GdS: N’Dicka, Nelson, Thuram – how Milan’s transfer plans change after managerial shake-up

By Oliver Fisher -

With the revolution in the management of AC Milan there is also expected to be a change in the way the club operate in the transfer market, a report claims.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews), some of the deals and targets that Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara had identified will now be wiped off the booard.

Marko Arnautovic of Bologna will not arrive, while Domenico Berardi of Sassuolo is not expected to be a player that the new management go for either. Instead, the club will look for value from players with deals expiring in 2024, and free transfers too.

Among the players who are under observation is Marcus Thuram, the 25-year-old striker who is leaving Borussia Mönchengladbach on a free, as well as 23-year-old winger Reiss Nelson whose deal at Arsenal is expiring.

Evan N’Dicka is also mentioned as being a potential target, even though the centre-back – whose contract with Eintracht Frankfurt expires at the end of the month – seems to be one step away from joining Roma.

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    1. Exactly! I mean I love Maldini as a player but his transfer decisions were kinda sus to be honest. All of those listed players make much more sense than names that were being offered before..

  1. Thing are already looking up.
    We already targeting better players.
    Let Moncada cook.
    At least now he doesn’t have some “know it all” standing in his way of signing the next Enzo or Kolo Muani

    1. “Next Enzo, Kolo Muani” Relax bro! They are yet, to reach the level of Iniesta and Luis Suarez.. Before you say that!🙂

      Which better players, are we targetting?

  2. So are we go to:

    1. stuff around trying to sign players whose wages we’re not prepared to pay; or

    2. release the funds to pay for the players previous management had already identified?

    That new guy is a genius.

  3. I bet the whole summer goes wasted since no one knows who should negotiate with players and – more importantly – with which players.

    Another wasted summer mercato and a dark, dark future ahead of us. Anyone got extra 1Bn€ to buy the club from RedBird?

    1. “I bet the whole summer goes wasted since no one knows who should negotiate with players and – more importantly – with which players”

      @Poli disagrees with you; after all this is the beginning of new era.. We will win, next three Champions League! We will have more Champions League, than Real Madrid in 2030..

      1. LOL. I bet Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny whispered those words to your ear while Paris Hilton was giving you a bj. 😀

        At least the odds are the same. 🙂

    2. yh @Poli believes with these better targets we will definitely get the next 3 scudettos and the next 4 cl because crapbird know what they are doing

  4. Not really happy the way Maldini was sacked but we must agree that transfers were kinda absurd lately, we seemed to be looking for mediocrity players and pass up on talents. That said the scraping of the previous linked players and the emergence of these set is superb. I just hope we still get Kamada.

    1. yh but with limited budget you can compete to teams that they spend more money because of the ceo that at least cares about the club so you are looking to close the gaps with only 50m that a team like atalanta inter toulose lyon lille lens could get not us that after scudetto you would think they should out more $$ for the depth that this team needs

      1. Yeah, we have to take seriously the fact that Milan was the club that spent the most money in Serie A last summer and yet finished 4th (5th).

  5. Sign Ndicka and sell Tomori.
    You get a better player and get more transfer funds from Tomori sale.
    Thuram will be an awesome signing.
    Don’t know or care about Nelson

  6. This sounds like a plan. Decide on your strategy and stick to it. The last thing we need are names such as Arnautivic, Berardi…let us get the young and promising talent, better yet when they are free. In a few years time the core of the team would have matured to compete with the best (Leao, Tonali, Theo, Thiaw, Mike, etc.)

  7. I thank and respect Maldini for what he did to Milan as a player and technical manager. But on contrary, he made Milan to be Chelsea’s trash. Latest being on bringing Pulisic and Cheek .why bring Cheek yet a whole Tielemans is available for free .Arnatouvic and Morata didn’t make sense. Kamada was OK. After his dismissal, Meaningful names arise on Milan’s agenda (N’dicka, Thuram and Nelson ).However history never dies ,Maldini will remain to be Milan’s mark forever.

  8. Honestly, cardinale single-handedly killed the good morale that prevailed amongst the fans and players. My god, what a clown. Our beloved milan is headed to uncertainty again. Boycott the stadium until this crook sells the club. Previous american owners were much much better. Organized, classy and achieved great things in short period of time. Red bird on the other hand opposite. Fick red bird. #redbirdout.

  9. ow sh!t.. now we’re gonna be recycle bin hanging in luck.. some random free / last year contract players, really?
    some people don’t like names Arno, RLC & Berardi for 50m, how about the 50m? board act like we are Monza / Atalanta, they dream about scudetto & CL but 50m? M&M many time said they need more to get better players,
    please brig back the Arabs, i’m sick with this clown owner

    1. Milan is still being strictly monitored by UEFA with SA. Thanks to reaching the semi-finals this season Milan did not make a loss, but we still cannot afford the money. You should know that Milan is not in the Premier League, but in Serie A, where even €50m is huge money.
      Milan is not Monza/Atalanta, but the clubs that were higher in Serie A than Milan this season also spent less money than Milan.

  10. The main problem with Maldini’s sacking is not so much that Maldini is leaving the club but more so that very crucial players like Leao, Theo and Maignan who are close to him are now unhappy and may not want to stay

  11. Finally arnautovic , RLC will be wiped out from target. Wiped out some of their signing too like junior messias,rebic,ballotoure,florenzi,origi. Sell tomori or kalulu to get more funds for striker and sign ndicka for CB replacement free transfer

  12. With all due respect to Maldini, but Milan can’t be held at ransom by one individual. If players choose to go then maybe they are not Milanistis to start with. I understand the confusion and dilemma this move caused, but let’s give the owners time to clear up the mess. The next couple of weeks will give an indication if firing M&M was a good thing or not. I am concerned with names like Arnautivic and Berardi being on the radar when Tielemans and Thuram are available…

  13. That exactly explains why cardinale the moron has no clue.

    I don’t like Arnautovic, but we need a striker who is Serie as proven and he fits that bill. For 8m it’s a sensible move. I don’t think Maldini ever saw him as the only addition, more of a Jon Dahl Tomasson style player. Berardi guarantees 15 goals and 10 assists a season, he’d boss Serie A for Milan and is the next level of player we need there.

    He had 30m last season to address RW, striker, replace Romagnoli and Kessie as well as create more depth for a league and European campaign..what exactly is he supposed to do.

    Cardinale is a moron and needs to eff off quickly

  14. I’ll probably get slaughtered for this but here it goes

    I was all about M&M but after the summer I just can’t agree with them anymore. There might be a reason to spend small now and next year spend big. We need to do better domestically before going further into the UCL. We have the core thanks to M&M but to progress we need something new. It would’ve been better to have mail Dino step lower on the totem pole but not fire him. In the end the goal is to get young talented Cheap players. Maldini has an issue with selling. Origi and CDK flops. To sign Diaz permanently = flop. I wouldn’t trust Maldini after the CDK debacle and Furlani is the one who pushed the leao deal through this is probably good and fits the club policy since Elliott took over I’m up in the air with how I feel but I’ll wait until game day 1 to judge the situation

  15. Prediction: we get none of these players.

    Rees is resigning with Arsenal; N’Dicka to Liverpool; and Thurman is likely signing with Inter….


    I suspect we will see a daily spin from PR masters Redbird about all these free agents we are alleged;y signing – only to be disappointed when the players find out we have a WAGE CAP and get outbid by every other club lol.

  16. There was probably a showdown between M&M and Cardinale. There have been signals to that effect recently from Maldini. M&M brought the team back to respectability and Calcio is regaining prominence again. There are still more “Plays” to be made here. But, I am at a loss for words about how I enjoyed Maldini. This seems cruel and unusual.

  17. N’Dicka should be a high priority for Milan if they are to win big next season, otherwise they will fall to Inter the same as this season

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