GdS: Milan prepare formal complaint to UEFA after Tuesday’s refereeing debacle

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are not happy with the decisions that went against them during Tuesday night’s defeat to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews), Milan as a club feel they were clearly penalised by Cakir’s refereeing and intends to file a formal complaint with UEFA. Of course it cannot influence the end outcome of the game, but it is a way to put on record that the Rossoneri feel they were very hard done by.

The path to the knockout stages has now become tremendously complicated for Stefano Pioli’s men and it is all because of the red card and a non-existent penalty in the 93rd minute, which is hard for the team to take but also causes potential economic damage.

In addition to the income from potential qualification to the knockout rounds, there is also the money that every single point earned in the group stage brings. Milan therefore are willing to go all the way to prevent certain unpleasant situations from happening again in the future, while Cakir now risks being taken out of the rotations by UEFA.

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  1. Agustinar says:

    please do this asap

  2. Abdul says:

    That stupid ref have just touched the wrong club.he has touched the tigers tail.and must pay,stupid calhanoglu bro

    1. Micah97 says:

      We go after him.If UEFA protect him,sue them as well in CAS…like Man City did.We cannot allow refs to cheat us and steal games….he messed with the Diavolo…he must pay.

      1. John says:

        What’s it feel like to be cheated, Milan did it for long enough

  3. Micah97 says:

    This ref possibly cost us qualification.We shod go after him until he is banned….Next time refs will learn to actually respect Italian clubs.He refused to watch a replay when VAR was there…how stupid.I am behind Milan.Go after him.

  4. Solomon says:

    What is the var meant for?

  5. Kusye says:

    The worst ref ever… Shame on him! He doesnt deserve to be an UEFA levels ref!

  6. italiano solido says:

    Oh no! The Italians have suffered from bad refereeing decisions. The end of the world is nigh.

  7. Nelli says:

    Good this man deserves to be banned for ignoring the VAR in such a crucial moment. I hope other clubs join this push as he clearly is capable of doing this to them. Sue UEFA for the lost revenue from the point he stole from Milan. Or better yet maybe the clubs should organize their own continental league and be done with UEFA…

  8. Evan says:

    He sent off Nani for Man Utd in 2013 v Real Madrid , Utd had been in total control of the game ,Ronaldo who was playing for Real at the time and had been very quiet, Nani was sent off by Cakir and Real won the match, it emerged that Cakir was a fan of Ronaldo and followed him on Twitter, he then deleted his Twitter account and no further action was taken , Cakir is a cheat and a dodgy referee at best , The PEE WEE HERMAN of football

    1. Jimmy says:

      Why the slight against PeeWee? I love the manchild.

    2. Lesthered says:

      yes Nani dismissed for high foot which does not normally get so harshly penalised unless intentional, which it was not..

  9. Uche says:

    This ref should be banned asap, he deliberately ignored the VAR, a cheat and a village ref.

  10. Ghazali Alewo says:

    cakir is just trying to damage the game of football uefa should ban him before damaging uefa organization,,, He has stolen Milan’s points

  11. Mdarambare says:

    He must be banned for life

  12. Friday Edwin CRUSOR says:

    Most Referees lack integrity nowadays. FIFA should do a thorough check on their track record before handling them crucial matches like Champion League games.

  13. Bobby says:

    The officials are getting worse and worse . Some decisions make you wonder how they ever got selected to referee. Also the officials in the VAR box don’t sent o have any knowledge of football and the inconsistency is spoiling football. If we were as bad at our job as some referees are, we would be sacked . Seems they can get away with anything .

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