GdS: ‘If he does not renew, he’s on the market’ – Chiesa given ultimatum as Milan take stock

By Ben Dixon -

Whilst a new winger is not a position AC Milan will actively pursue if an opportunity arises to invest in one, it could be taken, and that is why the ongoing situation with Federico Chiesa is one to keep an eye on.

Before the start of the European Championship in Germany, Chiesa was dealt an ultimatum, with his contract expiring next summer, and a report from Gazzetta dello Sport has laid the facts out clearly.

Juventus’ sporting director, Cristiano Giuntoli, has a difficult situation to navigate in regards to Chiesa’s future. An expiring contract worth €5 million net per season must be renewed, and failure to do so will result in a sale.

However, the report suggests that Thiago Motta does not see the winger as essential, so it would be difficult to enter talks with his entourage, with them knowing their client’s playing time would be limited, it could make a deal difficult, and it would possibly end with Chiesa earning a pay rise.

In his first game of Euro 2024, the winger looked more like his former self, especially in the first 45 minutes. Electric on the ball and a consistent threat, if he becomes available this summer, it could be an opportunity too good to turn down.

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    1. Please explain why we would move Pulisic out of RW where he was great last season to start Chuku there who was poor for the majority of the season? Make it make sense.

      1. Sure I can make it make sense – we don’t have a CAM. Pulisic is two footed, he looked really good as a CAM. Chuku showed flashes of talent, I’m putting him as Chiesa deputy not starter. Which would you rather play, Leão-RLC-Puli or Leão-Puli-Chiesa? I would much rather play the latter. Leão and Pulisic had good chemistry and they can link up directly. With a mobile young striker our attack would be lethal. Option A is to get a good AM, but we don’t have one and we’re not looking apparently.

        1. 100% agree.
          Id be quite content playing Okafor in front of those 3, its a good alternative if Zirkzee and other striker candidates are too difficult

  1. Lazio, Roma and Fiorentina are more of his level, just like his father.
    Chiesa, Bernardeschi and Locatelli cost Juventus way over 150 mil and all of them were duds.
    Another overrated, overhyped, overpriced italian player.

      1. The goal is not to make a popular opinion but to state your own opinion based on the existing facts.
        Juventus payed 60 mil for Chiesa. Overpaid ✅️
        People were hyping him up like he is a great player, Juventus played Yildiz instead of him. Overhyped ✅️
        He failed to cement a starting spot in one of the worst Juventus squads of our lifetime. Dud ✅️
        He is rumored to be going to Roma. That’s his level.✅️
        Bernardeschi was a dud. ✅️
        Locatelli a dud. Spalletti took his teammate to the Euro’s who wasn’t even a starter for Juventus the previous season and missed all of last season because he was coerced by Tonali to be part of his gambling ring. ✅️
        Truth is unpopular.

        1. Yeah I was referring to Chiesa only, even if I think that Locatelli would be a starter head and shoulders in our terrible midfield.

          Juventus has been collectively poor and fans would tell you it’s because of Allegri. Also Chiesa was mostly fielded as a second striker and he’s a winger. He recently was limited by injuries. But he was named MOTM against Albania. I know it’s only Albania but he was better than all the other Italian players as well and he’s a regular contributor for Italy on the international stage. He’s only 26 yo and would be an upgrade over Chukwueze and we need more Italians who understand the value of Milan and have that culture of calcio.

          Now I agree that you can have your opinion but claiming it’s “truth” is too much after you spitted on Sacchi not long ago haha

          1. Sacchi outside of Milan had zero success and his success at Milan was short lived.
            Those are all facts and the truth. You don’t want to accept that because you like to idolize and worship people you see on TV. That’s why you still cry after Paolo.
            He was a good coach for about 3 years of his lifetime, that’s it. Today, he is just and old bumbling fool. Sorry that those facts hurt your feelings because you have Sacchi on your pedestal.
            Greatness comes from a consistent success either at one club for extended period of time like Ferguson or success at different clubs in different leagues like Carlo, Capello, Jose, Pep, Klopp, Conte, even Simone Inzaghi.
            Facts and truth but your goal is to be popular so that doesn’t matter.

          2. 🔴⚫️ With all due respect you do realize that famous coaches like Ancelotti Klopp and Guardiola has all said that they found great inspiration in Sacchis revolutionizing style, right ? Guardiola was obviously also inspired by Cruyff but you are either just trying to troll Bartholomeo or doesn’t know what you are talking about.

          3. 🔴⚫️ So if Sacchi spreads the 2 UCLS and world cup final he managed to get across 10 years instead of 5, you would consider him great ?
            It doesn’t matter for how many years he was great, he achieved what most current coaches couldn’t achieve.
            It’s funny you mention Conte as being greater than Sacchi while he never managed to pass quarter finals in UCL (with same teams that manage to go to semi-finals and finals with different coaches).
            What exactly did Inzaghi achieve to rate him even close to Sacchi ?
            You talk about Sacchi bein overrated and not won much ? How about Klopp ? He won the UCL only once.
            All many of the coaches you mentioned admit finding inspirations in Sacchi’s style.
            So I’d say with the way you hate on him, don’t be surprised that many here don’t take you seriously.

    1. Don’t know what you are talking. Chiesa was the one of the most important players in Euro 2020 alongside Donna. He was a spark in Juve until his knee I jury which also coincided Italy crashing out from world cup qualifications. And under Allegri, even Messi will play dud. Allegri would have been sacked long time ago unless for his long contract and big compensation. Can’t believe such a bad coach was considered bu Real Madrid. They dodged the bullet and got Ancellotti.

    2. And Maradona only won 2 league titles, what’s your point? The reason Sacchi is so highly rated is because he changed football. He was the inspiration for many of the great coaches of today. His Milan side are, rightly, hailed as one of the best club sides of all time. They pressed incessantly, played vertical and had the perfect blend of flair and raw athleticism in midfield and attack and the best defence in history behind them. They were decades ahead of their time and no team since is on their level. All things being equal, there isn’t a European Cup winning team they wouldn’t smoke. That is why Sacchi is hailed as one of the all time greats.

      1. LMAO Bro this is bubbles you guys talking to lol 😂. He absolutely hates on Milan legends and known for his nonsense takes. Soon…it will all come around to Maldini for some reason, somehow….in 5..4..3….

        1. IKWYDLS 😀 hahaha was that a reference to the Canadian tv show Trailer Park Boys character Bubbles ? In real life the guy that plays that demented weird character is actually super smart but the character Bubbles certainly isn’t.

  2. I don’t know what use we would have for Chiesa… whose spot would he take? Not Leao. Puli/chuk? Not likely….

    Not sure what stock Milan need to take here.

    1. Leao should be sold. Milan would be extremely lucky if some clubs paid him over 100 million. He is not consistent and not improved since Scudetto winning season.

  3. Good player but we are well stocked up front. If we sell Leao to Saudi for 175m which is unlikely sure. We need a CF, CDM, RB and CB. Attacker isnt a priority.

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