GdS: ‘Paulo votes for Tammy’ – Milan eye Roma striker with Jovic and Okafor at risk

By Oliver Fisher -

Paulo Fonseca is looking favourably upon the idea of bringing Tammy Abraham to AC Milan, a report claims, and that could have an impact on Luka Jovic’s future.

In an article largely centred around Milan’s pursuit of Youssouf Fofana, this morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) has a section titled ‘Paulo votes for Tammy’ regarding the links with Roma’s Abraham.

The paper states that there are daily conversations taking place between Giorgio Furlani, Geoffrey Moncada, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the new coach to discuss various targets in various positions, with the centre-forward role perhaps being the most important.

Joshua Zirkzee remains the number one candidate but with one certainty: Milan will not bow to the requests of the Dutchman’s agent and while they will pay his €40m release clause they will not pay the €15m in requested commissions.

Thus, among the alternative candidates is that of Tammy Abraham, who is leaving Roma. Milan consider him an interesting profile, even as a back-up striker, and Fonseca is someone that admires him too.

The future of the other strikers currently present in the Rossoneri squad remains to be understood. Luka Jovic is expected to renew and he scored a big goal for Serbia at the European Championship recently, so he could get some attention from other clubs.

On the other hand there is a rather strange situation surrounding Noah Okafor, who did well with the minutes he got last season but does not yet have a clear role in the squad and has had zero minutes for Switzerland so far at the Euros.

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  1. Having him as a backup is really good and would finally give us some really needed squad depth, but we need some reliable goal source upfront, and im starting to question Zirkzee’s ability to be consistent. Yes he was good last season, but let’s remember, that was his 1st season that he provided those numbers. Guirassy I’m also not sure about. I think we should finally get serious about Gimenez from Feyenord and pay goddamn 50mil for him.

      1. As a matter of fact I did. Last season against Lazio he was phenomenal and I’m from Netherlands so i watch Eredivisie. He is exactly what this team needs and i hope we get him

        1. Phenomenal one game invisible the next four. Yeah that’s exactly what Milan needs and should pay 50+M for it…

          Pavlidis is 3 times better and 3 times cheaper

          1. Pavlidis is gone. And we need to figure out how to use the backups in OKafor and Jovic. We need the center piece.

  2. Omg Abraham, the guys is in decline thanks to his injury.. We already had enough injury problems last season, ridiculous decision if this is true..

    1. As I said many times, this summer will be the judge jury and hopefully executioner or Redbird. Let’s not forget hat last summers Mercato was to address instant problems, this summers was always sold to us as the summer we get that new superstar striker, the 20 plus goals per season guy who will be with us for 5-10 years….it started with names such as Gyokeres, Gimenez, Sesko, Zirkzee. We then saw the names drop to the next level of Jonathan David (who I like), Dobvyk…still fine players. But the levels keep going down and down…Tammy Abraham a player who doesn’t start for Roma, Calvert Lewin…both injury prone and not prolific. This is the uncomfortable truth about redbird. There is a stay of execution until the window is shut, but I do wonder if Theo is waiting to see just how ambitious this club is before he commits.

      I don’t understand the Zirkzee situation. Presumably we knew before we engaged that there was a 15m agent fee….a lever tone knows what agents and especially super agents like Kia are about. Surely we knew what was going to happen

      1. To be fair the ownership is not above any sort of critique but it’s hardly fair to criticize them for rumors in the media that doesn’t pan out as people hope.
        All media rumors should be taken extremely lightly as most of it is make belief and even if certain players are scouted by the club i suspect we have a list of potential transfers exceeding well above 100 players.

        1. Agreed, which is why I said there’s a stay of execution until the window shuts.

          The bottom line is, it seems (seems at this stage) that the policy is not to sign best in class, but to sign those who are a couple of levels below, who once had potential who may have suffered from form dips, bad injuries or just not progressed as expected such as Tammy, Broja, Calvert Lewin types who are not wanted by their clubs and will be cheap. Moneyball is about taking gambles. You’ve been round the block Martin, remember when we signed a new generation striker, be it Van Basten, Shevchenko, Pato, Zlatan, they were best in class…my dislike of Redbird is not hidden, but are those who advocate this ownership model going to pretend that if we wind up with Tammy or Broja then that was always the plan, that is our big ‘next generation striker’ the one to lead us into the 2030s and get us 20plus goals per season. Without flogging a dead horse it’s the reason Maldini was sacked, he wanted best in class, and Redbird don’t want that, they want the least they can get away with and they couldn’t take on and win against Maldini in the long term due to fan backlash. The same reason we have compliant Fonseca I’d imagine because would Conte or De Zerbi accept Tamm Abraham as our next generation striker….?

          A lot of this stuff is clickbate by this and other websites, trying stir up emotion, but we’ve all signed up to be Milan fans and part of this community so we may as well offer up our opinions.

          1. Ok fair enough must have missed that part of your comment, my bad.

            I definitely think its about calculated risks and if the club can find players that way i can sorta live with it and unfortunately we doesnt live in the past regardless of how much we would like to do so.Tammy certainly wouldnt be a choice of mine but if fit he has nevertheless shown to be fairly prolific in front of goal and even more so than Zirkzee. Im not completely sold by redbird either but i nevertheless think we did some fairly shrewd business last summer but i would also like to see some real marquee signings this summer but i will also wait with my verdict at the end of the mercato. Never liked how they treated maldini but it probably was in the cards after his cl semi final loss interview and maybe even before as the new ownership might have sacked him already the year before had we not won the scudetto.

            Thats a fair assessment and its not that i disagree but we should also take all the rumors with a grain of salt. Not saying you isnt doing that but people are often also a bit too gullible around this website and read rumors like something carved in stone.

      2. Someone said Abraham is injury prone, same was said about Paulisic but now he’s a banger for Milan and US, for me Abraham is not declining as some said, if we have him as a backup or even our top nine, I see him so well, he’s strong and young, bit who are I to choose who to sign, it all falls back to what Fonseca wants and there’s nothing much we can do about it.

        1. Ops is that what you hoped for then? Coming into this summer, the summer when we get our new 20plus goal a season striker, or we’re you hoping for Gyokeres/Sesko/Zirkzee insert name

  3. We need to be cautious about Abraham and injuries, but…. we had the same concerns for pulisic so dont rule it out. When fit he is a very good player.

    Cant believe okafor isnt starting for Switzerland though, and more for us.



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