GdS: No big rotation against Udinese – Pioli to rely on trusted trio

By Oliver Fisher -

There will be no mass rotation on Saturday night when AC Milan take on Udinese at San Siro despite the Paris Saint-Germain match coming just three days later, a report claims.

According to this morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below), there were some suggestions that the team could be changed a fair bit to face winless Udinese at the weekend, given the magnitude of the PSG game that follows.

The match against the Ligue 1 champions is decisive in the Rossoneri’s European path and has effectively become a must-win after the team picked up just two points from the first three group stage games.

However, on Saturday against Udinese Pioli will limit the rotation as much as possible. In the middle of the pitch, for example, Rade Krunic will be confirmed in the role of No.6.

In attack, both Olivier Giroud and Rafael Leao will start as the centre-forward and the left winger respectively, while waiting to see how Christian Pulisic and others are.

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  1. People must stop to act like fvckin’ lousy scoundrels. Pioli is a family man, a serious guy, he indeed has a son, which btw works at Milan, so stop with this disgusting crap about ‘love affairs’ between him and this or that player.

  2. Udine game is definitely a game where pobega and adli should start instead of reinders and krunic. Especially when you know the next game is 3 days later against p$$$$g.

  3. Objectively, Krunic hasn’t been convincing at the 6, because he isn’t one. His passing isn’t anything to write home about and he contributes nothing to the attacking phase. His passing in front of defense is wayward at times too, so what gives?

    Not sure why Pioli wouldn’t want to rotate and bring Adli in, as he could at least contribute more to attacks with his passing range, seeing as to how he isn’t a 6 either…

    1. The biggest joke is he wants 4m a year. What gives him the nerve to think he’s worth more than 90% of the players on the team when pioli decided on making him a starter not even a year ago

  4. Pioli’s obsession with Krunic is just ridiculous. I have never wished for a player to get injured specially one of our own, but man this Krunic situation is just unbearable, hopefully the joke will be on Pioli and he’ll get his son injured with his damn obsession to make Milan Maignan Krunic and 9 more.

  5. Unbelievable. Adli should leave this team. Waits patiently for over a year for this stubborn coach to even give him a chance, which he gets only because of injury. Finally gets his chance and performs well, and as soon as this mediocre clown Krunic is back Adli is right back to the bench. Doesn’t matter how well Adli plays or how poorly Krunic plays, Pioli’s pet is always going to win out.

  6. All this talk about love affair is ridiculous, childish and offensive. Both Pioli and Krunic are married to attractive women and definitely straight. However even though I was defending Krunic before, now even I am frustrated at his consistently bad performances while more decent Adli is benched. Pioli is very stubborn and by now it is indeed clear that he over-values Krunic for whatever reason. I exclude the childish gay angle but yes, Pioli seems to be blind when Krunic is considered. We badly need Bennacer back so that Krunic can be benched or sold. It will be a difficult time because even when Bennacer makes it back, he will necessarily be off-form for several weeks due to the prolonged absence.

    1. Agreed. It seems Pioli values the defensive aspect more than offense which can come from the mezzalas instead. It’s no wonder why when Adli plays Reinjders progressive passing is much much less.

  7. Fantastic news my man and a top class technical centre forward Olivier Giroud to to lead the line again ,,,and again flanked by Rafeo leao ( he will be back to his best soon .coming back to Olivier he is a winner ,and always plays with passion and belief..He can score around 20 goals this season ( in all competitions) as long as he gets service he will score ,,but it’s more than just his goals ,,,he has got amazing vision,,,and ability to get into some great positions, and he is starting to provide assists for goals also .
    I have great faith in our team and our manager pioli ( he deserves credit) not criticism..
    What I however do agree with some of you fans on ,and that is why Aldi is not picked more …
    Just hope pulisic can also be fit enough to play against udinese ( but don’t think this will be possible)
    We do miss Loftus cheek in midfield,,as he has got great pace ,,physical presence and the ability to pass a ball ⚽️,,.and indeed score goals .
    I am being positive as I believe we will win the scuddeto this season. yes I do .
    I also believe Olivier Giroud will score yet again against udinese and that we will score a few goals .
    If you look at our next games ,,,on paper they look much easier that inter and juventus next games .
    So we can turn to the top of the league …

  8. Arguing whether Krunic or Adli should play the 6 role is like deciding whether you should poke out your left eye or your right – both outcomes are a little more than undesirable.

    Flip a coin and whoever misses Udinese gets the pleasure of looking even more out of their depth midweek.

    1. I disagree (although not completely). While it’s true that Adli is not a true 6, his vision and passing abilities are far superior to Krunic. He is good with long balls and IMO, aside from the psg game he was overall quite good. It should be noted that his ball covering and dribbling are also better than Krunic’s.
      Krunic might have a better stamina, and is perhaps slightly better defensively overall. But if you combine all these factors, Adli still remains the better player.
      I’m not gonna say that Adli should start against PSG, but I think in a game in San Siro against a team outside of the top 15 who has scored only 6 goals so far, a more offensive/creative approach should be considered, and Adli is the man.
      And finally, since Adli is the younger player, and that Krunic might leave the team because of his demands, it should be preferable to rely on a player who can useful in the long run.

      1. Nailed it..that’s exactly what the two players bring. They bring different things which is what I’ve been trying to say. But hey I’m a Krunic lover apparently. I like both Krunic and Adli. Adli for an insane way to progress the ball for a 6 but Krunic for positioning brilliance. It’s two sides of the same coin but I’ll support whoever starts though I would have liked to see more of Adli or to continue with him longer (it left a bad taste to rush Krunic into the PSG game)

        1. There’s no such thing as positioning brilliance if the said positioned player is on the pitch and his team concedes 5. If since he returned from injury the team has been so disjointed. How can we use the word brilliance with Krunic?? What do we then say of a busquets at that age or Rodri?? Alien?? Cmon guys, enough with this mediocrity

          1. Hahaha all you guys see is fancy passes and not off the ball movements or reading. Why do you guys blame Krunic for Inter loss when everyone played badly? Look at PSG’s third goal, who is primarily at fault and why? Lack of ability to read the game. But sure he can pass well so hurray I guess . What about the last part of my comment that said I’d like to see more of Adli? All you guys can’t stomach an ounce of fair play to Krunic. He’s always great against Napoli, this year and last year but we’ll keep quiet on that. Go to minute 27 of the Napoli game and then go to the 3rd goal PSG scored against us. Do you now see the difference between the two players in almost the same exact scenario? The DM has to cover the LB and mezzala (because Reinjders doesn’t track back fast enough and is also tactically deficient in the defensive phase too). But the DM need to snuff out the danger way before it happens. Adli didn’t, therefore goal..Krunic did and was able to marshall the defence back and track the secondary run. I’ve always maintained these are two different styles of playing not necessarily one is better than the other. What one lacks the other is better at and vice versa

      2. Well said. Adli should play vs Udinese, at least.

        Krunic has not looked good since coming back. If anything, play Krunic vs PSG where his (slightly) better defensive skills can be used.

    1. And play who exactly? It doesn’t look like we are going to have a fit RW in this game, so I think Okafor may be used on the right, or maybe he switches Leao to the right and plays Okafor on the left. We don’t have a lot of options right now and cannot afford to leave this game without 3 points. Udinese has given Milan problems the last few seasons, do not take them lightly.

      1. Just play Okafor at CF to start the game. Romero on the right. Then at the 60 move Okafor to LW and bring in Jovic for CF. That way Giroud gets full rest for PSG and Leao gets some rest. Then if Pulisic is not ready for PSG try Okafor at RW.

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