GdS: ‘The alpha and omega’ – Milan expected to receive big offers for three stars

By Oliver Fisher -

A lot of the emphasis going into the summer window will be about additions to try complete the AC Milan squad, but there could also be a fight to keep some of the best players.

As this morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) writes, the plan is for the Milan management to spend around €100m on bringing in three or four top quality reinforcements during the summer.

The main positions that they will focus on are of course the centre-forward and centre-back roles, but another midfield is expected to arrive who can play in front of the defence as well as a full-back too.

However, the paper reports that the ‘alpha and omega’ of the summer transfer window are the dynamics that revolve around Mike Maignan, Theo Hernandez and Rafael Leao, the three players with the most value in the squad.

All are being watched closely by Europe’s top clubs, with PSG interested in all three of them, while it is worth mentioning that the French duo Theo have contracts expiring in 2026 and renewals remain ‘a delicate chapter’.

The feeling is that at least one big offer will arrive for one of those players, and at that point what will Milan do? With Sandro Tonali a year ago, they pressed the green button without thinking too much.


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  1. There shouldn’t be any questionmarks. They should sell Leao and try to get as much money as possible because getting around 150Mil + new coach would be great for our quest for trophies. Theo and Mike have a HUGE impact on this team and would be harder to replace then lazy Leao


      1. meh. im almost 80% sure nowadays that he is holding us back. Leao and Pioli.. And its not just the last game that is the issue. He just doesnt do enough for someone who is suposedly the protagonist of the club.

        Also caps lock writting is for little children. are you 5?

      2. Addi, please calm down and lower your voice. We are having a civilised conversation here.

        Leao has made his mark but de not the one who’s helping us. That would be Giroud. Numbers doesn’t lie.

        Now appreciate milan and its fans

        1. Let’s not forget that Leao only has one more assist than Pulisic, who has more than twice as many goals as Leao, at least in the league.

          Pulisic and Giroud also have a tendency to score goals that bring points with them, while Leao, for instance, scored our only match in the 1-5 beat down from Inter.

          Leao is an exciting player with tremendous physical talent, but his attitude is terrible, he goes through extended periods of laziness, and he ALMOST never helps, tracking back, and is usually our weak link in the press.

          If it’s a question of keep Leao or let him go, of course we keep him, but if it’s a question of keep Leao or take 150M and get ourselves three quality players, Leao needs to go.

    2. Sometimes I don’t understand you guys, Leao is a winger and his job is to provide assist and score goals as much as possible and he is doing fine, that’s not to say he is without flaws, Leao is work in progress @24, he can only get better, why so much hatred? Mbappe misses loads of scoring opportunity sometimes, Haaland too, why is Leao different? Leao is irreplaceable, that’s the symbol of Milan’s project, I would rather sell Maignan than Leao

        1. It can be, but Leao’s threat makes team double/triple mark him opening up space for others to score.

          I think it’s no coincidence that while Leao’s goals are fewer this season, other players are scoring more.

      1. Did you just compare Mbappe and Haaland missing chances with Leao missing chances.
        Those 2 players average 40 goals a season.
        Leao averages less than 10.

        1. Leao is a winger, Haaland is a striker, Mbappe plays foward, they got better coaches, good midfielders and fantastic player around them, they get good services, give Leao same and he will average 40 goals even as a winger

    3. Mike needs to go.
      He is the one currently hurting the team the most with his poor performances.
      He would be the easiest one to replace.
      Any one of some five or more goalies are doing better than him right now in Ligue Un and Serie A.
      Any one of those goalies could have stopped that near post shot that he let in against Monza

    4. Milan is not paying 8m salary for a GK, Maignan. So just forget that right there.

      Leao will likely be more in the 80-120 range. Not 150. The will of the player (wanting to leave) will lower the price substantially. Many top teams are looking at Leao. There will be offers.

      If Leao leaves, Theo will leave too. They are close buds off the field and play off each other every game. Theo’s main inspiration at Milan was Maldini as was Leao’s. This is public info as they have both spoken up about it after the firing.

      add Giroud leaving and it’s at least 3, maybe 4 top players leaving.

      Don’t worry though – Moneyball Moncada is on it. He’s got a list of “world class” players we can sign for cheap and make a profit. Are they good? Who knows. Do they fit into the team? Probably not! Will they help Milan win? Nope. But we’re going to moneyball it any way.

      Don’t you know the 5th moneyball purchase is free? Next buy might be the next Haaland. or …. the next Fat Cassano. Roll the dice and see!


      1. Yeah this team won against a poor Napoli without Osimhen then against struggling Rennes in almighty Europa League. Those will be good memories to warm our hearts when Inter will get its second star.

          1. Yet they looked like a bunch of amateurs against Milan. They’re hardly “a great team”… Says more about the level of Ligue 1 than themselves really. In Serie A they’d be in the relegation battle.

  2. Best time to cash out on Leao and maybe Mike but keep Theo at all cost. Get us A good coach(not Conte) to build a better team. Pioli is decent but far from a good coach.

  3. Leao $120M + 10% of future transfer will be great. Milan needs to switch back to twin strike force rather than 1 dimensional left flank play

  4. i personally believe this team doesnt have players that are first 11. and that are pukisic chuk okafor musah reijnders thiaw rlc . for that then if the team its gonna be maignan theo tomori calabria bennacer
    leao giroud . so we basically make pul 2ndLW chuk 2ndRW buy top quality RW cancalleri CAM or CM like khephren thuram kokcu young like guerra or barrios casadei samardzic veerman a striker that is proven but age range 23-31 very good CB like buongiorno or Danso maybe todibo zabarnyi lacroix kossounou solet pavlovic bella kotchap debast schuurs erakovic 2nd LB to compliment theo im gonna say Juan Miranda or try to bring back Kerkez and high quality CDM like florentino caqueret Onana fofana salis abdul samed pepelu andre pablo maia mandela keita ricci cheick doukoure

  5. if we sell them the team is done be have to only try to reach top 4 this team in the next 15 yrs arent gonna earn any trophy imo

  6. Theo is the only one of the 3 that is 100% unsellable. The other two we’d need almost exactly what our asking price is or almost that amount and a decent player. Theo is the heart and soul of our team and pushes us forward and we could not find a better attacking lb. If we sold him that would change our game the most bc he’s also responsible for leao getting free from markers most of the time. Pulisic could play lw which is his fav position so not much of a change although it may limit our vertical speed a bit but our creativity would go up. If we sold leao and Mike for a total of almost 300 mil that would set the next coach up quit nicely. Selling tonali opened this pandoras box so we have to expect at least one of these players to go soon, just hope it’s not Theo.

  7. It seems like the only player we can readily replace at the moment is Maignan, presumably with DiGregorio (hopefully he’s OK).

    Leao would bring in more money of course, but would be harder to replace. I don’t think ADL will easily let Kvara go, for example. But PSG could go for him as well.

    Whoever does get sold, I do hope we cover our gaping holes at 9 and 6.

    1. Agree, I can’t think of anyone to replace Leão so I would replace maignan with De Gregorio. If we are to sell Leão maybe we ask PSG to offer 60 mil + Barcola.

  8. it’s clear that Cardinale want to rebuild, restructure, remodel, with him as no1.
    Maldini is too big for him to handle, as long as his legacy (including players he bought) still at the club, fans will still glorifying him so Cardinale need to remove anything with Maldini on it.

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