GdS: Milan renewal or the MLS – Giroud not rushing to decide future

By Oliver Fisher -

Olivier Giroud is in no rush to renew his contract at the moment as he wants to evaluate the best option for him ahead of next season, a report claims.

This morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (via PianetaMilan) talks about Giroud’s situation, given that he is currently under a contract which is set to expire at the end of the 2023-24 season.

The decision on whether or not to renew the Frenchman’s deal does not depend on money. The paper recalls that a year ago he renewed in April, meaning it was quite a late decision, and in 2024 the story could be similar.

Milan have not yet called him to start negotiations for a renewal and Giroud, at the same time, wants to reflect, understand what his family wants to do, to have a clear idea of ​​his physical condition and of course what the Rossoneri’s plans are for him.

All options are valid: he could extend for another year as a back-up who plays 20-25 games a season and not three games in a week, but he could also leave on a free. Last summer, he said no to offers from the Saudi Pro League but the MLS is tempting.

This is because Giroud has said he sees himself as sporting director in the future and the United States of America, as it was for Giorgio Chiellini, offers the opportunity to see football from a different perspective.

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  1. All of the teenagers, video game managers, sporting bet managers, and otherwise the “transfer prostituas” need to wise up and stop making trouble if they really want the best for Milan.

    I believe they do not want the best for Milan. Because, if they did, why would they say so much bad about Giroud, or even Pioli?

    Look at Giroud.

    France’s #1 when a goal must be scored! Still #1 for France when you need a clutch goal. A France that is far better than Italy at this moment, and has been for some years now.

    He get’s very poor service overall right now at Milan. When Giroud gets 2-3 good service balls to head….one of them IS going in. At least 1 of them will go in from Giroud. Who else is this good at heading goals in the world? Seriously! Liverpool don’t have a striker who can head the ball like Giroud. Only Haaland, Lewandowski, and very few others can compete with Giroud for brilliant goals against the run of the game! When Milan is down, not playing well in attack….Giroud often gets a brilliant goal.

    Who else can we afford…who can do this? NO ONE. That is the answer. Giroud is clinical. He is physical and look at his touch for important assists to Pulisic vs. Newcastle as an example.

    If you just want someone younger, because of age….you do not care about Milan. You care about games and transfers, and should not be heard in truth, because you are just causing trouble for Milan.

    Giroud is also a fierce player. He loves the game. He went into goal for Maignan and straight into a challenge! Brilliant. How many #1 strikers would challenge the other striker for a 50 ball in goal ?

    Giroud won the Champion’s League with Chelsea because he scored the big important goals for them, too. He scored against Atletico Madrid, I watched it, a hard important goal. He was the difference in the tie and Chelsea only won by in part his efforts.

    What else could we want? Younger, sure. But unless Milan have Erling Haaland or Lewandowski kind of money lying around, I would suggest Giroud is the cheapest, best striker for our budget, and Milan cannot do better than him in many situations.

    Chelsea too, already made this mistake, and look at them now. Giroud came to Milan and we won the Scudetto just as he was a vital to Chelsea Champions trophy. This is a sign that he wins and is an elite player.

    Keep Giroud. MLS? I can’t believe some Milanista think Giroud is only fit for MLS? But then….the idiots put Messi there already.

    They want to watch young players with no quality so they can trade cards and bets and talk about them on internet, instead of win trophies and enjoy quality players.

    Cretinos would only sell Giroud thinking he has no value above MLS while France starts him as 9.

    1. I agree with you on Giroud, as a French and a Milan fan. What a generational talent. He came back from his holidays last summer ripped af. This is commitment at its best. He’s having a good season despite the mess at the club. Veterans like him, Zlatan and Kjaer turned Milan into a strong team again. Their experience was paramount to help the young players. Now youth is overrated and experience is underrated.

      But sadly this is the state of football today. Agents, executives and media push for transfers since they get their share, while fans have became transfer-addicts with a deficient reward circuit. No patience, no long-term goal, the instant reward is enough, like drugs or social media, but it has to be recurrent. Théo is having a bad game? Sell him, sign some young nobody. Young nobody is bad? Sell him, sign another one. Etc.

    2. Thank you. The guy has 9 goals and 6 assists in 1600 minutes, while receiving subpar service.

      Yet he gets shat on while being one of our most consistent players, because he can’t run fast-fast and doesn’t do fancy dribbles.

  2. Yes have to agree with the comments above ,and yes Giroud is class always has been ,,yes world class ..
    He needs decent crosses into him ,that’s why the goals have dried up .I still say he is the best centre forward for us ,,and I would love him to sign for another season ..I still believe he will score around 20 goals this season .. This man I have followed and watched him play for many seasons ,,he has great physical presence and technically so gifted and commands the 18 yard area so well ..He knows exactly where to be at a given time ,,,this is not down to luck ,but a great skill only he has perfected ..
    And yes has been said put decent crosses in and he will score headed goals ..Yes I do love this player and alway have …one of the best centre forwards in the world ..I mean that ..
    Just watch his next game …it’s Olivier Giroud and AC Milan for me ….I also rate our manager pioli very high .some of you seem to forget what he has achieved in a short time ..

  3. So ridiculous. The guy leads the team in goals and assists and all anyone can talk about is how we need to replace him or “keep him as a back-up”, soley just based on his age, not performance. If it was a 25 year old putting up these numbers they would be raving about how great he is and how we need to keep him. Ageism, it’s a real thing.

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