GdS: Milan make RC Lens man their No.1 striker target with asking price set

By Oliver Fisher -

The AC Milan management are continuing to plan how the squad will look for next season and striker Lois Openda is on their list of targets, a report claims.

This morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (via PianetaMilan) talks about how the main signing for the summer and the one Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara cannot get wrong is that of a centre-forward.

Openda is one of the names Milan are looking at with the most attention as they search for a striker who is under 25 or experienced, physical or fast, tested or with room for growth. It is unlikely that the Rossoneri can spend €50-60m on a single signing, too.

Openda is admired because he is 23 years of age, is fast, shows good movement and finishing. In 2021-22 the Belgian scored 19 goals for Vitesse, and this season he has the same amount with RC Lens.

The centre-forward would like to play in the Champions League next year and could also do so with RC Lens – who are second in Ligue 1 – or at a new club. A valuation of around €25m is mentioned by the paper.

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  1. He is nothing at all like Giroud. Which I think and hope is a good thing. But if we are going with a forward of this style. Then he needs better back up around him. Better passing players mostly. And more runs into the box from the other players to open up play better. We need a better AM to help him. And Tonali needs to become better passer…

  2. If you see this Milan are after one of the best up and coming young players his name is nestoroy irankunda he plays for Adelaide in the a league. Trust me go and check him out he is a weapon and would be worth about $5 million and is 17

  3. Another Belgian? Really?

    If as reported we have 100m to spend, then buy Vlahovic and Chiesa from Juve with that money.

    We can get the likes of Kamada, Tielemans, Ndicka etc to fill the other gaps.

    Time to put up or shut up Gerry

    1. Haha yeah my first thought when I saw he was Belgian.

      I don’t like either of Chiesa or Vlahovic. I can’t see them in rossoneri colors. Maybe that’s because I hate Juve and don’t want their players on my team.

      Chiesa would probably be a very good addition though. Not sure about Vlahovic. He hasn’t proven himself all too much in Juventus yet. Maybe he just doesn’t fit their style of play. I wonder if he would fit our style of play either.

    2. 100m to spend?. It’s crazy how media is able to affect people and their perceptions like that. No word from management about what the transfer bag is going to be like but one article with no foundation gets traction to the point of believability. It’s incredible really

      1. Milan made a lot of money in the last year winning league and getting to semis of CL. Also the owners spent nothing in January.
        The team badly needs investment, so it’s not unreasonable given those facts that we should have a good budget this summer.

        Sustainabilty is a 2 way street! Yes we cant afford to waste loads of money but equally we can’t let the team stagnate and therefore reduce our revenues.

        It takes money to make money!

        1. Yes Milan made a lot of $$ for our CL run and Yes Ownership didn’t spend any $$ in January but as @IKWYDLS and I have been saying over and over again – that does NOT mean these Owners will spend it. In fact the opposite will be true. Wage Caps and limited transfer budgets is our policy and they will not divert from it. Why do you think we are being linked to all those young or free players lol. If Ownership were serious about building a consistent Scudetto and CL winner – they would spend 60-70M on that proven striker we desperately need and same goes for RW and an AMC…but they won’t. Be prepared for another low key summer. Then the haters like @ Pioli can all blame Maldini again because he couldn’t find that diamond in the rough that was ready to step on and play immediately for 5 euros lol.

          1. So you’re saying we need a 180-210m total spend? No Italian club ever has spent that much in a single summer.

    3. LOL. To begin with Vlahovic alone is valued at 90m. Second, why would Juventus strengthen a direct rival? You think they don’t have a say on where they sell their players? Third, Vlahovic and Chiesa are already getting paid top dollar for Serie A. IF they event wanted to make what would at best be a lateral move, do you think they’d remain on their current salary? No, Vlahovic is destined for the PL or Bayern. Chiesa will stay at Juventus as the star they build around going forward.

      Also, where did you get 100m from? That “article” posted on SM yesterday? If you’d read that you would see that 50% of that assumed transfer fund comes from assumed sales and the associated saved gross salary. So that’s a lot of IFs. We have 50m to spend, as we do every summer and then MAYBE some more. So it’s probably going to be a free Kamada, Openda/Wahi/Balogun for 25-35m and then the rest of the transfer fund plus any income for sales for a right-winger. We’re not going to be signing Vlahovics and Chiesas.

  4. You all talking about Vlahovic like he will be cheap.
    Very funny, even Chiesa Milan can’t afford his price tag and his wages, better stop dreaming and wake up.

    1. it’s good to dream, that’s why people follow football clubs.
      Chiesa is on 5m per year which is reasonable.
      Vlahovic is on big money, so thats a problem.

      Chiesa cost Juve 50m and has been out with injury, so his value has decreased.
      Vlahovic cost 70m he had a difficult season, so it’s unlikely they would get that kind of money for him now.
      Bottom line is Juve are in huge trouble, so we should be prepared to take advantage where we can.
      Those 2 guys would suit our team extremely well imo

      1. Yes and Juventus will just hand them to us since there will be no other interested clubs and Juventus makes a habit of selling to their rivals. The players won’t request increases on their salaries, because unlike every other player that increases their salary every time they transfer, Vlahovic and Chiesa will not because they’re coming to us. They will probably even lower their salary demands. /s

        1. Juventus are in massive trouble, have u not see the news. They are likely to suffer bans and possibly relegation.
          The last thing their directors (also in huge trouble) will be worried about is Milan or whoever signs these players.
          Most importantly in your valuations you are forgetting the form/injuries of these players.
          Juventus are in this position because of inflating player values!! So if you think they paid 70m or whatever for Vlahovic, your not paying attention.
          Just like Napoli did not pay 70m for Osimen

          The 2 guys I mention are an example. They will be fleeing Juve like Rats from a sinking ship. Getting their careers back on track after poor form and serious injury will be their priority. So I don’t see them joining the chaos at Chelsea.

          It certainly may be challenging for Milan but certainly not impossible

          1. Yeah, I’ve seen the new. Have you seen how many football clubs there are that have greater financial power than we do? Why would their directors sell to us when there are half a dozen mid-table EPL clubs that can both afford the asking price and Vlahovic salary demands? This isn’t FM. BTW, inflating player values IS FOR SALES not buys. WTF? Why would Juventus say they paid 70m for a player valued at 50m?


            ^supposed 80m euro offer. Even if they deny making an offer it’s the valuation we’re talking about here.

            Transfermarkt also has him at 75m euro. They’re not inflating the value for Juventus.

  5. @Vero Rossonero
    Vlahovic scored 10 goals in Serie A this season and lost his place in the team, so no he is not worth 80m right now.

    Also these players are not going to join a mid table EPL team.

    Nobody wants to go near Chelsea right now, or Liverpool for that matter.

    Anyway Chiesa is the one we really should try for, he would solve a lot of problems as he can play anywhere in attack and we need more Italians

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