GdS: Milan put ‘super offer’ on the table for midfield star Kessie – the figures

By Isak Möller -

Milan have had enough of losing their key players for free, following the departures of Hakan Calhanoglu and Gigio Donnarumma. Therefore, they are ready to make a huge offer to keep Franck Kessie. 

According to today’s edition of Gazzetta Dello Sport (via MilanNews), as Kessie’s contract will expire in 2022, Milan are working on the renewal. Paolo Maldini has put a ‘super offer’ of almost €6m per year on the table, going up from the initial €4m offer.

The Rossoneri have no intention of letting ‘Il Presidente’ go and they are ready to meet his demands, also because the interest from Premier League is taking off. The midfielder is yet to respond to the offer, but there is a good reason for that.

He’s currently involved in the Olympics with the Ivory Coast and will focus on the renewal after the tournament. However, with such a big offer on the table, it’s difficult to imagine him rejecting it.

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  1. This is sad and sad how bad Maldini is president and how he runs the club is unacceptable and ridiculous. We lost two big stars because of Maldini, which means Maldini had to go to Donnarumma and Colhanoglu to realize how stupid he was when he said Milan would not To increase our salary. Unfortunately for us, Milan lost two great players, thanks to Maldini’s recklessness.

    1. Are you serious or joking?? Maldini reckless?? If you were Maldini, would you have paid €20m to Raoila as commission?? Then another €10m to his father?? Even after his brother didn’t do anything for Milan?? Terrible and irresponsible statement from you Sir!

      1. I agree with “I am Fozza.” Yes it was a terrible business decision to let Donnaruma and Hakan leave for free. Paying commissions to agents is part of the business. Every club does it in every deal. You think agents work for free? Lol. What his brother did or didn’t do in the past is not the point. He wasn’t involved in this negotiation. There was no 10M to his father either. Between Donnaruma and Hakan we gave up a potential 100-120M for no reason. Terrible business decision. We could have and should have signed then sold if we could not afford to keep him long term. That’s what smart clubs do. Look what Chelsea just did with Giroud. They knew we wanted him so they picked up his option on purpose to avoid losing him for free. Instead of losing him on a free transfer they made 2M off of a player they didn’t want. That is smart business. Now we are talking about not extending Romagnoli but yet we aren’t going to sell him either?? This is madness. Tell me what is Donnaruma worth now? You complained he wasn’t worth 8m a season and that was more than enough. Well guess what – 12M a season looks like a bargain now. Wake up brother. Don’t defend poor business decisions. The same people who say they are happy Milan “stood their ground’” with Raiola and Donnaruma are the same who are complaining that we have to sell our young talent like Hauge and Poegba to fund transfers. Well letting your biggest asset and the top player in the world at his position leave for free has consequences. And didn’t management say all that $ we saved on salaries and commissions from Hakan and Donnaruma we can now spend on the market? Well if true, why the need to sell our young players? That potential 100M or so would have been nice to have to spend on transfers to strengthen the squad and avoid selling Hague, Poegba, etc…So now let’s see what we do. Yes we exercised options on Tonali and Tomori which is great and signed Maignan (which was a necessity after Donnaruma debacle) – we used the CL $ for that. Other than that we haven’t spent much money – 2M for Giroud, who is a solid signing as a backup not a starter, and this backup kid from Monaco for LB for another 4M and a 17 year old for the future at 2M and extended Diaz on loan for 3m. We still have to buy another DM, RB, and STARTING ACM, RW and could use a starting Striker given the ages of Giroud/Ibra and Ibra’s recent injury history. But we won’t sign and will MAYBE go after that Brazilian kid (Kaio) assuming he’s free lol. Regardless, That’s another 60-80M we should spend? Are we really going to spend that amount you think?? I guess We will soon see what happens and who we have to give up to get there (Hauge, Poegba). I don’t see it happening (although I hope I’m wrong) especially when other teams need cash – not loans with options to buy. It doesn’t look good if we are already saying we won’t extend Romagnoli yet we won’t sell him this summer to raise cash either lol. It seems like history will soon repeat itself and we will again look like fools by January when Romagnoli tells us he’s leaving for free – perhaps Kessie too – if we don’t pay what he’s worth – because if we don’t pay him, an English team surely will. So let’s not praise management for a poor business decision while at the same time complaining we have no $ to spend and act confused as to why we need to sell our young talent. It’s our fault. Now we must suffer the consequences.

        1. And to be clear. I do not blame Maldini. He is just doing what he’s told by Gazidis and Elliott. I blame them. Maldini knows football and the value of players. It’s Gazidis who told him to draw line in sand against Donnaruma.

      1. LOL ok pal. I guess your in favor of letting all our players leave for zero transfer fees LOL. You’d make a great executive LOL

  2. @Maldini: there is not one director of football on this earth who is serving his club with more dedication and commitment than Paolo Maldini. Any statement to the contrary to this is foolish-to put it lightly. A chef only cooks from the ingredients is given.

    Next to signing FK,signing Luis Alberto would be crucial.

  3. I think nuro has been very me CH right with his reasonable arguments regarding how we have not acted astutely in business especially with regard to how we handled the case of donnaruma a European cup winner with Italy given his outstanding performances that would have generated a handsome amount of money for us all left for free – oh! How disappointing Milan and its entire management staff have been in such decision making process.
    Imagine making an attempt to buy donnaruma back from PSG, what do you think would be the asking price from a PSG’s perspective whom for me, made the best astute business this year in acquiring the services of donnaruma? Let’s get it straight, every club out there is there for business making irrespective of how dear they may claim to hold their players dear as they are ever willing to cash in on any player when the right asking price is met (e.g: Dortmund asking Chelsea to pay £150m for Harland and Tottenham’s asking price of a £100m for Harry Kane). For me, Milan has done their ever worst business ever in their entire history and from the perspective of an Italian like maldini who knows the club well, is too poor of a managerial decision making given the fact that Italians are well known all over the world for how astute and professionally inclined their decision making processes are at all levels but here in Milan, I question the rationale behind maldini’s readiness tactically for the uplifting of the great Milano.
    Iam forza milano and shall remain so forever till I die.
    Then to you @truss,@kc, that’s not a reasonable way to present your arguments, making a direct attack on another’s mentality all because he/they is/are making his/their points is totally unacceptable and it goes to show how well you guys are very much on the low when it comes to being rational thank you.
    For a milano for life!

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