GdS: Milan rekindle interest in prolific Porto forward as Morata pursuit runs into problems

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have hit a wall in their pursuit of Alvaro Morata and Gianluca Scamacca it seems, so they have reportedly turned to Portugal.

La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) writes that Milan will and must acquire a centre-forward to support Olivier Giroud next season, with Giorgio Furlani and Geoffrey Moncada sorting through a list.

Morata has been heavily linked in recent days but negative news arrived regarding the Growth Decree because the Spaniard does not meet the requirements for the tax discount. The striker has given willingness to drop to €5m net per season, but the gross cost would be almost €10m per year.

Atletico’s position needs to be clarified too, because it seems they are pushing for him to go to Saudi Arabia where he would earn a huge amount in salary and the club would receive €20m.

Morata is pushing for the Rossoneri, while he made a pact with Los Colchoneros before his recent renewal. The LaLiga club said it were willing to let him go for €12m if the offer came in cash. The negotiation can go on, but only under certain conditions.

The new option that has emerged is Mehdi Taremi, who is the same age as Morata. He plays the role of centre-forward in a more similar way to Giroud and could be the ideal finisher in Pioli’s 4-2-3-1.

Taremi guarantees 20-25 per season, and in the last year he surpassed himself with 31 goals in 51 games (of which 5 came in 7 Champions League appearances) – double the amount scored by Morata in Madrid.

Porto made it known some time ago that he would cost €20m, but Taremi’s deal will expire in a year. The ‘issue’ is his Iranian passport, because the arrival of Taremi would rule out Samuel Chukwueze’s signing from Villarreal because Milan only have one slot left.

The Gianluca Scamacca track remains alive too. Milan have offered West Ham an exchange with Divock Origi, which for now is not warming up and the Belgian is determined to stay.

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  1. No, no, no, no ??? Why even consider this guy, its seriously getting worse and worse, the team is looking weak at best, now add another foreigner to the mix, just a joke. We have replaced tonali with RLC, downgrade. Replacing Brahim with Pulisic, lightweight injury prone, downgrade. Decided to ignore Kamada, why ? Lost out 2 major targets to Inter of all clubs…..what next, a fxcking Iranian striker ???!!!! WTF
    Please please just give Colombo a chance, at least he will have passion and heart
    I really don’t recognise my team anymore, selling all the Italians and replacing with god knows what, I can’t see us even making top 10 at this rate, depressed, disheartened, disappionted

  2. Lately, I have read several comments here that are slowly bordering on racism and nationalism! I don’t understand why some here keep insisting that only Italian players are bought, and all other foreigners are something like incompetent parasites or similar ! Why didn’t they write or tell Ibrahimović that when they could!? Either Kaka or Schevchenko in their time. If you only like Italians, watch the national team. No one here denies that the club is from Italy, but such comments are a great insult to all of us who live elsewhere in Europe or the world and are big fans of A.C. Milan!

    1. Dude, you are almost the same as them. Let me explain something, every club should have at least 3-4 starters from their nation. You are talking about Shevchenko or Kaka and you don’t mention the Italian players around them, Nesta, Maldini, Pirlo, Gattuso and many more including Panucci, Ambrosini, Abiatti etc. Being racist is one thing, but asking for players from that nation to play in the team is normal. If you are insulted by that that is your problem, not other people’s. You do know why Internazionale exists as a club? That is a part of Milans history and tradition, which you seem to not know.

      1. Dude, insisting on the basis of a few domestic players is logical and legal, and I have no problems with that. But there are a few idiots here who write a little “differently” about it, and I think that’s clear to everyone. I don’t know what you meant by the fact that there is another club in Milano !? I have been a fan of AC Milan for a long time and I do not think, and cannot change my passion for the club just like that! I leave that to you! After all, the club was founded by an Englishman and bears the anglicized name of an Italian city! I believe that in the very beginning there was tolerance towards all nations and religions of football players who played for the club, and I’m sure that it hasn’t stopped even today, regardless of what a handful of immature idiots try to convince me with their comments!

        1. You need to read of Milan history and why has Internazionale become a new club, it basically separated from Milan. It was one club before the issue with international player limits came up. I think you can figure it out from their name, which club wanted Italian players and which was more for international, hence the name. So, that is the history of tradition of Milan, not something you made up to sound good for you. You can google that easily. What is funny, Inter has half of the Italian national team today, literally. LB, all 3 CB and 2 MC.

          Anyhow, Milan has how many Italian players right now? 1 starter, and a few more substitutes. Asking for more is not racist as there are great players that can be improvements in the first team and a lot of young players that can be developed into stars.

    2. nothing to do with racism brah.. Its about rules. A club needs x y amount of players that come from their nation. In this case, Italians. Milan just sold their best Italian player, one of the 2 that are starters for the club. You literally can not participate in CL if you dont fill the quota. So yeah, more Italian players pls!
      Secondly if their target is a player that will take the noneu spot (chuk) why are they looking at more noneu players? its a waste of time ‘cuz they cant register them anyway.
      Woke sh!t is fine and all, but its not everything is about that.

    3. I think I have an idea of what you’re saying and I agree. It’s weird just wanting Italian players for being Italian sake. It’s not a requirement to have Italian players…just homegrown ie through the system but can be foreign. Now in all likelihood they’ll be Italian but it doesn’t mean that they can. Everytime I see the “Italian” argument I cringe because it does a disservice to the Dutch, Brazilian and other foreign players s in the past that got them the glory along with the Italians. Italy hasn’t been in the WC for the last 2 editions. The Italian players available are not great to choose from. Why do that for doing that sake. The world is changing so fast ppl don’t even realize it..I’ve been a fan for a long time. I guess being non Italian it doesn’t bother me where the players come from

      1. You can cringe but you are talking nonsense. Which player from Italian national team wouldn’t be in the Milan first team? Donnarumma? Any more?

        Even Man City has 4 English players that are in the first team, or come on every match. The point of the government investing in sport is not to develop players from France or Ghana or any other country, but to improve the sport in their country, have more chances for the youth to do sports etc. These are basics, you can think what you want but it has to be like that. Italian football was on the top when there was a rule that only 3 non-Italian players can be in the match first team.

    4. Oh no, not nat…ional…ism?!

      I’m sure you’re a well intentioned person, probably even a nice person, but if you’re scared of nationalism you’re a eunuch and/or a serf and you dont know it.

      That’s what the EU, the descendant organisation of the national socialists mind you, and other supranational post WW2 institutions has done to generations of mostly western European men.

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