GdS: Milan target CB and RB as Fonseca seeks defensive improvement

By Oliver Fisher -

Paulo Fonseca spoke about the importance of AC Milan improving their defensive record during his first press conference, and the management reportedly have two profiles in mind.

“I studied the team and I don’t want to make comparisons with the past. I have to look at what I have to learn. One of the things we have to improve to win is to be a more balanced team. I studied the defensive issue, we have to improve. This is related to the way we defend,” Fonseca said today.

“What I can say is that we want a more aggressive team that defends further from our goal. I will work to improve this phase. We have good defenders and I don’t think it’s an individual problem, we have to improve collectively. The priority is a striker at the moment.”

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Milan management have two objectives to help bolster the rearguard sooner rather than later: to sign a new centre-back and a new right-back.

The gap between Milan and Spurs has widened for Emerson Royal: the Rossoneri’s offer of just over €10m was rejected, while Tottenham continues to ask for €20m.

For the central defender position, the giant Strahinja Pavlovic of Red Bull Salzburg is one of the ideas and the wheels could quickly spring into motion if one of the central defenders currently in the squad leaves.

The paper adds that Malick Thiaw is more likely to leave than Fikayo Tomori at present, while another thing that will help the new coach is the signing of a defensive midfielder.

At present, it seems most likely that Youssouf Fofana will be the first addition of the summer for Milan. The 25-year-old can arrive for €20m plus bonuses and there are ‘no insurmountable obstacles’, rather the wait is due to the player’s commitments at the European Championship with France.

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  1. Can a day come when I get Kiwior and Kayode instead?

    Tottenham are literally waiting for us to buy Emerson to buy Kayode…..

    1. I think if Arsenal secure the transfer of Calafiori, June will go for Kiwior. He played for Motta back in Spezia, so it’s a difficult situation. Kayode it’s a really interesting idea, but the team seems to prefer E.Royal so🤷…

    1. Or. Use the money not being spent on Zirkzee and hijack the Calafiori deal from Arsenal. This team needs more italian talent not less.

      1. Yeah, that’s realistic AF…

        Bologna specifically does not want to sell to an Italian club. That’s why they brushed juve even tho they already made agreements with the player

      2. 50 million for a player that has had only 1 good season?
        A player who played for Basel just last year and was bought for 4 million by Bologna?
        He is a good and talented defender but 50 mil is way too much. Even Juventus didn’t want to go that high and they had salary agreed with Calafiori + Calafiori wanted to go there because of Motta too.
        Pavlovic is a very good defender around the same age and cost half.

  2. Offer them more. It isnt unrealistic at all. You pay more for italian talent. If you are willing to pay for it. If thats the case. Go offer Torino Simic and 30 million for Buongiorno and hijack that deal.

    There are players to be bought. Including Chiesa for a mere 25 million.

    This management doesnt care about the ITALIAN identity of Milan at all.

    1. Bro, does Milan really need Chiesa or this is all about just buy an Italian player?
      Milan has plenty of wingers, they don’t need another one just because he is Italian.
      Also, why is Juventus moving on from Chiesa?

      1. He doesnt fit Motta’s plans.

        And yes. You can never have enough wingers. Especially in the formation this team plays. Unless you want Leao, Pulisic and Chuk playing 40 games this year? God forbid we lose a player or 2.

        1. Milan also has Okafor and if they need another winger they can either keep Luca Romero, or bring up Chaka Traore Or Cuenca from the u23 or Primavera.
          Also, you have to find minutes for all those wingers. It’s not just about stockpiling them. If they don’t play they will be discontent.
          Why isn’t he a fit for Motta? .Motta run the same system as Milan will. That’s just an excuse.

    2. It is unrealistic. For 50M we can get 2 cbs of the same quality with a little know how. Pavlo definitely ia one of those and look at that. The price (25M) matches as well.

      Guess we’ll make a new identity. Couldn’t care less if they’re Italian or not as long as we win. And after 30 years nobody is gonna remember that Milan was or wasn’t Italian enough in 2024/2025

      1. The fact you dont think that having an italian backbone for AC Milan or care at all shows me everything I need to know about you.

        Heres a note for you. Milan’s most successful years in the history of the club.

        They were filled with ITALIAN players.

        1. Did you reject the ‘22 Scudetto because our contingent only had 3 Italians? LOL!!!

          You know how many Scudetto Don Carlo won at Milan with a strong Italian core? 🙂

          1. He won 3 scudettos with an italian core.

            Are we going to discount his CL wins with the Italian core?

            Or do you not consider having Inzaghi, Pirlo, Gattuso, Nesta, Maldini an Italian core?

          2. Ancelotti won three scudetti with Milan? Remind me which ones please, since the only one I recall Ancelotti winning is 2003-04. If anything, winning only one league title in 9 years either discredits your argument or the coach, or both.

        2. Given the Italian National team is the cream, where are these Italians coming from?

          I’d rather wait a couple years to see if Futuro is the secret sauce for this. FIGC needs to be doing something.

          But ACM overspending because someone is Italian is a step backwards.

        3. Don Carlo won ONE Scudetto as a coach of a ProItalian Milan in 2003. Same number as Pioli with a foreign Milan.

          What I’m trying to say is that there’s nothing wrong with you wanting a strong Italian backbone at Milan but it won’t happen with RedBird in charge and its certainly not a pre-requisite to winning.

    3. Milan was founded by an Englishman, it was at first a team of ex-pats. and many of its all-time greats were foreigners. They suffered for years when they tried to be an all-Italian team and Inter wasn’t. Look back on their record up until the 50’s.
      Were Weah, Kaka, Shevchenko, van Basten, Gullit, Cafu, Nordahl, Seedorf or Zlatan and so many more Italian? Yes, there were Italian greats over the years too, too many to list, but Italy is not producing world-class players at the moment. Name one that is in the top five in the world at his position. Other than an outside chance for Dollaruma, there is not one.
      Why the stupid fixation on overpaying for underperforming players because of the passport they carry? This is the Rossoneri not gli Azzuri.

      1. For every non italian you mentioned. You leave out many more italians that made the team great.

        Thats fine. You obviously dont understand what AC Milan is. I dont care who founded it. Until the 80s when an ITALIAN owner came they werent very successful. Barella is up there as one of the best in the world at his position. And before Allegri destroyed Chiesa he was up there as well.

        1. I could name a dozen midfielders better than Barella in a heartbeat. He is good, but certainly not great.

          Who the hell do you think owned Milan before Berlusconi? It was always Italians since 1909. And what is one of the first things Silvio did? Signed the three Dutchmen who turned Mian around. He could see that if they wanted to win in Europe especially they needed to expand their pool of talent. You so clearly no nothing of Milan’s history or of the state of world football.

          1. Ive been following this team since the 80’s. I may not use google as well as you but the teams that won in the 90s had an Italian back line and the 3 dutchmen.

            Unless you want to go on record now and say that guys like Maldini, Baresi, Tassotti, Donadoni, Ancelotti, Massaro, had nothing to do with the success in the late 80’s early 90s.

            You are right. It was ALL the dutchmen. Go comment somewhere else and attack someone else. I want the italian heritage of this team back. Sue me.

            Lets not forget the leap forward Milan took when Inzaghi came, or Nesta, or Pirlo, or Gattuso.

            Milan has always fielded a mix of good/great Italian players with stars from other places. As most successful teams do.

        1. And the fact that FIGC doesn’t have a bridge for that talent to make it to club level is a long known problem, but not a Milan problem to solve.

          What are you really rambling about??? Your pro-Italian agenda is utopian but completely out of place with today’s reality.

      2. Maybe not at the top right now but there certainly are upcoming and talented Italians who are also ready for first team action, to choose from – Kayode, Prati, Casadei, Gnonto, Pafundi, Ndour, Koleosho, Fabbian. I’d put Udogie there too but he’s out of our price range.

          1. Kayode, Prati, Casadei, Fabbian and Udogie I’ve followed most because they’re already part of first team rooster.

            And I’d take Kayode, Prati and Casadei into this team in a heartbeat. And they’re all in region of 20-25 millions or less.

        1. Casadei finishing are good for midfielder, he is like pobega upgrade but too bad chelsea wont sell him. I would like casadei play as AMF in 4231 too if chelsea willing to loan him to ACM . Kayode & prati also have good potential

      3. You know with our all foreign lineup, we lost 6 derbies in a row, never happened before, wake up, Exept Theo and Maignan, no one is a World Class player

  3. No management no project
    All this names are for nothing
    Fonseca is trying his luck , very soon he is leaving
    We need a coach with balls with reputation not this amateur coaches low levels

  4. Fofana is a good move. I would be happy to see him come in. But him alone won’t be enough. We need two midfielders of his mold and 2 strikers. A left back too.. not so sure Emerson Royal needs to be a priority.

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