GdS: Milan expected to extend Jovic’s contract – the reasoning

By Ben Dixon -

Luka Jovic’s season can be summed up as one of peaks and troughs, but AC Milan are expected to offer him a new deal. The Rossoneri will add to their striker roster in the summer mercato, but the Serbian is a great option when needed, and the club appreciate this. 

Reports have confirmed that Olivier Giroud will join Los Angeles FC in the summer after the expiration of his current contract, and with Jovic’s contract also expiring, the club must offer the Serbian a new deal soon.

This summer, several big moves are expected to be made in the market for strikers, and perhaps this has affected how the Rossoneri have planned to navigate the situation, given the impact that Jovic has had and can continue to have.

As Gazzetta dello Sport writes, the Serbian has proved decisive on several occasions this season from the bench and as a starter. Therefore, offering him an extension on his current deal, especially after considering the price it could take to replace him, makes a lot of sense.

After the game against Borussia Dortmund, the striker devoted himself to additional training sessions, and this had a positive impact almost instantly, as he had a great ending to 2023. Whilst his output has not continued at the same rate, he has still provided vital goals, and his experience could be valuable next season when the Rossoneri will have to adapt to life without Giroud leading the line.

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  1. Easy decision. Effective super sub who’s expressed his desire to stay, and he costs no fee. Common sense signing. Now we get one starting striker, and the attack is pretty sured up, and we can focus on the midfield and defense/keeper if we end up selling someone.

    1. If he keeps a salary of 3 mill a year, it will cost the club 30 mill for a 5 year contract (taxes included). 30 mill can get you a decent young striker with good margin of improvement (e.g. Armand Laurienté cost Sassuolo less than 20 mill between transfer and salaries for the 5 year contract),
      Let’s not forget that even for Giroud we spent less in salaries than what we’d spend for Jovic.

      If Jovic works ok, you still cannot sell him for a profit when he’s 30 years old and in his last year of contract.
      If he fails, you’re stuck with a player that very few teams can get on loan …. considering he failed at both Real and Fiorentina and both were very happy to give him away on a free with Real even paying part of his salary, an additional failure would blacklist him from most clubs permanently.

      I think we can unilaterally extend his contract for one more year. If so, I’d rather do that. Otherwise, it might be best if we tried him as a starting striker for a few games in Serie A to see how he holds… if he does just a below average job, we already have Okafor that can play as a striker if needed.

      All this without taking into consideration who our next coach might be (e.g. do you think that if we hired Italiano , he’d want Jovic?)

      1. How is 3Mgross over 5 years 30M? It’s 15…His contract is for 3 years if they sign and salary money does not go into transfer money anyway… lauriente is not a striker. Giroud will earn 13.5M gross from Milan.
        We can extend jovic (both sides) for 3 years. Thats it. No 1 year deal. Idk who made that up.

        It’s a ni brainer either way. We need Jovic (as a sub) more than jovic needs Milan. With what he has shown this season he will get another good contract anywhere, no problem.

        1. Who said he’d get 3M€ gross? Not Bob. Salaries in Italy are ALWAYS net salaries if not specifically said. EPL uses gross, Italy net.

        2. I think he gets 2.5 million net not 2.5 million gross, and if he signs a new contract he’ll most likely get a raise probably to 3 mill at the least.

          Quote when he joined “He will earn €2.5m plus bonuses in this season, which is the same salary he had at the Viola.” . That is 2.5 million net.

          3mill net = 6 mill gross per year * 5 = 30 million

          1. You think, a?

            I know for a fact he gets 3.2M€ gross. That is 2.5M net. Jesus, go check it before you start doing silly maths. And again, it’s extention for 3 years not 5.. 3.2M gross times 3 is 9.6M.
            Look at that, less than giroud for his 3 years

  2. I am surprised by articles that comment on Jovic’s form over the season that seem to leave out key details.

    He came to us injured. I saw him through Nov not moving freely.

    He came on the last day of the Mercato. I don’t personally understand all the weight given to this fact, but it has been used to justify Chuk under performing.

    Since moving free he has been excellent off the bench. So he looks like 15 goals a season as a sub (crazy right) for a full season.

    Why is this even a discussion at this point?

    1. Because apparently 3 x 5 = 30.

      Agree it seems a no brainer to sign him. He doesn’t make for a perfect backup to Giroud. But we are loosing Giroud anyway and so patterns of play will need to change.

    2. The math doesn’t always work like that. If he was that good, why did Real and Fiorentina drop him?

      Yes, he’s scored some poacher goals and even some important ones. Heck even Traore that is currently on loan in Serie B since January is at 0 goals in Serie B but scored 2 goals for us this season in less than 90 minutes of play. Does that make Chaka Traore awesome as a striker who next year will score 2 goals per game when he’s a starter ?

      Yes Jovic came at the very end of the season, and that is a justification. That doesn’t justify why we used Okafor in the last game against Verona and subbed Giroud instead of Jovic. That makes me wary that Jovic is not that good, hence my argument of using him as a starter for a few games now considering that he should be at much better shape than when he came.

      Also I blame Chuk as well, and yes he’s underperforming.

    3. The TRANSFER DEADLINE DAY signings are a perfect example of how modern football is not a serious sport.

      The idea that elite athletes can just rock up and play is so widely accepted.

      Any sport that is serious would give players a few years to settle in but that would mean slowing the whole thing down and not moving players around like they’re seasonal bar workers (or vehicles for widespread corruption, money laundering and sports washing).

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