GdS: Milan have a chronic problem selling players – a trend that must be reversed

By Oliver Fisher -

The AC Milan management should feel regret about the players that they allowed to leave the club on a free transfer, which should serve as a lesson for the future.

La Gazzetta dello Sport (as seen below) have written a piece this morning on Milan’s struggles selling players, beginning with the following line: ‘Imagine what market Milan could do with 180 million available.’

Of that virtual sum, about €50m are what Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara would have available regardless fr the summer to reinforce Stefano Pioli’s squad, but the rest is made up of the money that should have come from sales.

Taking a look at Transfermarkt’s estimates, the market value of Franck Kessie, Alessio Romagnoli, Hakan Calhanoglu and Gianluigi Donnarumma would today amount to around €130m in total, but instead Milan did not get a penny from their farewells.

It has happened with other players too such as Lucas Biglia and Giacomo Bonaventura, but Kessie and Romagnoli were a vital part of the Scudetto win and the management did not move in advance to either renew their deal or sell to avoid the risk of them going for free.

In economic terms, not much has changed because the club continue to struggle to raise money from sales, which is tough for a project where sustainability is a guiding star in every sector.

Milan will have to change gears and start selling better. The sale of Jens Petter Hauge to Eintracht Frankfurt last year yielded around €10m, which translated into a capital gain of almost €5m, but that sum was spent on Junior Messias of Crotone who has very little resale value.

The sale of Lucas Paquetà to Lyon for €20m was not enough to make a capital gain because he cost €38m, but €5m did arrive from a sell-on clause when he joined West Ham.

Milos Kerkez went for a low sum to AZ Alkmaar and now looks set to get sold on for a lot more, Samu Castillejo went to Valencia on a free after the Scudetto win.

Whichever way you look at it, the Rossoneri simply need to do better when it comes to offloading players like Divock Origi, Ante Rebic, Yacine Adli and anyone else not deemed a big part of the plans.

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  1. Are you accountants or football fans?

    Let the people who actually have money invested in the club worry about money, and the rest of us worry about this SPORT known as football.

    1. Tell them!!! Anyone who has taken upon themselves to invest in such a big club with big history must know what is expected. We can’t accept this stingy tendencies of not paying players enough. And what we should care about is the player helping us win not their salary.

    2. Maybe ure rite. Some of us are good with accounting some are good with technique some are good in directing people market. It has everything you need in the club lol

    3. Why we cant be both?

      Why should we only care about the things at football field?
      True fans will care for all aspect of their football club and the finances is one of them.
      Do you prefer being like Barca that win the league but have billions of debt and cant even register their academy graduate? Giving hefty salary and on the verge of bankruptcy?

      If you want to be that kind of fan then fine, its your own life. But no need to force your ideal to other people that actually care about Milan.

      1. Because money is destroying the sport of football and it’s all fans and the media want to talk about.

        In the case of the players who left for free, the media and fans have played directly into the players and agents’ greedy, greedy hands by criticising the club for refusing to negotiate with terrorists.

  2. You have to play good attractive ball passing game with all the players involved. Milan currently under Pioli is just Leao and Theo and Maignan. Obviously the contribution of other players are minimal, so value decreases.
    Inter always sells players at a premium, because they have better playing style with each player has their own role and contribution to the game.
    Get a proven quality coach who promotes good quality attractive and build up game and automatically the player value increases.
    This is what we see with Inter, Atalanta, Napoli.

  3. Uh oh….lack of money from sales?……lemme go grab some popcorn and await what our Lord and Savior Poli have to say about this

  4. AC Milan historically has never sold players for alot of money. Apart from Kaka and Silva -Ibra which Galliani grossly underestimated their values, we haven’t really “sold” players for alot. Part of that is because we’re an end game club, if you can’t make it here at a big club likely u won’t make it at any other big clubs who can afford to splash money on a player. Nothing has changed really. We can’t sell players before and we can’t now.

    On the alleged money from sales from Gigio, Kessie, Chala and Romag, each has its own story. Sure we can get 130m but we won’t be getting the 100m we got this year, that’s because Kessie brought us the Scudetto which led to us being in a higher seed in UCL and not group of detah again. Gigio was instrumental in getting us back into top 4 before he left which is another 30-40 mil and he purposely ran down his contract, we simply couldn’t sell him even if we wanted to.
    Finally snake did what he did, no words for that. No one wanted him, but we did get a top 4 with him and won the Scudetto the next year without him. 🤷‍♂️ So simply saying we missed out on 130m is a one sided and superficial take

  5. You better delete this article or Maldini boyfriends will be upset by the truth and the facts.
    They will start their mental gymnastics to try to spin the failures of their idol.
    But unlike one of Maldini fanboys @IKnowWhatYouDidLastSummer, more and more people, fans and even media start to see what Maldini is incapable and unqualified to do last every summer and every winter, Sell players.
    That character said Milan is an “end game club.” Total disconnect from reality and existing in the past. Even Real Madrid, ManCity have to sell players to get more money to buy players. But only at Milan fanboys believe that we should just buy players without offloading anyone, unless of course their contracts expire.
    Never be a fanboy. It clouds your judgment and you can’t see the truth.
    Or they use that lame, stale excuse that if we sold those players a year or 2 earlier we wouldn’t have gotten to the UCL or win the scudetto.
    Maybe, and thats a big maybe Milan would’ve had to wait a year longer to get to UCL or even win the Scudetto than they did, but those players sales would have allowed Milan sustained and continued success in UCL and serie A over a longer period of time instead of one season wonder. The only reason Milan is back in UCL next season is because Juventus got docked points, not because they earned it on the field and Maldini called the season 8 out of 10.
    Bayern won the title and they still fired Kahn and Salihamidzic because they won by luck, while at Milan fanboys celebrate luck instead of asking for accountability from their managers.
    Yes, Bayern fired 2 of their club legends, and so did Ajax with Van Der Sar after unsatisfactory season even though they won trophies and achieved UCL football next season.
    Real Madrid fires coaches that don’t win any titles even though just a year ago they won the UCL.
    Standards. Those clubs have them, while most of our fan base just likes to talk about standards but doesn’t have any when they defend the incompetence of the man in charge, who happens to be the biggest club legend as a player, just because their emotions won’t allow them to separate the player from the director.

    1. “Never be a fanboy. It clouds your judgment and you can’t see the truth”

      So? Being a hater, means you can see the truth? Anyone who has, different opinion than your’s, is a fanboy according to you lol.. So, your opinion doesn’t count!

      “The only reason Milan is back in UCL next season is because Juventus got docked points, not because they earned it on the field and Maldini called the season 8 out of 10”

      So why did Juventus get, their points docked? Do you even know? Even though, we achieved UCL qualification, but you are continuing with your negativity! What’s next? Did you wish? Milan were docked, points? So that ultimately you could blame Maldini for it?

      “Yes, Bayern fired 2 of their club legends, and so did Ajax with Van Der Sar after unsatisfactory season even though they won trophies and achieved UCL football next season”

      Ajax finished third in Eredivisie, this season.. Only top two in Netherlands, gets Champions League Football! With the second, having to play qualifiers.. Atleast get your facts right! BTW, firing coaches, is something we continuously did since 2014.. How did it pan out? Or? Chelsea fired two coaches, this season, where are they?

      It is Cardinale, who owns Milan not Maldini fanboys.. So stop showing, as if we are the ones, who are keeping him! Now; according to you, Is Cardinale also a Maldini fanboy?

      Haha! I think I owned you so badly, that you don’t even have guts to reply me.. Cause I speak, facts instead of blabbering!😁

      1. @milan fan exactly that. It’s like verbal diarrhea. His view is so slanted, makes assumptions on other people and if you don’t agree with him then you’re out to lunch. This is the trait of a narcissist and also deep rooted issues which frankly needs professional help.
        Because I view Maldini’s work as good doesn’t make me or anyone a fanboy. It also doesn’t mean I agree with everything Maldini has done either, he isn’t perfect neither was Galliani before him or anyone after him. But he does come off as a hater because that’s all his contribution… Maldini hate. Not one good word to say.
        I was going to own him as well with a long rebuttal of his nonsense but would have been too tedious and not worth my mental health. Besides you covered that so well. Lol ps, VdS resigned and not fired and it’s obvious why Khan and Sali got the boot.

        1. Haha it’s funny, that he was talking about counter argument, in other comment.. While he didn’t even reply to my comment!

          1. I saw his nonsense talking about one team leagues like France and Germany that bears no comparison. Khan, Sali and everyone who had something between their ears knew they risked their jobs by bringing in Tuchel midseason. It was only going to go one way, either win the UCL or be fired.
            Btw, NO mention that the core players making up the keeper, backline and mids are all M&Ms work. Left wing and team mvp about to re-sign (not to mention the world’s best left back). Really and truly we need a few pieces. Like it’s totally non existent. I mean yes we could do better with selling players but what we have right now is fantastic..we just need that extra little investment and we’d be up there

        1. Ha ha ha,
          which one between me and Maldini fan boys don’t have a job?
          A person that believes that you have to make more money to spend money or the fanboys that defend Maldini approach where he should just spend someone else’s money without making any?
          Let that marinate
          Don’t be a fan boy

          1. which one between @Poli and Maldini fan boys don’t have a job?

            Answer: @Poli

            Okay! So what’s about, wage cap? Is Wage cap, also implemented by Maldini?

            Hint: Wage cap is the reason, why Donnarumma and Calhanoglu left?

    2. @Poli How are your ex boyfriends, Donnarumma and Calhanoglu doing?🤔😁 Do you still miss them? Haha some people, are too emotional!😭

      1. Speaking truth and facts is being a hater for emotional fanboys.
        Funny how none of these Maldini fanboys come back with any counter argument and engage in a discussion, but they just take the emotional approach where they just call a person a hater, or not being a real Milan fan because he won’t accept incompetence running his favorite club.
        @Milan fanboy, if your brain can’t comprehend what it said by some of us and in this article, the issue isn’t that we miss THOSE players, but we MISS THE MONEY, they could have brought in IF your idol was capable of selling them, instead of losing them for free.
        Never be a fan boy.
        And, since you asked how are Donnarumma, Calhanoglu, let’s add Kessie and Romagnoli too, doing, let’s see:
        In the last 12 months or so Calhanoglu has won 4 trophies with Inter, while Milan as a club has won 2 trophies in the last 12 years, and is about to play in the UCL final( I HOPE HE LOSSES)
        Donnarumma has won 3 trophies as a PSG player in the last 2 years, while Milan has won only 2 the last 12 years.
        Kessie in 9 months as a Barcelona player has won 2 trophies while Milan has won 2 as a club in the last 12 years.
        Romagnoli, part of one of the best defenses in serie A, they have 20 clean sheets, and qualified for the UCL based on merit not because of Juventus getting points ducked.
        Quality players that other sporting directors bought but Maldini lost.
        They are doing just fine won’t you say, @Milan fanboy?
        Your emotions walked you straight into that embarrassment. That’s what happens when you use emotions instead of brain cells.
        Truth divides people sir, as it should. Divides between people that use reason, logic and rational, and the emotional fanboys and idolaters.

        1. Excuse me? What truth, are you talking about? Anyone who, has seen your previous comments, knows that you are mentally obsessed with Maldini..

          You are talking, about counter argument right? Well I countered, you in my previous comment, on this article.. To which, you didn’t even, reply! And also in an, article few days ago.. Again, no reply! See: who’s running, away from facts.. Instead of genuinely criticising Maldini, it’s clear that you are using him as a scapegoat, for our shortcomings! Even if, somebody counters you, they are Maldini fanboys.. At first don’t, be narrow minded, that you can’t even, respect others opinion..

        2. “In the last 12 months or so Calhanoglu has won 4 trophies with Inter, while Milan as a club has won 2 trophies in the last 12 years, and is about to play in the UCL final( I HOPE HE LOSSES)
          Donnarumma has won 3 trophies as a PSG player in the last 2 years, while Milan has won only 2 the last 12 years.
          Kessie in 9 months as a Barcelona player has won 2 trophies while Milan has won 2 as a club in the last 12 years.
          Romagnoli, part of one of the best defenses in serie A, they have 20 clean sheets, and qualified for the UCL based on merit not because of Juventus getting points ducked”

          Calhanoglu has only won, Coppa and Supercoppa since leaving Milan.. Don’t forget, we won the Scudetto without him.. Donnarumma has won three trophies, as a PSG player! So? Winning Ligue 1 with PSG, isn’t an huge achievement.. They don’t even celebrate title winning in France lol! Okay, I admit that, Kessie achieved something, with Barca.. As for Juventus docked points.. Why are you, showing as if FIGC? Did us a favour, by docking points? Do you even know, why they were docked points?

          You were talking about counter argument, now do you have anything, to counter me? You are talking, about logic and rational thinking, while surpassing, others opinion? At first learn, to respect others opinion..

    3. @Poli.. Just wanted to say.. it was RADU who fvcked shinter that season and lost scudetto. Not Maldini. Hope it helps LMFAO

      Maldini sure has a weakness in selling players. But asking to fire a legend for a weakness while completely disregarding his achievements.. That’s hatred. Anyone who hates Maldini is NOT a Milan fan. Everyone who knows history knows what Maldini sacrificed for Milan and how much be bleeds red and black. So whatever you are, you are no Milan fan. And true fans should just completely disregard this ret@rd. Is he a good SD? Yes. Is he a Seasoned veteran SD? No. He has a lot to learn and I want him in Milan when he becomes a seasoned vet of a SD. Plain and Simple.

      1. There are so many ex Milan players that sacrificed and bleed red and black. Being a passionate fan is not a requirement to be a sporting director or a coach. If it’s about passion than we should hire fans to run the club.
        Are you competent or not?
        Selling players is a major part of his job that he is incompetent in, and his last 2 mercatos has showed his incompetence in buying players as well. Just look at the names and their contributions, or lack thereof.
        No one, not even Maldini, is more passionate for Milan than Gattuso, do you want him coaching Milan? No. Because he is not good enough.
        Sacrifice as a player and passion is not the only thing needed to be a coach of a team or a director. Competence is needed.
        But hey, wanting my director to be competent apparently means that I’m not a Milan fan, according to Milan4lyf and not just have a passionate but incompetent SD.
        Also you mentioned that Radu gave us the title but you also talk about Maldini’s achievements. His achievements are mostly based on luck and someone else stumbling and fumbling than on competence.

        1. @Poli LMAO, again you are showing that, you are just a hater.. According to you: Maldini is also, bad at buying.. “Just look at, their names and contributions” So? Tonali, Bennacer, Giroud, Leao, Maignan, Theo etc are bad players? These players, are the reason, why we won the Scudetto BTW! And they are, Maldini’s signings.. Do you want, to go back, to Mirabelli era? And his glorious signings like, Biglia, Conti, Musachio, Caldara, Higuain etc that won us treble?

          “Maldini’ achievements are mostly based on luck and someone else stumbling and fumbling than on competence”

          Haha! Hypocrisy at it’s best, you want him to be a competent director, but don’t want to acknowledge his achievements.. If we win, Scudetto next season, you will say same right? And again bring, Donnarumma Calhanoglu? And that, how money from their sales, would’ve facilitated, Haaland signing?

        2. @Poli Here is a matter of fact: In 2022 Summer Olympics Kessie, promised to renew his contract.. But that didn’t happen! Why don’t you, shed some light on that? If I tell you that, I will attend your birthday party; then the onus is on me to attend your party.. If i don’t attend, your party; Is it your fault? Or mine? I explained to you, in simple terms, it’s upto you now..

  6. LOL. This guy @Pioli is a piece of work. You make some points. However as usual you blame one person – Maldini – and give a pass to Ownership. So who is the fanboy? Seems it’s you of Redbird/Elliot lol. You don’t think M&M wanted to resign Donnaruma and Kessie? Of course, but OWNERSHIP would not give them the money kid. Wake up. Did we have a weak summer transfer window this past year? YES. Was that all M&M’s fault? NO. Recall that M&M wanted Botman and Sanches. But Ownership would not give them the money to get them, so they went a different route and it didn’t work out – YET. It happens to every sporting director – none are immune. The previous summers worked out extremely well but no mention of that. But you have a hard on for Maldini. Did you give praise for M&M for re-signing Leao to a below market deal and increased release clause? Nah. Your conveniently silent on that. What about Benny’s, Tonali’s etc…..renewal?? Or stealing Thiaw – a starting caliber player for only 6M? You also like to cite Napoli as being the gold standard of football director. Apologies, Napoli has won their first Scudetto in 30 years lol. Hardly the gold standard. And let’s see what they do this summer after they sell Oshimen and Kim. And the jury is still out on players like Adli, CDK, etc…You cannot have a youth policy and wage cap dictated by Ownership and then not give those young players time to develop – then call M&M failures. That’s foolish. Sorry but The only fanboy is you of Elliot/Redbird.

    1. Well said Juro. Lol it boggles my mind every time. I wonder his take on Massara. After all he’s a director too, yet never heard him being mentioned..or ownership like you said. Or have we really sold anyone of value in the past not just now. Smh. It’s one thing to disagree but golly to lay blame on the same person everytime

  7. @Poli, you blaming Only Maldini for not selling players or renewing their contract with such tight budget is bias.

    Maldini can’t sell a player that no club wants and also every club has their own valuation of players which is why clubs negotiate to come to an agreement, and if they don’t, they don’t sell.

    And on contracts renewals, do you understand wat wage cap means (incase u don’t let me explain) It means maximum limit on salaries which was set up by the owners and not Maldini, so do you want him to pay the players with is own salary if they want salaries above the wage cap

    And Maldini has shown he can sell players that are not in the coach plan even if no capital gain is gotten with Paquetta sale to Lyon. Clubs only sells wen they are satisfied with your offer.

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