GdS: Milan prepared in the event Fenerbahce substantially raise Krunic bid

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are expected to keep hold of Rade Krunic, a report claims, but they are prepared in case Fenerbahce come back with a new attempt.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews), Krunic remains on the radar of Fenerbahçe who have offered him a lucrative contract and are also relying on the convincing work of Edin Dzeko, his compatriot and close friend.

However, at the moment they have only sent an offer of €7m to Milan which is deemed too low by the management. They are willing to let the Bosnian leave only in the event of an irrefutable offer, given how close we are to the start of the season.

If they were to come back with an acceptable bid and Krunic were to push to leave, Milan are keeping the Nicolas Dominguez option open. He is admired by the recruitment team and is expected to leave Bologna.

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  1. I can’t understand why the management was so eager to push out a talent as CDK and this guy who should not even be a professional football player is deemed so important.

      1. Really?? The kid had a though start. Like the others did not when they came to Milan. the only reason people are hating on him was because of that pricetag. Because Diaz were useless for 3 years but he was atleast free. Btw when it comes to Krunic he offers nothing going forward. It is fitting that he stands out in team that have no creativity going forward because he symbolize that.

    1. Krunic has done a great job in Milan the lady two years. I don’t think he’s irreplaceable but he’s a versatile member of the team able to do lots of things well. He’s not on a high salary either.

      I do worry about the DM holding role, stopping counter attacks is going to be our big weakness IMO, but it feels like folk are blaming Krunic for not being that. I’d like to see them move for Dominguez or a DM still, but I don’t believe these articles about Dominguez being lined up.

  2. We have to buy Dominguez before we sell Krunic. The price tag will obviously go up this close to the season, without viable replacements in our line up. The computer gods must not have intangible situational data to help their analytics and it shows. Dominguez will be better than Krunic, this transfer should have been done a month ago

  3. My question is, even if Krunic leaves, do they plan to play with one DM all through the season?
    What if the an injury comes up?

    The squad needs Krunic(backup and rotation) and a proper DM and a solid CB for Tomori and Thiaw’ rotation.

  4. Krunic do dirty job in Milan that is his value.
    Same job was working Kessie but much better. Thats why Kessie tell everyone fu**o** and went for the Barca and Saudie money. That’s smart move.
    Krunic also accepted Fenerbahce move and Milan doesn’t have any use if leave Krunic for less than 13 million in fixed price.
    You can’t easily create midfielder for dirty job for Milan 4 3 3 or 4 2 3 1.
    When Kessie and Bennacer played as a CAM, there is no difference in that moment in between 4 3 3 or 4 2 3 1, because they were running a lot with covering huge area of the pitch.
    After exit Tonali Kessie and Bennacer injury only Krunic can cover part of their exits.

  5. Worst option is if he is going to stay at ACM.And he is going to stay.I quited watching several games last year cause of his performances.Does it have to be the same each year?….He is staying only for his low wage,saving program at ACM goes on.And so will the result.He’s no player,but pieace of dead wood.Send him to Turkey guys…or wherever,just send him away!

  6. Idk if i ever saw a milan player so hated for no valid reason.. poor krunić
    Humans in all their glory on here, hope your mothers are proud boys

    1. It’s Pioli’s fault. He’s just not good enough to be starting for a team like Milan. People wouldn’t be so angry about him if he was coming off the bench. I actually think he is a useful player as a backup, but people want him out because if he is there, Pioli is going to start him. It’s as simple as that. There is no other top team in Europe that Krunic would be playing serious minutes for. Not one. So why is he good enough to start for Milan… He’s not and that’s why people are angry about it.

      1. He has been starting for Milan for about 2 years now. Its very contradictory to say he is not good enoug to do something he is doing week in week out.
        And again. Not like he is making massive mistakes that ends up Milan losing points..

        1. He started for us last season and we finished in 5th, ye hasnt been a regular for 2 years, he hasnt been that good and at 30, he wont be getting better. Our defense was solid the year prior with Kessie doing the job 2 times better. We can’t afford to Have another season like last years with a leaky defense.

          That being said, we need Maignan to make miracles or hope Sportiello will be able to win us 10 games our back up couldn’t last year to minimum make it to Europe.

          Him being a starter is risky and he isn’t worth 3 million in wages when we let Hakan leave because we refused to pay Hakan less than what Krunic wants to stay here. My issue isn’t Krunic, it is the circumstances that made him a starter that should have never come to fruition. We weakened our squad and are looking to ressrd a player that is not supposed to be in the role he has instead of selling this guy and acquiring an adequate player.

          1. finished 5th. But not because of Krunič. he was among the best players this season.
            when Milan was in a bad way who stepped up and made the midfield stable again? It wasnt Pobega, it wasnt bakajoke-o, it wasnt wrancx, it wasnt adli, it wasnt cdk.. it def wasnt Tomori.
            Krunić is Krunić. Im all for a better player and im all for krunič be benched by a better player.
            what im not for is people insluting a milan player because they think he isnt good enough or whatever..
            clowns who dont know shijat about football
            should stick to ballon animals and kid bd parties

        2. No he has not. Look at the minutes played the previous 2 season when they finished second and 1st, and then last season when they finished 5th. There is nothing contradictory about it.
          Can you name me one other top team that Krunic would be able to start for? Man City, Chelsea, Man United, Liverpool, Newcastle, Arsenal? PSG, Bayern? Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico? Inter, Napoli, Juventus? He is not getting on the pitch for any of those teams. So why is he good enough to start for Milan? You must have a very low opinion of Milan.

          1. Why would i name another team? Milan is Milan and Milan has the players it has. When Milan will be bale to drop 100M on a Rice or 65M on a Tonali then a player like krunić will be excess. But as Milan stands right now, 2023, they can not drop 100M, or 65m, or 40M. Even 25M is pushing it…
            And Krunič played more minutes this year because Milan got further in CL this year. I wonder why is that tho.. I know Arsenal was no in the semis. nor was čelsi. nor was napoli. Nor was juve. Nor was l’pool. nor was Napoli. nor was united. nor was bayern. nor was P$G. Nor was Barca. Nor was patetiko…

          2. You won’t because you can’t. And neither can any of the other Krunic defenders. You know Krunic would never see the pitch on any other top team. He isn’t good enough to play on any of the teams that we are trying to compete against in Europe or Serie A, but he’s just fine for us? You talk about Milan as if they were Sassuolo or something. Krunic is good enough to start if you want to finish in 5th place again. I guess you are just fine with that.

          3. you’re making a strawman- All of this sh!t is irrelevant.

            What is relevant is the attitude you “fans” are giving to an Ac Milan player. A player who just a season ago contribiuted to winning a major trophy.
            Show some foking respect you scum

          4. @ flyingturtle “What is relevant is the attitude you “fans” are giving to an Ac Milan player. A player who just a season ago contribiuted to winning a major trophy.”
            What an incredibly dumb statement. Everyone on the team contributed. Tata contributed, I don’t want him starting for us. I never attacked Krunic personally, never called him a name. I just don’t think he is good enough to be starting for us. Just like he wasn’t good enough to be starting for us when we the Scudetto. He was the 4th option behind Kessie, Bennacer and Tonali.

          5. @K, You can argue the same point for quite a few of our starting XI players. Can you name another top team in Europe outside Serie A where RLC would be the starter? Let’s start with not at Chelsea lol 🤣🤣🤣. Same for Reinjders, Giroud, Timori, Thiaw,. The only two players I can see that steps into any team are Mike (for the most part) and Theo. The rest including Leao, I’m pretty sure the majority will take bench

    1. im not a krunič fan. nor do i hate him. Hes a milan player and deserves all that comes from that.
      Why would i need to be one or the other?
      Not like he makes major mistakes every game that costs Milan points. He played well. For his game lvl…

      You shame the name Kaka with you attitude on here, ponder on that

      1. Krunic is a bum, I don’t support terrible players who bring the quality of the squad down. The Banter Era squads were Milan players too and guess what, they were trash too. This is AC Milan, not Spezia or another mid-table team. We’re the second most successful club in Europe, those are my standards and that’s where I want my team to be. Not all fans are sheep like yourself.

        1. you are a bum.. a no name fake fan crying online about a player.. Day in day out
          Krunić is richer than you little human.

          Banter era had solid players, the lack of stability and no proper project is what made the club regress.
          Cant really have results when you change coaches every year and a half

          1. Who is crying, I said he was terrible and you jumped in to defend his honor haha

            And you think the Banter Era had solid players, coming in 7th shows where your standards are and that is bum level

          2. you Kaka are what we call a pacient.. and by pacient we mean the asylum type. because you’re not right in the head ya know.

        2. WTF are you talking about kid???

          Why is Krunic a bum???? He is what he is – a solid off the bench back up player. He always works hard for the team and accepts any role given to him. Doesn’t complain. It’s not his fault he is our starting registra. Blame management and Pioli who won’t sign a better more talented player. Yes Krunic should be coming off the bench but until we buy someone else we are stuck with him so why bash the guy? he even wants to leave so we can make $$ and sign a replacement but Pioli won’t let him lol. And you call him a bum?? Your clueless kid

          1. He is a bum, he sucks. And now he’s putting in a transfer request 5 days before the season starts. Get this talentless donkey off the squad if he wants more money in Turkey. He doesn’t want to be here, don’t white knight for him kid

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