gems”. This is our Milan now

    1. He’s a yes man. That is why is was brought in.

      Milan will continue to buy cheap players and then use the Milan brand name to try to resell at a higher price.

      Profit is the goal. Winning, is not. Obedience is a must. Hence, Fonseca as coach.

      65m on a player? Not unless there is an upside. We will buy ~10-20m french players and try to resell in a few years for double.

      Better players will not be signed. Cheap players that are believed to yield a profit will be signed.


  2. “The ex-Roma boss is admired by Milan ‘for what he showed at Shakhtar, Roma and Lille”
    which essentially amounts to nothing in Roma and Lille and I dunno what to make of the Ukranian league.
    “for his willingness to work as a team with the club”
    I take it as him being a yes man to the management who wont complain/disagree if they decide to sell some of our big players and replace him with unproven ones. I guess a coach like Conte, Motta on Conceicao will never accept selling Leao or Theo.
    I hope all of this is just rumors….

    1. There are far too many confirming news from journalists and medias for it just to be a rumor. With the official dismissal of Pioli, it might be just a few days away until the official appointment of Fonseca.

  3. If this is true I hope he does well. Struggling to see much of an upgrade over Lopetegui who everyone lost their minds over though so what are they going to do if #nonseca takes off?

    1. Just check every post on Instagram every commoner in Milan’s post is that Fonseca is not wanted nor the management

    2. Seeing how the management went from Lopetegui to Fonseca, I think the next time the Curva will protest they will go for a serie B coach.
      But maybe this time the Curva doesn’t believe the articles around Fonseca.

      1. I read that around the Curva the rumours are that it won’t be Fonseca that’s why they are still
        Keeping quiet l. Only one fraction of the Curva went on instagram to say they not supporting Fonseca

      2. Or the Curva realized they shot themselves in the foot when protesting Lope only to now realize there are far worse options 😂😂😂

  4. So reason 1 is cheap/sustainable, reason 2 is yes man, reason 3 is moneyball. Perfect fit. Now let’s sell Théo, Leao and our best players from the Scudetto season to make room for Jorge Mendes’ donkeys. So exciting to be a fan of AC San Donato and to root for the budget and jersey sales in Connecticut.

  5. “The ex-Roma boss is admired by Milan ‘for what he showed at Shakhtar, Roma and Lille, for his willingness to work as a team with the club, and for the many young players launched or developed in these years’.”

    So basically the choice was made on the basis of “who is the most Yes Man of them all?”. Brilliant.

    Managemnt: “Is it OK if we sold half of the starting 11 and replaced them with 18-year-olds from Ligue 1?”
    Fonseca: “Of course it is! I would love that. Anything you wish, mi lords.”

  6. I like his style of play and remember when his Shakhtar team beat Man City. He seems to have a good sense of humor and strong personality. Maybe he will bring David and Yoro over with him as well, who knows? If the #PioliOut crowd had their way, we’d still be on 18 championships instead of 19. I don’t think DeZerbi or Motta offer any more guarantees than he does.

  7. Furlani and Moncada wants to hire Lopetequi
    Milan’s fans protest
    Furani and Monacada; oh I see, here is Fonsesca

    This management is just a joke, Juve already got Motta and De Grigorio, possible Zirkeze and Caliafori next, and we fired Pioli just to hire a worse coach, I want to see what exactly is recommending this clown to Milan? One league title in Ukraine where there was no competition, fired from Roma and this season he struggled until the last game to get the UCL spot with Lille, how is this guy the best option for Milan?

    1. “how is this guy the best option for Milan?”
      I think they explained it “for his willingness to work as a team with the club” so they’re pretty much looking for a yes man who wouldn’t mind if they sell our best players.

      1. Do you not understand how football works? A coach has no say if a club decide to sell a player, it doesn’t matter who the coach is, whether that’s Ancelotti, Guardiola or Klopp, if management want to sell someone, they will sell someone. That doesn’t make the coach a yes man. A good coach doesn’t complain, he works with what he has. The best coach in the world, Ancelotti, operates in that way.

        1. I think you using ancelotti just broke your defence.
          Ancelotti has a stacked and world beater squad. And yes a coach can speak against a club who is heading towards a bad decision by taking a stance.
          Great coaches through the history of football has done it.

          Asking if someone does not understand football, but also showing the same error.

  8. You’re all embarrassing yourselves. Did you see what he did at Roma? Comparing his football to Lopetegui is like comparing Mourinho to Guardiola. The ultras aren’t protesting because, unlike most of you, they’re not clueless.

    1. Oh apparently you didn’t see Roma with Noneseca, did you ?
      Piloi joined Milan in October 2019 that at the time had gems like Laxal, Borini, Piatek, Buglia and Co and guess what he finished 4 points away from your Guardiola Mr.Apparently Not Clueless 😏

      Your Guardiola joined Roma to get them back on track to finish in top 4 and compete in Europe but guess what, his best achievement was to reach 70 points and finish in the 5th place 8 points behind Lazio.

      Your baseless nonsense doesn’t change Noneseca’s history, he is a mediocre coach that is definitely a downgrade from Piloi even in this year’s campaign

      1. When did I say he was Guardiola? For someone who claims to have logical opinions, simple analogies confuse you. Foreign coaches rarely do well in Serie A. In Fonseca’s first season, he finished 5th with Roma. They had the 4th best attack. Yes, he was sacked, but then everyone is sacked, most coaches have a short shelf-life as for your selective, cowardly listing of the scrubs in the squad, you failed to mention Pioli had Donnarumma, Theo, Romagnoli, Calabria, Paqueta, Kessie, Bonaventura, Bennacer, Hakan, Leao, Ibrahimovic and Rebic. Do you really want to compare that with Roma’s starting XI? Fuzato, Smalling, Fazio, Ibanez, Calafiori, Zappacosta, Cristante, Perotti, Mkhitaryan, Dzeko, Zaniolo.

        Baseless you say? You don’t have a point.

    2. So which one is Mourinho? Which one is Guardiola? Did you mean Fonseca to Lopetegui is like Mourinho to Guardiola?

      We are doomed then…

  9. 1. Get a cheap clueless coach with no ambition and just manage top 4
    2. Sell the stars with the most return on Investment
    3. Sell club to highest bidder.

    This seems like where we are headed

    1. In order for the club to be sold to the highest bidder what needs to happen? Does the club need to be competitive, have an excellent squad and a new stadium? The answer to all three is yes. The more successful the team is, the more its value increases. There’s no incentive for new owners to take over a team whose ambition is merely to finish in the top 4. Think before parroting the garbage spewed by others.

      I remember the endless crap here at the end of last season. Crying about Tonali being sold, crying that the new owners would ruin the club and wouldn’t sign anyone or bring in cheap, money ball signings. What happened? Over €100 million invested on established internationals, three of whom were a huge success (Pulisic, Reijnders & RLC), two of whom showed promising signs (Okafor & Chukwueze) and only one tanked, Musah, so what exactly are you complaining for? If management were ruining the club, as the Glazers have done to Man United, then you complain. These people didn’t get wealthy by LOWERING the value of their investments.

      1. Elliot made it those 3, scudetto w/ far better squad than what he get from Yonghong, he doesn’t build stadium but he made San Siro crowded again, did he sold Milan to better owner?

        if u support jery as person, it’s up2u but i’m Milan fans, Milan the champion, to be champion it isn’t by selling the stars then replace w/ mediocre, replace under perform caoch w/ worse (almost zero achivement)

    2. Well exactly and what do you/we expect?

      ACM is owned by an investment fund, money is all that matters.
      Where are the money, honey? In CL. What bis our ambition then? Qualifying for CL and that is it.

  10. Guess its we just need to come to terms with it and support him at this point. For all its worth its not the worst option as people may suggest, he isn’t a coward in selection like pioli and play attacking football.
    Personally I wanted to see someone qualified with a resume of result at top football. We truly deserve it, we have been supporting all kinds of ragtag managers over the years and now we are in a position where it might be of interest for those type of managers, but we refuse to take the step up.

    1. 100% agreed. Everyone wanted Pioli out, he’s out. Fonseca’s isn’t Klopp or Guardiola, but he’s certainly a better choice than some of the others mentioned, especially Conte and Sarri. Fonseca’s not going to make wholesale changes to the squad or pick fights with players and he has a proven track record with young players. Continuity is important. The new owners have done an excellent job so far. They sold a player for a huge profit, one of the criticisms of the previous regime, invested heavily and wisely and are actually making progress on a new stadium. That fans still complain is shameful, partly because of their anti-American racism and partly because they have no understanding of how finance works in the modern game. Ollie is too kind. Some of the balloons who post here should have been banned long ago.

        1. Have you every listened to a single podcast? The boys constantly criticize the club, but the difference is they’re constructive, they’re balanced. People like you are not. You’re an embarassment to the fan base because your arguments expose your hypocrisy and primitive understanding of how the game is managed. It’s not a good luck for the club. It makes our fanbase look like simpletons. If you’re young, at least you have an excuse. If you’re not young and actually think like this, no wonder the world is in the mess it’s in.

    2. It’s ok we have a history of giving managers with potential their first Scudetto and then more international recognition.. quite recently, Allegri, Pioli ( you laugh, but Pioli has a better resume now). 😁

      1. We definitively have Anchelotti, Sacchi, Capello etc But times have changed and tactics and football in general are alot more complex only natural new managers will need some time to figure it all out

  11. You guys need to stop really. He plays good football and is experienced. Let’s see the story everyone is screaming about:
    – “He won a title in Ukraine were there is no competition”, but they were competing very well in the champions league as well. Mind you, one of our legendary strikers came from that weak league as you call it.
    – “He got sacked by Roma”. Since when was Roma an easy place to manage. It’s an emotional rollercoaster over there. Have you seen the coaches they have had… Spalleti, Luis Enrique?… By the way Spalletti had only won with Zenith St. Petersburg before.
    – “He is a yes man”. Whats’s the difference between a Yes man and a No man in football?… A ‘Yes man’ will try accept the parameters. A ‘No man’ will scream, shout, go public and then get himself sacked or resign, but the club will still do what they think their vision is and find someone that is willing to be a bit more cooperative with them.. e.g Conte at Tottenham and they go get postacoglu who is even playing better football there than Conte.

    So relax, this is a much more talented squad that he will be inheriting. Let’s see what he does with it.

    1. i agree with you , ppl are panicking for no reason , lets just give him a chance first , if milan don’t sell any important players and improve the team with quality right back and striker and defensive midfielder i can see us winning the league , im sure players like Noah Okafor and Tijjani Reijnders will explode with his style of play , we are not in the race for guardiola or xabi Alonso or any A list manager so im ready to give him a chance as long as we don’t get conti and we DON’T SELL OUR BEST PLAYERS im okay with THEIR CHOICES

  12. If you have an old hoover and replace it with a new hoover ultimately it’s just another hoover with gimmicks.

    The same can be said with this appointment it’s just a change of coach sadly I fear and I hope I’m wrong no change for next season ultimately it’s going to be worse due to substantial miss management in recent years leading to sub standard first team coaching scouting transfers fitness ect.

    The future of this once truly great football club is nither bright nor secure.

    1. That’s a terrible analogy. If you have a broken car and then buy a new car you still have a car. Freaking dumb

  13. Guess it’s time for me to retire as a Milan fan…Zlatan, furlani , cardinale have all lost their minds…like wtf are they all smoking??

    1. Don’t go zini. With fonseca there is possibility we can still qualifying for champion league. Champion league will make our financial profit.

    2. Get off the band wagon then. Fans like you suck. “I didn’t get what a wanted 😭😭😭.” Jesus what a fickle bunch. Let me get out my tiny violin and play it for you

      1. Do you have any evidence for your claims? No, you’re resorting to the type of conspiracy theories prevalent among people educated in mud-huts. You actually believe an Italian club would pay randos to spam message boards read by hundreds of people in another language? Do you not understand how ANYTHING works?

  14. It’s hard to process that three minds came together, brainstormed and came up with Fonseca as the best option.

    Again, this triumvirate may be more of a liability than an advantage without having a central figure – a technical director – to hash this out and stamp it out. Like a Sartori or Percassi.

    Seems like too many cooks in the kitchen making diluted decisions.

    I’ll give Fonseca the benefit of the doubt, if it’s true. If he succeeds then the brass will be hailed as geniuses. If Fonseca is a failure, then decisions will have to be made as to the effectiveness of The Three. Either way, this is an odd choice for Milan to move forward.

    This is a critical appointment – one I hope they don’t fvck up.

    1. I think that Furlani given his resume, doesn’t have much of a say sport wise and looks at it from the financial point of view. Zlatan might be essentially irrelevant decision wise. But overall I feel like having a triumvirate is indeed more of a liability rather than an asset.
      Fonseca “might” work (historically we did win most of our titles with coaches that are either newbies or failed before us and Pioli is the latest example) but what worries me the most is given all the rumors surrounding the club (him, Leao’s departure, Theo’s depature, some of the names we’re linked with,….), I feel like we’re more heading towards what ressembles 2012 where we’ll offload big names to get unproven ones and have a coach willing to work with that, rather a true strategy where competitivness is the top priority and where “somehow” Fonseca was the best name to came on top.
      I REALLY do hope I’m wrong, that my negativity is exagerated and that I’ll laugh at my own posts a year from now, but the latest articles don’t inspire confidence.

  15. Not an exciting choice, and far from an upgrade compared to Lopetegui. Fonseca’s 2 years with Roma were not particularly impressive, if we were to judge him by his time in Italy.
    The club wants a cheap option and an agreeable go-along personality and Fonseca fits the criteria.
    My dream is De Zerbi or Xavi (now that he’s free), unfortunately that’s not gonna happen.

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