GdS: Milan’s Giroud reliance issue ‘impossible to ignore’ – alternatives are needed

By Oliver Fisher -

Everything points towards Olivier Giroud being AC Milan’s centre-forward for next season and with that comes some concerns, a report has claimed.

La Gazzetta dello Sport writes that given it is mid-August and we are talking about a player who will turn 37 in six weeks it is unfair to fully criticise Giroud, but there are some observations from preseason that are ‘impossible to ignore’ a few days from the start of the season.

There was a period only a few weeks ago in which Milan got to thinking about using their non-EU slot on Porto’s Mehdi Taremi. In the end Samuel Chukwueze arrived for the right wing, but it shows that a new striker was a concrete thought.

The addition Chukwueze and then of Yunus Musah, have exhausted the bulk of the availability, with Taremi costing €25m, which is why the track seems to have gone cold for now.

Three other paths have been evaluated. One leads to the signing of a young striker from abroad, the other is to try and adapt a young forward like the summer signing Noah Okafor, while the third is to continue relying on Giroud.

It is not legitimate to ask the Frenchman for another season like last year, when he took the field 47 times (out of the 52 games overall), 38 of which were as a starter.

In the event no more signings arrive, it will therefore be necessary to try and use Okafor in that position and possibly to entrust Lorenzo Colombo with some minutes. The summer friendlies show that alternative solutions are needed.

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  1. If Colombo goes on loan, we definitely are going to sign another forward. And I think Taremi might make the most sense. I can’t really think of anyone else.

    1. Didn’t you say Taremi was too expensive at 25-30M and now you are saying to buy him? Didn’t you bash Redbird over Tonali sale and now are praising them. Didn’t you back Maldini and now you say hes trash? Lots of yoy-yo-yoing. M&M are trash for missing out on Kuani but not Moncada. Or was it Moncada who recommended CDK but not M&M? Can’t remember. Who wanted to sign Botman, W Fofana, Konè, Szobozlai, etc…but weren’t given the funds to do so? Can’t recall….Selective memory is a great thing eh?? Lol. You can continue to play the game if it suits you or just move on and focus on the present -choice is yours but if your going to mention the past at least be accurate and thorough

  2. Milan now have better midfields and wings.
    Any 28+ old striker is okay, as long as the team can give the right amount of services to the striker.
    I for once still hoping okafor to play there.
    Chuk, okafor, leao would be a scary trio.
    But i still think they need a striker who has a similar type with giroud.
    If colombo asks to leave, they need to find a striker.
    Maybe try a loan + option to buy formula, although i don’t know who they can get with less than 3 weeks left in transfer market.

    1. That’s why it should’ve been Veliz even Beltran is on his way to Argentina. I think they would explode although I personally prefer Veliz

      1. Yeah too bad veliz chose spurs and beltran to fiorentina, they would have been cheap options, although because they are young there’s no guarantee they can do well right away.
        Right now i would prefer an older and experienced striker, preferably around 25-28.

  3. It is crazy to have 5 million of gross salary in Origi and not use him.

    Logical expecting is that overall we have stronger squad especially right wing than last year and striker position shouldn’t be overhauled .

        1. Hmmm… is Muani available? I doubt it. Frankfurt would probably price him way out. What a dumb move that was getting origi

          1. He wasn’t going to join to cover for Giroud. That is why he did not want to join Milan, but Eintracht. To play. Imagine someone offering a young striker to be the deputy to this pensioner that can’t score 20 goals per season. Well, that happened.

          2. No, man. It has to be exactly as you said. He really wanted to join Milan, even though he never mentioned Milan publicly, but Maldini messed it up and he didn’t join because of that. He couldn’t wait to be backup for Giroud. Nice imagination…

          3. Another rambling troll and moron. Thanks for showing me that Maldini’s Heir obviously uses more than one name on here.

          4. Hahahahah, of course. I agree with you, everything you say has to be right. Especially that anyone that doesn’t agree with you is the same person. That is 100% true. 😂 😂 😂 😂 Mbappe was also at Milan but Maldini refused him…

        2. This was down to Maldini. As much as I admire him as our symbol and legend, he did made some questionable decisions. Still didn’t like the way Gerry sacked him though. Kolo Muani was linked to us before joining Frankfurt and he was free but Maldini opted to sign Origi instead. Origi has been a sub for most of his Liverpool career so how could u expect someone that has played 10-20 mins per game for years to lead the line for us? Beyond ridiculous.

    1. “It is crazy to have 5 million of gross salary in Origi and not use him.”

      No. You know what is crazy? People asking Milan to give him more chances. He’s already shown what he’s capable of and that ain’t much. Camarda can do more than him.

  4. So it’s August 11 today and we are still without a starting material ST and starting material DM. CdK was signed on 2nd August last season and it’s fair to say one of the reasons he failed was laste acquisition and no proper time to integrate. Before anyone jumps to blame Maldini, remember our mercato was blocked until August because of RedBird takeover. These guys had 80 millions available since begining of July along with regular budget.

    Just keep that in mind in case a striker comes and fails. They are late in patching the most critical positions which should be addressed first.

    1. What?
      Milan mercato was blocked until August? Is that the latest excuse for Maldini’s failures?
      The mercato was not blocked till August, it was blocked till July 1st because Maldini was negotiating his renewal for a whole month.
      And these guys so far have spent 110 million, mostly trying to plug in holes left by the work of Maldini. And there is still more holes left to be filled , like a striker, a DM , a back up left back.
      What does that say about the work of Maldini that after 8 signings, Milan still has 3 holes to fill even though only 2 important players left the club?

      1. Tonali was sold, that’s one unecessary hole, especially when your other main midfielder is on a long term absence. Gabbia was sent out, another unecessary hole. Changing a winning formation, another unecessary thing where they now need to at least double the signings to cover all necessary positions, foremost midfield (take into consideration my first sentence as well). And what would you do given a poor summer kitty to spend like M&M received? It was only 30 millions for CdK, rest was bosman and loans.

        1. Gabbia was 5th choice CB. Damn you just post one stupid thing after another. Since you are all about young players, we can just promote Simic to that position. Tonali being sold allowed us to reinvest.

          And change a winning formation? Lol. If Milan ended up in fifth, I bet you’d be the first to scream for a change. And we nearly did end up in 5th if it wasn’t for Juventus getting in trouble for illegally inflating transfers and a point deduction.

          We didn’t win anything last season.

          Keep it coming Ted. Anymore gems you want to post? Or are you done? Smh.

          1. Yes 5th choice and now they need to spend unecessary money for another 5th choice brainiac. Yes winning formation, they did won Scudetto with it right? Came all the way ti semis in CL right? Maybe you need to shake your head a bit harder to remember that slowpoke.

          2. They don’t need to spend anything for a 5th choice CB when they can simply promote Simic. Gabbia wanted to leave Milan. Surely you’re not that dumb to have wanted to keep a player who clearly wanted to leave to play regularly. OH wait knowing your history on here…

            They nearly ended up in 5th last season with that formation, you smooth brain.

            Your ignorance knows no bounds. And the holes were in this team even in 4-2-3-1, thanks to so many players leaving on free transfers and bad ones like Origi being signed.

        2. Maldini transfer kitty was small because he was losing Milan best players for free.
          Necessary holes had to be filled because Maldini was losing Milan best players for free.
          Maldini had the money last summer for a striker and he used them on CDK.
          Maldini could have signed Milan future striker for free Kolo Muani but he and his sidekick decided to sign Origi instead.

          1. Hey CdK was promoted and suggested by our boy wonder scout Moncada, who was in fact also present in negotiations. And who said Kolo Muani and the likes that you throw in front where ever taken into consideration. Pioli was always present in these meetings and they draw a plan together, at least what he told the media in the conference. And they were trying hard to renew with players, who even gave their promise. Maldini was unfortunately naive and played by these gold diggers. And you tend to forget that Kessie was instrumental player in winning Scudetto that season. If he was sold months earlier, that Scudetto would be in question.

          2. The boy wonder scout scouted a player who played as a striker at his old club.
            Maldini was the one that signed CDK with or without talking to his coach about where CDK will play. From day 1 Pioli played him as a 10. Maldini renewed Pioli even though Milan played bad and Pioli wasn’t using the players Maldini signed in proper position or not using them at all, Adli, Vranckx etc.
            Maldini wanted to be in charge, he got to be in charge and we saw he wasn’t competent to be in charge because his coach wasn’t listening to him.
            Oh yeah if he sold Kessie, Milan would have played man down. It’s not like if he sold Kessie a year earlier, he could have used that money to replace him and strengthen other positions on the team. Look at the Tonali sale for example. Same goes for Donnarumma. and Hakan.
            Everyone is replaceable as long you have money to replace them with but he let that money walk out without replacing them.
            Buy hey, let’s keep coming up with more excuses

          3. But but but Gabbia leaving is an “unnecessary hole” and we should have forced him to stay. What a complete failure on management.

          4. Muani wasn’t coming buddy. He wanted playing time and wasn’t going to sit behind Giroud and that is why he went to Germany. FACTS. Easy to be an armchair quarterback when you have the benefit of hindsight LOL. Don’t forget to mention the players M&M wanted to sign but we’re not able to because of budget – Szobozlai, M Koné, W Fofana, Botman, etc…You know because your trying to propose a fair and non-biased argument 😝😝😝LOL. Unreal

          5. LOL. Ya just ask PSG how “easy” it is to sell a player (oh I don’t know, maybe like M’Bappe????) if they refuse. 🤪🤪

            Or ask Georgio how’s it going trying to sell Origi??

            It is becoming more common year after year for a player to refuse a transfer and let his contract run down so he can chose his next destination. So it’s comical and kinda pathetic to single out one director yet give a pass to all others. How convenient LOL

  5. Somebody should call Gabbia and tell him he should be forced to stay because some guy by the name of Ted, who plays football manager, said so.

    Forcing players to stay when they clearly wanted to move. Tonali and Gabbia wanted to leave. You can’t force players to stay, as that would generally be a warning sign to other potential signings to avoid us.

  6. If we are not going to buy a striker (a which is a huge mistake and could doom the season when Giroud goes down – and at 37 yrs of age playing in 3 competitions- it’s only a question of when not if) then they at the very least need to reintegrate Origi back into the first team and pray he stays healthy and contributes. It’s insanity to go into this season with a 37 yr old Giroud and a unproven limited young player in Columbo. That cannot be our only options. If we miss out on UCL then heads better role next summer starting with the coach and the management. IMO we should sign Zapata. Stop gap – but for 10-15M if that is all we can spend – it’s a solid option. But we cannot do nothing.

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