GdS: ‘Nobody is safe’ – Cardinale plans Milan’s revolution involving coach, mercato and club

By Oliver Fisher -

Gerry Cardinale is planning several big changes at AC Milan this summer in order to put things right after a season with difficulties, according to a report.

Cardinale’s interview with the Financial Times last night certainly hinted that some alterations are coming, and La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) writes how the Milan owner ordered interventions in all areas of the club.

The changes will be profound and the new Milan will be born on new foundations. Cardinale has not ruled out anything or anyone: the revolution will involve all the sectors of the club where he can make decisions.

The coach

A final judgment on Stefano Pioli’s future will be postponed until the end of the season, because winning the Europa League is something that could cause evaluations to change.

On the contrary, the chances of staying is quite low if he weren’t to win it. After almost five years, Milan are planning to change the head coach to start a new course.

With Antonio Conte it could be tough in terms of salary, his demands, tough character and methods, but the hypothesis is there. Other choices would be less disruptive such as Julen Lopetegui who is a concrete idea. In his career he has won only one title: the Europa League (with Sevilla).

Another profile under observation is that of Thiago Motta. After Genoa, Spezia and his fantastic job so far Bologna (fourth in the table, five points behind Milan) it would be his first job at a top club. Marcello Gallardo – currently at Al-Ittihad – rounds off the shortlist.

The additions

As Milan city 16 points behind their city rivals Inter, it is clear that there is a big gap between the squads and thus a new restyling is needed after last summer’s, when the 10 signings seemed to constistute an overhaul.

Olivier Giroud and Simon Kjaer are on expiring contracts, and even if the striker decided to stay at Milan for another year, he can not and will not be the cornerstone of the attack because new goals are needed.

The next No.9 will be a player Under 25. Joshua Zirkzee is 22 years old and it is not only for this reason does he tick a lot of boxes: he knows the league well, he can play as a lone striker and he might just be within the price range even if Bayern Munich can buy him back for €40m.

The same figure would certainly be enough to get RB Leipzig’s Benjamin Sesko, who at 20 years of age has 11 goals so far this season but is struggling to get regular starts due to the presence of Lois Openda among others.

Cardinale cannot be satisfied with the defensive numbers given Milan have let in 32 goals in the league, so a central defender is another priority. The list of targets starts with Maxence Lacroix of Wolfsburg, 23 years old, whose contract expires in June 2025.

Lilian Brassier of Brest, 24 years old and with the same contractual situation, is also among the already known targets. Tosin Adarabioyo, 26, will leave Fulham in the summe and could be available on a free transfer.

The sales

The big names will not leave unless a super offer convinces the club to change position, basically as the Sandro Tonali case teaching us. A more expansive summer window could be financed with the sale of one of Mike Maignan, Theo Hernandez or Rafael Leao.

Offers are unlikely to arrive for Samuel Chukwueze given he cost €28m, while Noah Okafor is another player that is unlikely to generate big interest. However, both forwards are not untransferable.

Luka Jovic, another attacking option, has a contract expiring in June and at the moment he is playing for his future because the possibility of a renewal has receded again.

The club

Who knows whether the changes Cardinale talks about also refer to the management structure. Or strictly corporate: RedBird’s number one has officially opened up to the possibility of an oriental partner.

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  1. We need a new coach, but Conte is the worst idea of the lot. We don’t need another defensive only coach who will just sign expensive has been. We need someone like Motta or De Zerbi. Buongiorno should be the #1 CB target, not someone midtable in France, or yet another cheap free-be who can’t even get a minute off the bench. We don’t need another Origi type. With an actual proper coach who will play offensively, guys like pulisic, Chuk, and Okafor could actually shine. Leao will either be here, or he’ll go for over 100mil, which can easily fund both a striker and a winger. Okafor should just be used as a winger deputy for Pulisic, and Zirkee or Sesko should be signed. We’ve had enough of the easy cheap options that fail everytime, actually go in for a strong forward option

  2. This really sounds like another “year zero”.
    But wait a sec, this (The Revolution) is what happened last summer, right?
    “The definition of stupidity is to repeat the same actions and expect different results”.

    1. yeah thats you, complaining everyday 24/7 about the same sh*t and being very sad when Milan win but the moment anything goes wrong you are back right here complaining again and likely celebrating outside lmao

  3. This is another comedy! Last year we had the same thing “big changes.” Tonali was sold and with the proceeds some 8 or players most of which are low quality were bought. The same is going to happen this year. Sell off some of our family silver! Why doesnt Cardinale simply say that he hasnt the money to build the new ground at San Donato, and selling the family silver is one way of getting the money but on the other hand lessen our chances of winning the Scudetto or in Europe? I agree that Pioli should move on but also agree to buy Zirkzee and not some second rate attacker with the main consideration being of saving money and not getting the right player.

    1. you cant sell a player and use that cash to build a stadium. it doesnt work like that.

      And the new signings were not of low quality. Not a single one of them

      1. Prior to coming they all looked better than how they’re performing barring Puli who had an amazing first half of the season. Otherwise, can’t say they’re of very high quality either 🤷‍♂️

    2. ” Why doesnt Cardinale simply say that he hasnt the money to build the new ground at San Donato”

      You really have no idea how stadiums are built and financed, right? Don’t be embarrassed to admit it. I’ll give you a hint though: loan.

    3. He (Cardinale) is going to make a big changes. I doubt that he, before take ACM, watched one single football game. I doubt that he ever kick ball with his feet. Ok, he can hire people who knows something about this sport. Ibra is one of them, but he is arrogant and I am not sure about his knowledge to run club. Playing football and be director, is two different jobs.

  4. Potential coach targets: Lopetegi, Gallardo.
    I am speechless.
    “I want to bring Milan back to the top of Europe” and proceeds to target THESE coaches???
    Even Lopetegi and Gallardo don’t believe they can coach Milan and win sth.

    I would bet 70% on Motta 30% on Conte for succeeding with us

    Or I would give any amount Xabi Alonso wants if he lose his mind and wants to coach us lol

    1. If you want to take these conjectures at face value. I haven’t seen any quotes from Cardinale saying he’s targeting Gallardo or Lopetequi. Have you? Seems like this is the author of this article just speculating.

  5. Cardinale is just a useless owner whos does not know how to handle a club like Ac Milan.

    This season we did revolution and bring in 10 new players, now you want to do it again next season.
    Is that not a sign of a weak owner.

    Please Cardinale should sell this club.

    1. I’m pretty sure Cardinale didn’t make a single decision regarding the mercato last summer. That was on Pioli, Moncada & perhaps Furlani.

      1. Wow you guys really give this dude a pass eh.
        You’re forgetting the whole “European” comment after the summer? He part of that equation too. It’s his club after all..if he doesn’t want to go a certain direction, it’s up to him smh

        “What was the thinking behind the summer business?

        “I wanted a more physical, stronger, faster, more intense, more European Milan”

  6. Dont need a revolution. Just get a coach, a ST and a DM. It is that simple.

    If we sell Mike, get Carnesecchi.

    Dont sell Leao or Theo unless they ask to be sold.

    Its that f0cking simple!

    1. I agree 100% – although we could also do with with a left back. Other than that I’d keep Jovic, Chuk, Okafor, etc. and give them two seconds to settle into the team to see what they can do next season. The only revolution that needs to happen is with the medical staff.

      1. yeah a back up lb. ballo was ok 4 me so we already own one 😀 Think Pellegrino can play there as well. Wonder what happened to that Miranda dude

        1. We could/should have given a second season to CDK, but I think he was out of Pioli’s plan because of the switch to 4-3-3 and the purchase of so many midfielders.
          Would he had succeeded had he stayed with us, that I don’t know.

  7. Above all we need a Respectable Owner who knows and Respect Ac Milan History, having technical ambitional, not The Gerry Clown Cardinal.

    1. Can you show me the interview where “Cardinal” disrespects Milan’s history? Oh, you mean because he let go of a midfielder who agreed to be sold for silly money to help Milan out, and a sporting director who wasn’t very good at his job?

        1. “*a sporting director who got us to Scudetto.

          There, fixed it for ya.”

          LOL. You’re new to this site, right? If you weren’t you’d know it was all Leao who got us the scudetto though 😉

      1. Why don’t you go read his interview on this page from yesterday where he said “no one understands Milan’s history in Europe better than ibra.”

        I can think of 20 players who understand Milan better than ibra. Heck he fired one last summer.

      2. Can we at least get back the director that wasn’t good at his job especially if that means winning a title and from time to time look good in the UCL 🤣🤣🤣

      3. “a sporting director who wasn’t very good at his job”
        That sporting director has brought the players who brought the scudetto.
        Some of his purchases might have failed, but given the circonstances of the 2022 summer, to put all the blame on him and call him unqualified is a bit misleading to say the least.

  8. —————Mike(?)————
    Cala-Tomori-Gabbia- Theo

    No need for revolution, quality DM and ST for starting spot.

    If Leao or Mike go, then quality replacement for either them.

    Don’t know about Kjaer, Giroud, Florenzi but I’d give at least Florenzi another year.

    Bench – Sportiello, Terraciano, Jimenez, Simić, Thiaw, Kalulu, Reijnders, RLC, Pobega, Musah, Zeroli, Chuk, Chaka, Okafor, Jović.

    1. Ah yes Ted, if life can only be so simple 😅
      I’d splurge on a striker while still keeping Giroud tbh for one last year. DM is the most obvious signing first though. I’d part with Benny due to his injuries but he won’t command a hefty fee. Otherwise I hope we can fix our injury issues

      1. It’s not really fantasy football what I’m showing. I’m being realistic, there’s no need for another revolution, only two key players are missing – a DM and ST

        Things can change if someone of Leao/Maignan/Theo leaves.

        1. Oh I totally agree with you. I’m just saying sometimes they’re making simplest things look like really difficult things.

    2. Yep, this. I think Florenzi does have another year on his contract, so that’s moot. Giroud is welcome to stay as the depth option for the new striker. Even if we don’t sell Mike (or anyone else) I think we should have at least 70m (the “usual” 40m budget and ~30m from CDK, Saelemaekers and Colombo) to basically get two good players (ST and DM). If there is any money left over a better backup for Theo might also be a good idea. I’m tired of seeing RBs pressed into service as LBs.

    1. New coach, two new starting midfielders and a 20-goals-per-season striker would get us much further than a revolution.

  9. Woke up this morning trying to figure out what all the hub bub is about with Gerry in these articles. I certainly didn’t even read into his interview like that. I thought he just wanted take a side swipe at Maldini while praising Ibra like a pet 😂 “I don’t have to go to the locker room, you do this Ibra” haha 😂. I thought he was aiming his thoughts towards Pioli of anything wrt the whole not being at the top.
    If this is remotely true, then it doesn’t make to have back-to-back revolutions. That’s a terrible way to run a club. It’s going to be an interesting summer that’s for sure. Grabs popcorn 🍿

    1. When your god Maldini takes a swipe at Milan its ok but the other way around is unacceptable

      Its not AC Maldini, one day you’ll remember the name of this club

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