GdS: Origi’s determination to stay gives Milan a headache – the situation

By Oliver Fisher -

Divock Origi is causing AC Milan a headache because the club want to offload him but he has already rejected interest from clubs abroad, a report claims.

According to a report from La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below), Origi has been told that he can leave Milan this summer along with fellow forwards Ante Rebic and Junior Messias as the management look to overhaul the attack.

Messias is in the sights of Bologna, while Besiktas are admirers of Rebic, but it seems that Origi could cause some problems because he is absolutely determined to start for the second of his four-year contract.

When he arrived from Liverpool the numbers were not those of a prolific forward but in fairness there was competition from Mo Salah, Sadio Mané, Roberto Firmino, Diogo Jota and others to deal with, yet at Milan he has failed to be the deputy to Olivier Giroud.

The Belgian earns €4m net per season – only Rafael Leao earns more in the squad at the moment. Yesterday Origi posted a series of photos on Instagram that show him at work in Belgium and the implied message is clear.

He wants to make up for lost time after his preseason preparations were impacted by a tendon issue last summer, and he wants to convince Milan. However, the management have a different idea.

Origi’s name came up in talks with West Ham on two occasions: once to discuss a move there and the other being a proposed exchange with Gianluca Scamacca.

In both cases, Origi has made it known that he wants to stay. Saudi Arabian clubs have also been testing the ground but for now this attempt has also failed.

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  1. This deputy to Giro narrative needs to change. One of the reason we’ve pooped our pants last season was because Giro was our 1st and only choice. Guy is ancient and on top of it was slow even in his prime. He was supposed to be our 2nd or 3rd substitute. Origi was to be our starter and he failed miserably.

    1. what planet do you live on?
      origi brought as a starter?
      I swear most of you fans live in a fantasy world. zero hindsight and such poor understanding of reality it baffles the average joes like me how you even function as a human being.
      Do you people even understand what sts like Ibra and Giroud do in a team?
      And that Origi is a totaly differentkind of player?

      1. Origi was given 4 mil salary, which at that point was the highest on the team along with Theo.
        Would you make a back up your highest paid player?
        But then again Maldini gave higher salary to Florenzi to be Calabria and Kalulu’s back up, so you might be right. But at the same time explains why Maldini got fired. Paying back ups and useless players more money than starters.

        1. he was given high salary because he was free agent. You can see very clearly on capology his contract is stated as reserve.
          Maldini got fired because he thought he runs the show and that muricans will be just a wallet.
          Florenzi gets 2M net at roma he was on 3M net. 😀

          1. It doesn’t matter if he was a free agent or not he had the highest salary on the team when he was signed. Who gives someone the highest salary on the team to be a reserve?
            And Florenzi makes 3 mil not 2

  2. He’s being used as a fall guy here and IMO it needs to stop.

    Milan offered him a contract and as long as he trains and makes himself available, he’s doing nothing wrong. He’s not disrespected the club and never said a bad word about anyone. He obviously likes living in the city and if he’s rather stay than go somewhere to play more, that’s his right. He didn’t even get a pre-season last year.

    There’s a narrative out there which causes a pile on – just look at each comment under a post about Origi on here. And that’s completely unfair and dangerous these days, especially in a world that churns out as many repeated stories such as this site. Any ire should be directed at the club, not the player.

    Would the club prefer to move him on? Sure. But if he stays, then we have to use him as an asset and get the best from him possible.

    1. The problem is that earns a lot of money. Also you can only register so many players. Selling him will probably allow Milan to try to recruit a new player. As for giving him another chance, I don’t know ? He was pretty bad last season, and he doesn’t have the excuse of being young or coming from an inferior league. If anything, he has more experience that most of our players.

      1. Oh, I agree, it’s not ideal if he’s not able to perform up to the level of his contract. And it may be better from Milan’s side if he were transferred, to get the salary off the books.

        I’m not saying he will be the solution and isn’t a blocker to the club bringing another player in.

        However, more importantly, I can’t stand the level of abuse that a player will get for choosing to stick to his contract and play for the club. The club offered him the contract and if wants to keep to the contract he’s entitled to do so.

        As long as he’s not disrespectful of the club and his contract and wants to fight for his place, he has every right to do that without being abused for it. Articles like this invite that pile on by making it sound like he’s to blame.

    2. Great comment.

      It’s always funny how football fans demand 100% loyalty from “wanted” players and will call them a traitor if they want to leave. But have 0 loyalty towards the “unwanted” players and will throw them under the bus without hesitation.

      They will call the management cheap when they dont offer ridiculous contracts to free agent targets like Thuram, but then sh** on that player when de doesn’t perform and wants to stay at the club and get paid what he was offered.

    3. Excellent insight.

      And added to that the Eur4m question should be why did Origi not produce the same form for Milan than he did for Liverpool?

      How did he forget to play football?

      And it’s not just Origi, De Ketelaere also didn’t produce the same form for Milan as he did for his previous club, and Rebic didn’t produce the form he produced the season before. Also Tomori dropped in form.

      It’s these things that matter the most because if a handful of players are not producing then it points to a wider issue that cannot be easily fixed on the transfer market. That’s why we need to get out the habit of churning through players and wondering none are performing.

      As a general rule Pioli has got more out of his players than other managers and it was the secret to our success. But last season he made mistakes. You simply cannot rotate 7-8 players for a single match. When Man City did that in the league cup they lost.

      If Pioli seriously thinks he can rotate entire first teams in Serie A games, then no new signing will work. There’s not a player on the planet who can step out with an entire new team in a top league and perform at anywhere near their potential.

  3. How did we give a 4M€ salary to this guy is a mistery… missed the peak of his career a long time ago, never had a double digit campaign , you can’t build a team with the likes of Origi who’s been warming the bench for a 37 yo Giroud… even is Saudi you wouldn’t manage a starting spot

  4. I dont like Origi I never did, I think we are weaker with him playing but thats what you get when you offer high figures to someone with high chance of flopping and he is right in having a choice and not wanting to be booted out.
    Id rather we kept Rebic who is proven to be capable just had 1 bad season now.
    Id also keep CDK and force him into starting 11 especially in the coming friendlies and first 3 matches of season to allow him to show his worth properly, last season Pioli’s favorite kid Brahim got to play and grow every match so he can be a better player for Madrid instead of letting CDK get more experience with the team.

  5. Some people here need to stop being absolut Assh*. This club is a family! He is doing his best. If anything, go judge the management for bringing him injured in the first place!

  6. So many stupid comments from I assume plastic milan fans, giroud is the main reason we did anything last year, yes he is old but it’s time to put respect on his name, have been a milan fan since I was 12 now am 32 20 years have seen this team at its high and lows after inzaghi we have not had a proper number 9, giroud is the closest to a inzaghi effect in the sense of important goals, ibrahimovic came back at 38 and he was our main striker and everyone was full of support giroud is still younger the lack of respect giroud gets really baffles me….

    1. yes, the dis Giroud gets is unfathomable.
      Since Ibra left, or should i say was forced to leave, Giroud is the second best ST they signed. First one being Baloteli the first time around. 3rd being Bacca

    2. Agreed (although we’ve had about 20 No 9s since Inzaghi, we just didn’t have a proper manager since Allegri and then kept selling players and at one stage we kept selling leading my goal scorers every season between 2014 and 2018).

  7. Maybe we can loan him to a different Italian team and they can pay half his wages? I don’t know. I am not going to insult him or anything. I think we will sign new players regardless of what he does.

    1. It would be a good compromise. If he wants to show to Milan that he good anough to stay, he can showcase himself in a midtable club where he would be undisputed starter. He’d still get some money and we will recoup some part of his wage. It’s not like smaller clubs cant afford to pay salary for a marquee players. Umtiti is getting 10M net from Lecce.

  8. The fact that he wants to prove himself and fight for his place is commendable.
    We’ve seen so many players deemed a flop after only 1 or 2 seasons and then they shine after they moved.
    I’d say let him stay at least until USA tour.
    Maybe he’ll improve there, especially with milan new midfield.
    A lot of fans say milan should give CDK one more season, so why not origi too?

  9. I think milan can do nothing this time, he got 4M salary each year for 4 years, he reject every offer and yes he wanna stay even after an awful first season….so milan (i mean pioli) must find a way wisely how to deployed him into the field, i mean maybe like give him a same amount of minute as what giroud got all this time (i know maybe many of us think origi didnt deserve that), … Coz If he dont wanna go then i believe maybe he got something more to prove to milan (he better doing that), even me myself prefer him to find another club but hey how about give him another chance ?(just remember all the strikers
    we targeting didnt seem work well until this day)..

  10. I think if they stay, we need to make better use of him and cdk. They can both cover all three front positions. Id be ok with us selling messias and saldmaker and using origi and cdk on the right, and using the money to buy a striker.

  11. People crying about his wagss, 4m isn’t a starting player’s salary in any elite club on this continent. We vastly underpay and disrespect our own players. They would earn twice as much in other leagues. So Origi at 4m just shows how bad the salaries we offered to other players in our team is. It isn’t him who is the problem for club management undercutting our players. Had he been bought with a fee, he wouldn’t be getting more than 2.5 or 3 mill.

    We will see if he can play better this season. He needs too, his last few games weren’t bad. If we can get 10 goals from him, we will be in a better place than last year. He has the right to stay if he chooses.

  12. First of all let us all appreciate what Olivier Giroud has done for this club …He has been a huge success and always gives his best for the team …please do not write him off yet ,,as I think he is going to have the best season for us this one ….We have made some good signings..I am optimistic for this season …all I seem to hear is so many negative comments .Why .
    We have some incredible players ..Thea Hernandez,,Rafeol leao ,and now ,Loftus cheek ..if he can stay fit ,and that is my only concern,,then he will be a huge asset ,,,perfect midfielder strong ,tall ,fast and extremely skilful …Then pulisic ,,,he will be a success ( no doubt about that ) we should be thankful and very optimistic for the season ahead .I am ..

  13. Maldini’s greatest gift, why on earth he was signed so eagarly only he knows, a player that never even scored 10 goals a season in his whole career, a player that is behind freaking Batshuayi in the Belgium squad pecking order

    but yeah sure lets sign him and fans online hyped him to score 15 goals cuz Maldini signed him

  14. Even with the competition he faced at Liverpool, he still scored more goals there than he did here at Milan. The entire attack has to be looked into.. Giroud would have scored more if he didn’t have to rely heavily on Leap most of the time.. Origi is not finished yet. He’s still got a lot to prove.

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