GdS: New meeting between Milan and Tottenham booked for Emerson Royal talks

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan and Tottenham have got a meeting scheduled for a new round of talks over Emerson Royal’s future, with the Rossoneri so far bidding beneath the Premier League side’s asking price.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport (via Milan News), representatives of the two clubs are going to meet next week to try and close the gap of around €10m.

Milan are very keen on adding the Brazilian defender to the squad so that he can provide depth behind Davide Calabria and also challenge the Italian for his spot in the team, given he had an underwhelming season.

The former Barcelona player is surplus to requirements at Tottenham but they are intent on receiving around €20m for his signature. Milan have already made one bid but it was well below the asking price.

One tactic Milan may use is the will of the player. He has already come to an agreement on salary and personal terms which puts Tottenham in a slightly trickier spot.

They do not want to risk being left with an unhappy player who has a minimal role in the squad. Milan would pay Emerson €2.5m per season if they manage to get the move over the line.

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  1. The gap is basically 50% of the asking price 🤣🤣🤣

    And on top of that they want to sell him to get Kayode who will definitely cost less on a salary base soooo did any one of this 🤡 management think maybe to go crazy and get a Kayode instead

      1. Literally it was said in the same post that Tottenham want to offload Emerson to get Kayode… They also signed Udogie and no one thought he would become anything big… definitely better than DiMarco now

  2. Well he has been found by Barcelona and kept there for a bit which suggests they saw some talent in him, also he did put some appearances in LaLiga with Betis, but how come he was so rubbish in Tottenham?

    This transfer doesn’t make much sense, cause we already have Calabria and Florenzi – not great, not terrible. Emerson is a player to rebuild, without any guarantees that he will become top player (realistically it would be a success if he would reach Calabria’s level), so what’s the point?

    Either buy someone who will be a clear improvement over Calabria, or just let Calabria&Florenzi play. At least they’re Italian, which is rare thing in modern Milan…

    1. No they didn’t keep him for a bit. They loaned him straight away and the dude in fact played only 90min for farselona in 3 matches.

      So all they needed was 3 games to know he was no good

      1. @flyingturtle Yes they did keep his player’s card. They only loaned him. If they would give all hopes on him after 3 games they would instantly sell him. Instead they actually kept him the whole time he was in Spain and they sold him to Premier League.

        1. End result is the same. He wasn’t good and was sold. Furthermore barca bought a nice amount of rbs during that time, looking for a dani Alves 2.0 probably. All flopped.

          Emerson isn’t worth a second glance, let alone a purchase

    2. Italians playing for a big club is a rare thing in modern football not just in modern Milan, and rightfully so because the current Italian players are not good.
      Juventus doesn’t have many Italian players either, especially starting. They are even trying to get rid of Chiesa, who is considered one of the top Italian players.
      If everything goes as Juventus planned they might have only 1 Italian starter next season, the goalkeeper Di Gregorio.

      1. The current crop of Italians being a bit…underwhelming, is the effect, not the cause.

        Italy’s big three are too eager to snap up the players EPL teams are bored with, because people on Instagram will recognise them. It’s been like that for over a decade.

        1. What about a team like Bologna? In many games, they played with zero Italians in the starting lineup, like the 1st game of the season vs Milan.
          They finished 5th.
          Atalanta also has more than 70% of their starting line up non Italian players.
          Napoli only had 3 Italians in their starting lineup during their scudetto season.
          Has nothing to do with Instagram or social media recognition. The current Italian players are not good enough

        1. That’s like saying Milan has Calabria. Florenzi Pobega.
          Juventus signed Douglas Luiz and Thuram, while they are still trying to sign Koopmeiners. That means that neither Fagioli nor Locatelli will start for Juventus.
          Cambiaso might have a chance if they don’t sign a full back.

          1. Damn that football ignorance… how on earth are Locatelli and Fagioli same as Pobega – you trippin’…

            Don’t look at transfermarkt. just because Fagioli is 15M doesn’t mean he’s any less than Thuram of all people who hasn’t proved anything yet. Thuram only played in Nice, even Pobega can be a starter there…

  3. While i think this is an underwhelming player.

    Theo when he came to Milan was very raw. Look at him now.

    Pirlo was Inter garbage when he came here, look at how that turned out.

    I never judge a player before they play for Milan. Maybe Fonseca can get more out of him. Tottenham as a whole is just not a good team so judging one bad player against 10 others is just silly.

    1. He is very defensive minded fullback, I think he is going to be a carbon-copy of Calabria and instead of CDM becoming the 3rd defender I think Fonseca can try the RB helping the CBs to form a 3-men backline… Calabria and Emerson strength doesn’t come from attack, but from 1v1 defending and clearances

      Morata, J.David, Fofana, Kiwior, Emerson and keeping Bennacer for another season would be a good mercato

      Selling the Algerian doesn’t make sense this season cause there are only few that can be direct replacements and all cost more than 30M and I don’t think the management will pay that much for him…

    2. @Philldadon Exactly my point in previous comment, but some bots won’t get that. He is not some random guy from 3rd division, but was scouted and kept by Barcelona, just like Theo was by Real. And in most cases that means something, because these clubs don’t just randomly pick players.

      But still even if there is some talent in him, there are 2 big problems: first why he was so damn terrible in Tottenham, second that he is a player to rebuild. Now why would Milan need a player to rebuild while already having Calabria and Florenzi.

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