GdS: Milan player ratings for Roma win – Loftus-Cheek the best of the best

By Isak Möller -

Ruben Loftus-Cheek only played 65 minutes for AC Milan against Roma but was still named the MOTM. The Englishman impressed and was only taken off because of the Rossoneri’s red card. 

Milan clinched yet another win last night as they prevailed 2-1 against the Giallorossi. In short, the Rossoneri have started the season incredibly well and the new signings have been important, including Loftus-Cheek.

As per today’s edition of Gazzetta Dello Sport (see photo below), the former Chelsea man was the best at 7.5/10. He was very technical and used his physique to control the midfield, but also didn’t shy away from making his way into the box – as seen when he won the penalty.

The likes of Davide Calabria, Rade Krunic, Rijjani Reijnders, Olivier Giroud and Rafael Leao were just behind the midfielder at 7/10. The latter two were crucial as they scored the goals but also combined well with the rest of the team.

Malick Thiaw, Theo Hernandez and Christian Pulisic were also above average with a rating of 6.5. Mike Maignan and the four substitutes Pierre Kalulu, Tommaso Pobega, Noah Okafor and Samuel Chukwueze passed at 6.

Fikayo Tomori was the big flop, as expected, with a 5 as he was simply too rash despite being on a yellow card.

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  1. Sorry Tomori, but I’ve been saying this for a while now- i think that we should consider selling him. Given his age and reputation we can EASILY get around 60mil(maybe even more, considering ManUtd payed 80 for Maguire) and reinvest that money into someone more reliable + we would have spare cash from that deal for an starting striker(maybe Johnatan David)

    1. Ppl who watch football would know that he’s declining since last season so don’t dream that any side would take him for that much money. He needs to be benched at least so that he knows that he’s not a guaranteed starting 11. Maybe then he would try harder.

    2. I agree with you for me any time Tomori is defending am always afraid he is challenging are always fouls. I think the coach should consider pairing Thaw with Kalulu

    3. We don’t need to sell him. We need to give him competition for the starting spot. He’s had none. His firm dipped dramatically. We know he has a higher potential than that.

      The fact that he misses the Derby is favorable for us. He’d make dumb decisions likely. I don’t know what the plan for Pellegrino is but hopefully Pioli doesn’t wait as long as he did with Thiaw to integrate him in.

  2. They can give Calabria a ten for all I care. Everytime a player go at him one on one you feel he is out of his depth. He looks like Trent alexander Arnold when he defends.

    1. Calabria better than Thiaw??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Did we watch the same game? Spinazzola was toying him and eventually destroyed him lol
      If he was better than Thiaw, then I am Kylian Mbappe lol

      1. Yes he was. Even by all the defensive stats he was better. And he had an assist. Also “italian bias”. Find one serious place where Thiaw got a better rating. Show me where.

      2. Basically you all think that your subjective opinion is worth more than all of the sports reporters that do this for a living every week…And it is only because you want to insult Calabria. Amazing.

  3. Italian bias at it’s finest damn. Yes Calabria had a decent game but Thaiw was quite easily our best player on the pitch. Didn’t put a foot wrong throughout the game and he got a 6.5 rating meanwhile Calabria a….. What a joke.

    1. No it is not. There isn’t a single portal that rates players (not fan portals) that has given a higher rating to Thiaw than Calabria. The fact is that you are not objective and you’re all a joke for flaming Calabria even when he gets a rating of over 7 from everyone. Literally everyone.

      ALL of his defensive stats were better than Thiaw and he had an assist. Horrible right back…

      1. Do I really have to argue with an Italian ethnocentrism now? Ugh first tell me mate did you watch the second half? Did you see how many times Calabria lost possession OR HOW Spinanzzola toyed with him lol? F I didn’t even say he had a bad game some boomer started his BS? Last season it was Tonali who got very high rating from almost every “ITALIAN” Reporter and now that he is gone they have Calabria haha.

        1. Why are you trying to prove something with that fake claim? Italian reporters etc. How about you show me where did Thiaw get a higher rating? In which English or any other newspaper or portal? And not something obscure. EVERY SINGLE ONE RATED CALABRIA HIGHER. Because they are objective, and you are not. Also I am Croatian, how does that work for you? I have never been Italian but I am just not pathetic to flame a single player every match because of my personal dislike. That is you. Have a good day!

        2. I have already written this, but basically you personally know better than all of the football reporters that do this for a living every day? Literally no one rated Calabria worse, except for a few people in comments.

      2. @Tkoje Nah have to disagree here. From watching the game Thiaw was the best of the defenders. Didn’t mean Calabria had a bad game. Just that Thiaw was very good. And not all his stats were better than Thiaw. Calabria has the most defensive challenges lost of all players and did not recover as many as Thiaw. Many of his defensive stats were the same as Thiaw’ blocks, aerial duels and interceptions. He did however have the most clearances.

        1. Ok, I don’t agree and most sports news reporters also do not agree with that. For me that is enough.

          Anyhow, everyone is entitled to their opinion, even these guys that flame Calabria every week. He pocketed Kvara last season and people spoke bad about it…

          1. So ‘the first part of my comment was my opinion, I wasn’t talking about sports reporters. The latter part was the stats part in reference to your claim that ” ALL of his defensive stats were better than Thiaw”

            I def don’t flame Calabria. I think he’s very good especially against short, agile players like as u said Kvara. I wrote about that last year. I think we should use him and Kalulu based on the opponent they’re facing. Ppl tend to go overboard here with their dislike for particular players in the team. I prefer to reserve judgement and if they improve so be it (except Slowbega, he grinds my gears)

  4. Guys we Play on 16.09. against Inter and 19.09. against Newcastle. Is there any chance, that we will play with the Same, best Eleven? (Exept Kalulu against inter)??

    1. I like you jare, you just changed the topic to something reasonable, not Calabria or Thiaw being good than the other, One even said sell Tomori just for a bad game, is first card was a bit harsh.. Not here to comment on that. It was a team work that made them succeed for the true Milan fan… say no more.

      So my friend, that’s a good question, it’s tight to say which first eleven would play… but the good news is we have good depth..

      Two things, I guess Pioli could give the players a shared game. early enough if it’s not going our way. And might probably change late if it’s going our way.. to seek more rest for those on the Bench.

      While the second idea I guess Pioli could use is using the irregular players for Inter especially the strikers, then the regular starters for Newcastle. Reasons being that the Regular starters should know Newcastle better… Pulisic, cheek, Tomori (favoured by red card already) Giroud. just saying though, might not necessarily be the point.

      However my Joy is we have depth, and either team can do greatly, when they take their chances.
      Remember Inter too has Champion league as well. Everyone would want to be careful.
      I think Milan wins.

  5. Yes Loftus cheek superb …never doubted his ability, but was concerned for his fitness , but he seems ready and raring to go …could end up being the best buy of the season ,great performance from pulisic and Rafeo leao ,,,you watch him start to score goals now .
    Just must mention my man Olivier Giroud,,,told you long ago that he would score 20 goals ,the way things are going that could be more .
    Great team performance from all ,just a little bit disappointed by Tomri ,,he couldn’t argue about the red card ..He will be back and will also be very important for us ..after the international break it’s inter Milan ,,,so can we beat them of course we can ,just ask Olivier Giroud..
    We can definitely win the scuddeto again this season

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