GdS: Milan willing to double salary of two key players to secure renewals

By Oliver Fisher -

With the summer transfer window moving towards closing, the AC Milan management – in particular CEO Giorgio Furlani – is beginning to think about some crucial renewals.

As La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) reports this morning, Theo Hernandez and Rafael Leao are among the most important players in the squad to have committed their long term future to the club, but a couple of others must follow.

Mike Maignan’s renewal has always remained on the table, but returned to being a topical discussion after Thibaut Courtois’ injury. Real Madrid enquired about the Frenchman but the Rossoneri shut the door, so they went for Chelsea’s Kepa.

Maignan remains among the most courted goalkeepers in Europe and Milan want to extend his deal until June 2028 with a pay rise from his current €2.8m net per season to double it, knowing that elsewhere he could get much more.

Then there is Rade Krunic. Fenerbahçe came in and offered him a big pay rise but they are not able to match Milan’s requests with regards to transfer fee.

He has an agreement expiring in 2025 which will be extended, with his salary doubled from the current €1.5m net he earns.

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  1. Do not comitt another miskate of Rebic and Origi amd Toure
    If you double the salary of Krunic and he is 30 years of Age plus he has been on the bemch since his arrivel it not be too dificult to get offers for him when to sell.
    Plus we have excellent Policy of reducing the salaies not to increase.
    I also Givr advace to increase the double amount of Mignan,but to add 0.7 upto 1m or to sell him 125M.

  2. The best goalie in the world deserves his salary to be doubled. The other one is a clear case of office fraternization, an employee whose terrible at their job yet getting a raise, hmmm, seems to be some romance with his manager….

  3. Current ownership dug themselves this hole by confirming Pioli as “integral” to their plans.

    Firing Maldini (the only person in the entire mgmt who played at high level. The highest)

    Selling Sandro (the only healthy, competent midfielder available, and a stud)

    Confirming Pioli ( not holding him accountable for his share of the results last season. )

    Pioli refused to rotate in a condensed schedule with a World Cup in the middle of the season and it had ramifications all season long. Losing one game isnt a big deal, losing Leao and Bennacer and others for the most important matches of the season was totally avoidable. This doesn’t even include the January meltdown. This is down to Pioli.

    He did a good job eventually turning things around but only temporarily. He fell into the same trap and when everyone else is in crunch time, he starts a totally new 10/11, some who haven’t played much at all. He rotates only when injuries require him to. All avoidable. All Pioli.

    Build the stadium and go away.
    Redbird out.

    1. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the “integral” thing. I suspect he simply ‘picked Gerry’s side’ in the disagreements with M&M and was rewarded with backing.

      Our targets this season are likely top 2 and QF in the UCL. If he falls/is falling too far short of that he’ll soon see the door.

      Where I have to disagree with you (respectfully) is that imo, the man who is unquestionably the greatest defender of all time…is a pretty average sporting director, and being the greatest defender of all time shouldn’t then guarantee you a job you’re just ok at.

      1. Listen man, if Gazidis, Sacchi and a bunch of other football staff speaks good about him in the position what does a random like you know better? Honestly, I’m really curious. The core of this team was brought in by that average sporting director and the team around him. The most valuable players of Milan and the reason why you started watching Milan again, I’m sure you didn’t bother 6 years ago.

        1. Do you understand what a forum is? It’s where people share their options, not enforce them like a toddler.

          You’re angrier than you are smart and what happens then is you end up spouting bile on the internet and looking stupid.

          So by your own logic, every single player ever, you’ve applauded on the basis that they are better at football than you?

          Chill the f**k out ‘mate’

    2. So according to your comment here: owner must build stadium then out but before that sacking pioli and give maldini contract whole life with clause cannot be sacked . Dude ,writing comment are free but please dont use drugs while writing your comment

    3. Give it a rest with the RedBird BS. That ship has sailed, along with Paolo. It’s a New Era at Milan. Get on board or……. you know.

  4. Wherever you fall on the keep/sell Krunic saga, I’m sure most would agree he is ‘solid’ at very best (discounting those few who think he’s some kind of Ambro/Rignhio hybrid).

    You simply don’t double the salary of a 29 year old ‘solid’ player and extend his contract presumably until he is 34. Especially when they’ve just shown you they are not loyal to your cause.

    It’s stupid

    1. What does it mean loyal? Is Leao “loyal to the cause” because he wouldn’t sign for less than 7M or what? 😀 What a load of bullshi…

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