GdS: Milan decide to try keep Krunic – renewal with sizeable pay rise ready

By Oliver Fisher -

Despite strong interest from Fenerbahce and an attractive salary offer, AC Milan are ready to try and put an end to the Rade Krunic rumours.

As this morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) writes, Milan have decided that Krunic is and will remain the central pivot of Stefano Pioli’s 4-3-3 and for this reason a renewal is in the pipeline.

They will offer him an extension of his contract, currently expiring in 2025, which will of course be coupled with a pay rise. Fenerbahçe, who had tempted the Bosnian midfielder with a richer contract than his current one, are now further away.

Barring a raised bid from them with figures that are simply too high to turn down, Krunic will remain with the Rossoneri and will ‘direct the traffic’ between the two mezzala players in the three-man midfield.

Pioli’s idea is the same as the club’s, which is that he must stay. The management are thus working to raise the Bosnian’s salary from €1.5m net per season to around €2.5m, which would cost Milan €4.6m gross per year as the Growth Decree does not apply.

The ball will then pass to Rade who must decide whether to continue with the Rossoneri cause – with a leading role and a higher salary – or fly to Fenerbahçe to join his friend Edin Dzeko.

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  1. Lol so keeping Krunic while his value is maxed and paying him more… maybe not getting rid of cdk… haven’t offloaded any trash yet but somehow people made fun of Maldini for not selling? Ok.

    1. Ok. Summer isn’t over. I’m not happy with Krunic possibly staying, but you can’t even say the second part of that just yet. Maldini just let top rated players go free. Ok.

  2. What a joke, he’s so bad. Pioli is in love with him, they need to just come out with their relationship already.

    And I don’t want to hear “he plays hard and knows the system” give me a break. You are telling me Pioli wants no one else in the entire world to play that position. Has to be bum Krunic and let’s double-down and give the donkey a raise and an extension haha unreal. The morons in here will be so happy, now they pray CDK and Saladmaker stay and start too.

  3. Krunic making more than Reijnders? Do they want to throw away all the work they have done? This dude isn’t even worthy of starting for Monza. Yet here he is… with a possible extension and salary increase

    Based off what? Performances lmao?

  4. Milan should sell and re-enforced the DM position, no need to be moving around cus when the next coach comes he may not need him.

  5. Imagine not only keeping Krunic but offering him a pay rise. How are you gonna sell him after that ? Hopefully he disagrees and we manage to sell him

  6. Crazy.

    I got trying to keep him longer, I can live with it, but offering salary increase? That’s crazy.

    Hopefully he will reject the offer.

  7. if maldini does this kind of thing,maldini haters will flock this comment section..I’d rather let krunic finish his contract and let him go for free smh

  8. Can’t be that stupid to renew for no reason.
    I’ve noting against kurnic he did well enough so far but a pay raise? For a 30yo with a contract till 2025?
    I get that pioli likes him but he is in no way irreplaceable, ya know?

  9. Krunic and leading role shouldn’t even be put in the same sentence.
    The only thing he leads is the opponent chance to score from his bad passes and positioning.

    I still hope this is just a mind game from milan so fenerbache would raise their offer

  10. Regardless that i think he is childishly bashed by milan fans we surely shoudnt give him such a wage increase either.

    1. “he is childishly bashed by milan fans”

      Not really the fans’ fault they’ve gotted used to great players and now we’re stuck with this mediocrity – AS A STARTER.

      1. Regardless people still acts like idiots in regard of the player. Pretty sure those same people would get angry if i started slandering them here with lies and inuendos,

        1. “Regardless people still acts like idiots in regard of the player.”

          Well… I guess that’s just because some people here actually are idiots. Massive ones.

  11. Don’t see what’s to gain by offering him a new contract – if he wants to stay, let him, if not let him go and find a replacement

  12. Lol krunic keep on toying with these keyboards warriors, till you officially become the captain by 2025, then they will bow down to you as lord rade and chant legend at your testimonial match

  13. different outlet similar subject…. whenever i read it, my opinion still the same. keeping him is alright. make him a first team player is questionable. give him a pay rise is crazy. my goodness! they don’t have to try so hard to keep him.

  14. Here are just a few facts for you bunch of morons who know nothing about the game and think it is played like FIFA. Milan was 12-2-2 with Krunic as a starter last year in Serie A and 8-8-6 without him. Maybe even you simpletons could see which are the better results.
    He is not flashy, doesn’t take his man on, just does the dirty work, and gets his job done. I am sorry that you have no clue, but professionals understand Rade’s value.

    1. Bro it’s fine at this point. It’s an uphill battle. I was going to do a stat comparison but it’ll be hopeless. Krunic is better than 80% of mids in the whole of europe last year in aerial duels won, blocks and completed passes. If I compared him to Musah they’re like one’s weakness is the other’s strength. But stats don’t fly well in these parts.

        1. See this is my exact point lol. It’s stats. That’s not an opinion. In the whole of Europe top 5 leagues, Krunic was in the top 99 percentile for blocked shots, that is he was better than 99% of all players in blocking shots. Hes in the 81st percentile for aerials won. Have ppl ever noticed his positioning on headers?, he almost always wins a headed duel.
          I know it’s hard to wrap your mind around it because of bias but numbers don’t lie.
          I don’t even know why I’m defending Krunic tbh, I don’t even like him that much 😂😂😂

    2. Don’t forget he started the both games against Chelsea where we were embarrassed. All the losses to Inter and the 5-2 disgraceful loss to Sassuolo.
      Just tell me what other top team would Rade Krunic be starting for? I’ll wait… Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man United, Newcastle, Real madrid, Barcelona,Atletico? PSG , Bayern, ?? Inter? Napoli? Juventus?? What serious team would Krunic start for? But he’s good enough to start for Milan?

  15. When the time comes to fire Pioli after ,like last season, Milan midfield continued moving the ball slow and backwards , getting dominated by Empoli and Lecce, I’ll not feel sorry for Pioli

  16. This is complete insanity. I have defended Pioli against the haters, but there is no defense for this. He shouldn’t even be on the team, and now you are going to give him a big pay raise? Even if you want to keep him for some reason , you do not need to give him a raise . He is under contract. I can’t believe this is the hill Pioli wants to die on. He is going to lose his job over Rade f#!%ng Krunic. Inexplicable.

  17. You guys don’t get it, do ya ? This is Rade Krunic….. Radovan Kruniçovic !
    He once burst two footballs in a single match with a pencil.

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