GdS: Milan to table offer worth €15m including bonuses for Porto striker

By Isak Möller -

Mehdi Taremi is back on AC Milan’s radar and an offer could be tabled by the Rosssoneri next week, according to a report. With Lorenzo Colombo keen on a loan move, they need to sign a striker. 

Taremi has been linked with a move to Milan throughout the summer and although it seemed the interest had died out, the Iranian international is now back on the wish list. As reported earlier today, new contacts have taken place.

According to Gazzetta Dello Sport, Giorgio Furlani is expected to table an offer worth €12m plus an additional €3m in bonuses next week. Given that Taremi’s contract will expire in 2024, the Rossoneri are hoping that Porto will accept.

Only after signing a striker will Milan be able to sanction Colombo’s loan move to Monza, who are monitoring the situation with great interest. In the meantime, though, the youngster is focused on tonight’s game against Torino.

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    1. He is worth 30 million to them, without him in the squad, at this point of the window, their scoring output drops, as does their ability to replace him and the likelihood of getting in Europe without his goals.

      From a transfer value standpoint given his expiring contract, that is a fair offer. Contextually, I doubt they will budge and sell unless it gives them enough funds to secure a replacement. 15 million won’t cut it.

      1. Nah – never said “under ANY circumstances” – way to try and make up fake words to twist the argument in your favor. READ kid. What I said is he is NOT a TRUE #9 and has NEVER played as one EXCLUSIVELY throughout his career. Those are FACTS which you conveniently chose to ignore. CAN he be developed into a #9?? – possibly. I certainly hope so. BUT so far what they have said in training is he is most comfortable on the WING and which is why Moncada Furlani Ottavio and Pioli – all believe we still NEED a true backup to Giroud AND which is why they are STILL trying to buy a #9 because they know Okafor is not a true #9. Do you really think if THEY thought Okafor was capable of being a consistent #9 they would be willing to spend 20M on a THIRD choice player like Taremi????? LOLOLO. You sir are dense and don’t seem too bright as you cannot connect the dots. Now does that mean we sign a striker? Perhaps, perhaps not, depends on how much we want to spend – but by ALL reports we are certainly trying – which means they are NOT convinced that Okafor is the perfect backup to Groud (despite your asinine claims Okafor is a “proven” CF) LOLOLOLOLO.

        So please come back to me with a FACTUAL argument of why YOU are right and why we don’t need a #9 because we have Okafor) and that Pioli, Moncada, Furlani and Ottavio are all wrong. Because statistically the FACTS do NOT support Okafor as a true # 9 and neither do the current actions of management. So I’m sure we would all like to hear your reasoning lol.

        Honestly, Your a pretty clueless person. At first I thought you were just an over privileged kid ranting and raving and spouting insults when you don’t get your way posting 20 times per article cause you have nothing better to do – but you really CANT form a logical argument can you??? Wow. Seriously how old are you? My guess is under 25 still trying to find their way in life? Let’s hope so cause if your a dude like in his 30’s and you think and act this way – WOW – I feel bad for you. Are you that a miserable dude w zero friends, lives at home and is stuck at his 9-5 job complaining that everyone else gets promoted but why not me? Does that sound about right? Good luck to you sparky😂😂😂😂

          1. LOLOLOLO. Ok sir. Whatever you say. Again another insult with ZERO facts to counter an argument. Do you know what an argument is son??? Because I didn’t hear any just another insult because you lack the ability to form a logical argument. Sounds like you and @Giancarlo went to the same school for uneducated people. Wow. Good luck to you Mr Mario Andrew – the clever kid who uses 2 first names instead of a surname. Well done son, well done 😂😂😂

          2. Juro is absolutely unhinged and batsh*t crazy. Furiously typing away on the keyboard. How many keyboards have you broke? And you call me uneducated lmaooooo irony.

          3. “Are you that a miserable dude w zero friends, lives at home and is stuck at his 9-5 job complaining that everyone else gets promoted but why not me?”

            This is what he wrote to me. Yet he has time to write six paragraph essays on here. Routinely. Sad life for a sad man. I didn’t need to know your personal information.

            Oh and if you aren’t finding opportunity, you could always leave that job? I know uber isn’t a fun job.

        1. Tldr.

          You actually spent time writing a six paragraph diatribe to me on a Saturday morning? Get a life dude.

          Also, you didn’t actually write anything of merit. You ever heard of getting to the point?

        2. Hey douche Juro, Pioli subbed in Okafor for Giroud meaning he’s playing as a CF. Guess your whole rant was wrong. You can apologize now.

  1. Juro and your friend stop making noise please it was silent before you two came and starting nonsense debate …were all milastas we need to appreciate each other although there some guys can cause headache 😂😂 forza milan ✊

  2. Imagine writing an essay on the comment section of a website. You have got to either be pretty self important or simply unhinged. Or both lol.

  3. I think I need to start a GoFundMe to buy Juro a new keyboard. Being on your 10th keyboard in three months must be getting pretty expensive.

  4. Taremi wants to leave. So, it’s not in Porto’s best interest to keep him, and lose him for free at the end of the season. €15m, for me, is what he’s worth, nothing more. Porto management are only looking for something extra. As things stand, Milan is about the only club still chasing him. If they don’t sell him now, he, most likely, will end up in the Saudi league after his contract expires.

    1. Um, I’m not sure an Iranian player will go to Saudi Arabia for a number of reasons. Relations between the two countries are still bad, despite an recent treaty.

  5. Signing Giroud’s replacement already, are we ?
    If we indeed needed another striker, I’m just thinking why didn’t we go for Retegui then. Ticks many boxes. Or I’m alone in thinking that

  6. We have Okafor & Colombo. I hope the can be Giroud’s deputy. I don’t think Taremy already at Giroud’s level yet, in his age. No need spending-spree if we already have the solution.

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