GdS: The many names involved in the renewal of Leao at Milan

By Euan Burns -

Rafael Leao’s contract renewal at AC Milan has been a dominating topic for almost an entire year, and certainly for the past few months. The enormity of the operation is showcased by the number of people involved in the deal. 

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport (via Milan News), an incredible number of lawyers and executives have been a part of the deal to get the Portuguese forward to stay at the club.

Whilst the majority of the work has been done by Paolo Maldini, Frederic Massara and Milan CEO Giorgio Furlani, there are lots of intermediaries that have played their part too.

Lawyers working on the deal include Lorenzo Cantamessa for Milan, Antonio Leo for Leao, Patricia Moyersoen for Lille and Marco Correia de Oliveira for Sporting Lisbon.

The latter two have been involved due to the nature of Leao’s exit from Sporting in which the Portuguese side felt they were financially wronged.


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  1. A competent professional as the Ceo Giorgio Furlani had to get involved to make sure those other two don’t let another of our best players leave, with Milan getting nothing.
    We need more of those competent people in the sporting department.
    The only mistake Gazidis did was letting m&m deal with the contracts.
    Cost the club dearly.
    Thankfully Furlani is more involved in the sporting department. If m&m were listening to him we would have had Dybala instead of cdk

    1. Excuse me? What is wrong with you? Even though, Leao has signed a renewal, you are still whining..

      Just for a matter of fact; Gazidis was the CEO of Milan, when Donnarumma and Calhanoglu left.. So why did, you never blame Gazidis for their departure? If Maldini renews, a player then, the credit goes to someone else.. If a player, leaves on a free transfer, then Maldini is responsible for it.. I bet that, if Leao was sold this summer, you would’ve blamed Maldini for it right? Not Furlani? You talk about, facts now you see, you are yourself running from facts..

        1. Thanks brother! It irks me, how there are some people, here those who, want to divide us.. And call people, by names just because we have different opinion! Even the people, those who disagree with Maldini, don’t vehemently criticise him here, like that dude.. It’s clear, who are real fans and glory hunters!

          1. No problem as i think you speaks the truth here and feel the exact same way, I worked as a mod on goal at some point and it was clear to me that a lot of the users supported other clubs and had several profiles to substanciate their own comments but info i wont go further into here as a sign of respect for sempremilan and that i wont weaken any moderating in regard of trolls, not that im saying poli is one of them not at all but i do question his comments nevertheless as they doesnt make much sense from my view point.
            Juts think about russian troll armies and then think about the animosity that rules between football fan bases around it makes perfectly sense to use it as a tool and i agree it s purpose is to devide and cause confusion,

          2. come on russian troll armies was orchestrated to cause confusiion in regard of american elections but it was just an example

          1. oh ok my bad then it has been all over the media in recent years in regard of russia trying to affect the american elctions and for that matter other countries elections so thought you were making a mockery out of my comment but at the time i read it i was starting to get a bit drousy so my apologies,

      1. Maldini bang Poli wife because she’s tired with Poli small d**k and whiny attitude. That’s why Poli boy here always looks angry every time he speaks about Maldini :))

    2. LOLOLOLO @Pioli – Furlani?? You must be employed by Redbird!! Hahaha. Give it a rest mate. Your full of BS. Your the only dude who claims they are a fan who is not happy with this signing LOL. Sad

    3. Aside of Leao, for the last 12 months, Milan have renewed the likes of Theo, Tomori, Tonali, Isma, plus Kalulu. With none of them earning for more than 5 mil. I bet those were thanks to Furlani too and not the Sporting Director. What a biased kind of view.

      You can complain all you want, but credit where credit’s due.

    4. Poli boy here are jealous as fvck with Maldini lmao

      – Maldini charmed Poli gf
      – Maldini earned a lot more money than Poli
      – Maldini have better job and reputation than Poli the keyboard warrior

      1. Lol you did the job. He’s clearly a child. I see he commented first because of what we said in the other article irked him 😭😭😭

        I’m sure I’ve bumped heads with you, Juro, Z,R, Martin, Vero etc but you guys always have valid well constructed points. And all of the various posters here whether I agree or not are ALWAYS worth reading…Poli on the other hand, there’s no middle ground, it’s just vile and not worth my mental health..for instance I think Maldini mishandled some aspects of the market but I cant get to that part of a discussion point because I’m dealing with the complete biasedness and BS in his comment. It’s quite mindboggling

        Anyway today was quite a day. In some weird way, thanks to Poli I’ve never enjoyed a renewal more than this 😂😂😂

        1. Exactly! What you have, said is 100% spot on.. I am eagerly waiting, for Maignan’s renewal as well! To see @Poli giving credit to Scaroni, Cardinale or any other club employee the credit!😭🤣

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