GdS: Next week set to be crucial for Milan’s pursuit of Tottenham defender – the details

By Ben Dixon -

A right-back is among the priorities for AC Milan in the upcoming mercato, and a report suggests that they could complete the signing of one very shortly.

While Davide Calabria has not given Milan any signs of being a glaring issue, he has faced more scrutiny this season than he has done before. Perhaps, as captain, this is to be expected with the season that the club have had, though.

Regardless of this, the Rossoneri are looking to invest in a deputy for him, given his current deputy, Alessandro Florenzi, is ageing and cannot compete for the position at a level he may have been able to previously.

Other positions are taking priority, and the budget will not be focused on his deputy, far from it. However, there is a good budget being allocated to the role, and as Gazzetta dello Sport (via Milan News) writes, the next week will be crucial.

Paulo Fonseca is planning a defensive revolution, and at least two new players will be added, barring any further departures, a central defender is important, and many names are in contention, but on the right, one name is becoming the preference: Emerson Royal.

It is believed a deal could cost around €20 million, and the player has already got the move in his sights. According to the report, the next week could be crucial for negotiations.

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  1. I really respect Calabria for his mindset and love for Milan, but even this guy can be an upgrade from what he has shown in La Liga.
    Hope he can succeed with us, other players like Tomori and Pulosic failed in PL and then turn things around with us, after so much criticism on this very website and concerns about them

    1. He shown nothing in laliga. Calabria is a rb machine. All you haters gonna cry when he gone and a garbage like Emerson plays

    2. And btw puli didn’t fail in Premier. Chelsea froze him out after he got injured. Before that he had a great season or tw.or three. Tomori did well in derby, so we’ll in fact he got a call from Milan.. imagine that

      1. Calabria is solid, not great, not even very good. Solid. He got worked over by a lot of average players this season and he offers almost nothing going forward.

          1. florenzi was always better. the dude started as a CM ffs. played winger and rm then finally got demoted to rb

          2. No, man. Even Pioli’s deficiencies can’t hide lack of talent from Calabria. He is what he is. He won’t get better.

            Theo is a machine at LB. Is Calabria an equivalent of Theo? Hardly. Emerson probably isn’t it either, but Theo is the type of profile we need at RB.

            Also, not performing well in England isn’t an indicator of success in Italy. Sadly, even if they don’t cut it in EPL, they usually do better in Serie A.

  2. Sorry to disappoint you but Emerson had a much higher G/A at Betis (15G/A for 79 games)that’s two season bro, while Calabria managed only 30G/A in his whole career. I know it’s only about stats , but it’s only my honest opinion Davide is not cut out for such a big club an reminds me of Sergi Roberto ( he means we’ll but not good enough). Also I wasn’t talking about you personally and I said people were calling Pulisic an injury prone and a Chelsea failure and he ended up being our best player this season so yeah I stand by my words 🙂 . PS I will definitely not cry over Calabria if that makes you sleep better at night

    1. Well Serie A is very different from La Liga and Calabria is asked to defend mostly, especially with Théo absent from the left side most of the time since he’s playing almost like a winger. Calabria is solid, he does the job. If we want an upgrade, let’s go for Di Lorenzo and not some costly no name.

      As for Pulisic, I think that everybody here agrees that he was a pleasant surprise and a good player for this team. But labelling him the “best player of the season” is too much. He was arguably top 3 offensively but it’s still evident that we were Leao dependent again, it’s Leao who scores against top opponents. Pulisic has to perform better in top games.

      1. It’s not the top games that make you win the league but the other ones, CL is different but when it comes to Serie A Leao has been absent for so many games against the likes of Lecce and Frosinone …. While Pulisic was scoring and trying his best in every single game, indeed he wasn’t top everytime but his work rate has been outstanding and he gave his very best. I really love Leao and I think he’s one of the most talented boys out there but clearly he has a motivation or a work ethic issue that must be solved

        1. You’re not wrong, we have to beat the small teams and this is what harmed us in 2022/23. But if we got destroyed by Inter every time and struggle against other top teams, we’ll never win anything. And we’ll witness again early exits in European competitions as well. It’s also evident that the right side benefitted of the defensive focus on Leao, as well as Giroud who is known to harass defenders with his strong physical presence. Messias and Saelamaekers had decent stats despite being subpar players because Leao was on the other side.

          So I enjoyed Pulisic, good attitude, strong contribution, he defends when needed, but he has to step up like many of the recruits from last summer or we’ll stagnate. Especially if we can’t find a good replacement for Giroud.

          1. Totally agree, especially the defense needs to step up, but unlike Calabria I think Tomori and Thiaw can turn things around and get back to their best, even Kalulu. As for the number 9 position, given the current market no matter who we choose it will be a gamble

    2. the day you people will realise the G/A is not what matters for a fullback is the day i stop visiting this site..

      If Emerson was any good Spurs would been looking to offload him. Thats all im gonna say.

      Pointelss to say anything else. The brain cells of users on this site are on par with tiktok users. thats scraping the barrel low btw, feel like i need to clarify because low brain cells etc

      1. I have been following Milan for over 20 years and I’m too old to know what TikTok looks like, and certainly to argue with a flying turtle named guy on a forum. I’ll admit G/A is not an indicator for fullbacks just for the sake to get you out of your anger spectrum, chill bro and have a biscuit.
        You can always buy Calabria in football manager and tell us all about it 🙃

        1. how can someone watch football for over 20 years and still make a conclusion that Emerson is a better rb than calabria.. ridiculous just ridiculous.

          btw for someone who doesnt know what tiktok looks like you sure know how to write its name right… SUS

          1. Ever heard of auto fill or you as slow as your name suggests?
            We can all have our proper opinions, as far as I know nobody figured out football so far, and I believe that my sister can be a better RB than Calabria so yeah food for thoughts

  3. Emerson Royal is not someone U’d want Milan to spend 20 million on, but even he is still an upgrade from Calabria & Florenzi.
    If we sign him then I will support the decision. We can’t keep going with Calabria who gets bullied every other game 👌

  4. Can Calabria improve with some worthy competition? Would Emerson be that? What happens with Kalulu? Florenzi?

    This move brings more questions than answers.

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