GdS: Milan want a ‘red and black citadel’ by 2028 after choosing new stadium site

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are hoping that they will be able to open a new stadium in time for the 2028-29 season, with one site standing out above all.

This morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) recalls how Stefano Pioli defined himself as the architect of the new Milan in his first press conference of preseason, thinking of a team still under construction.

Speaking of projects, renderings and graphic projections, RedBird Capital want to build a new stadium and they hope that it can be inaugurated in either 2028 or 2029.

The goal is to provide the club with its own, modern and multifunctional facility, which will multiply the revenues and make it possible to bridge the distance with the top European side.

It is the idea on which all of Gerry Cardinale’s business is based, supported in the works by the president Paolo Scaroni, by the CEO Giorgio Furlani and the expert consultants from the CAA Icon group.

Another belief is that the stadium should not just host sporting events but be a city attraction, an open and lively area every day of the week.

It is not only a theory but is being put into practice too. In the drawings of the area of ​​San Francesco – within the municipality of San Donato – there is the stadium but also also hotels, restaurants, shops, an interactive museum and even a park.

The idea is that the stadium will become a new ‘hub’ giving fans different ways to spend time before and after the match, while the location would remain active even on days without matches.

A ‘red and black citadel’ that can attract supporters, fans and families is an American vision of sport, which can generate further profits. Cardinale is ready to invest €1bn in the new stadium project, showing how serious he is.

At present the representatives of the parties are studying the exact location of the new plant. The area has now been identified: Milan and Sport Life City, owner of the area, have signed a (non-binding) agreement which is the first official step of a long journey.

Contacts between Milan and the Council are constant, they will continue in the next few days and then resume in September. San Donato is the chosen area because of the commercial implications such as its position as the gateway to the city from the south.

San Donato, and the San Francesco area in particular, have direct access to the ring road and the possibility of reaching the stadium also by underground and railway. New connections are also being studied from the Rogoredo station for transit of fans.

The club wants to enter be in its new stadium by 2028, at the latest by 2029. The architects, not just Pioli, are at work.

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  1. This is a long time coming. Now let’s hope the bureaucrats don’t throw another spanner in the works. This is what we need most. Instead of paying the city of Milan their annual fee and the €10m they are asking us to renovate the stadium.

  2. 5 years is too optimistic, it’s Italy, not China. The paperwork will probably take 2 years. I expect we’ll see it in 2030.

  3. I hope that we do the best for the fans AND for the community in that location. There have been protests and I want us to listen to their concerns. We need to set an example for building stadiums.

    1. Just small number of protesters, probably inter fans or other lunatics sent by environmentalist group. Note that the area is already planned as sporting arena even before Milan got interested.

  4. Building this stadium will mean more for the history of Milan than any of the social media #CardinaleOut whiners will ever admit. This is far and away the most important step in allowing the club to have the future it deserves, and believe it or not someone like Cardinale is actually very well suited to this part of the project. Here’s to hoping for success with this timeline for it.

    1. Agreed. Now let’s see if it actually happens. 5 years in Italy is ambitious. Let’s see if Gerry can deliver on his promise. If he does it will be a game changer. Time will tell. Nobody has done it yet so we will see if he can be the first. Every Milan fan should pray this transpires whether you like Redbird or not. Owners will come and go. Fans and a new stadium will remain.

      1. Even when berlusconi become prime minister at italy , AC Milan still cannot build own stadium , like you said if Redbird can build that stadium in 5 years that will be good but in my personal opinion they will facing more and more corrupting people in italy government like mayor sala that resisting milan club to have own stadium

  5. No, because a 40k seated stadium they are planning to build in San Donato is ruining any chance for a Milan-worthy 70k+ stadium during our lifetime.
    Fiy, this year’s s average attendance was 72k.
    40k ish seated stadium for Milan?
    No thanks. #RedbirdOut #CardinaleOut.

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