GdS: Pioli’s project to deliver another Scudetto for Milan this season – the details

By Euan Burns -

Stefano Pioli has got a plan in place that could deliver another title for this AC Milan team, with the change in shape being at the centre of it. 

As highlighted by La Gazzetta dello Sport, there are many that think Milan are the favourites to win the Serie A title this season, a year after Napoli took their crown away.

These whispers began when multiple new players started to arrive, and they have only intensified after winning the first two games of the season.

The main part of Pioli’s Scudetto-winning project this season is the decision, after four years of using a 4-2-3-1 formation primarily, to move to a 4-3-3.

He has revitalised some players and allowed the club to shop more effectively in the transfer market this summer.

The arrivals of Tijjani Reijnders and Ruben Loftus-Cheek in the midfield have provided more dynamic running, whilst there are more interchangeable parts when it comes to full-backs with Davide Calabria and Alessandro Florenzi fully fit.

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  1. nah, our project has always been top 4. The plan is to make us stay in CL every year and attract or nurture star players in near future.

    dont get me wrong, i would love if we win the scudetto. but dont get too mad if we lost few games and failed to get 1st place like last season. but with plans otw, i think we will be top 4 europe club in 5 years easily

      1. The core of the Real Madrid squad have been together for nearly 10 years.

        Our mob have barely been together for a couple of years and we’ve already dismantled a title winning squad (16/23 players).

    1. The management might not say it publicly but with all the investments we have done yet i think it would be considered a failure if we doesn win the scudetto or at the very least wins coppa italia and qualify for cl next season.
      Adding taremi on top of what we already got would show clear intentions that this team is build to win every match we play even if we run into some hurdles on the road.

    2. Exactly.

      But with this mob you could see them sacking everyone if they don’t win the Scudetto having themselves been the main cause by causing so much unnecessary disruption.

      1. The disruption you referred to was necessary because we didn’t have enough quality in the squad, and you can see that just by looking at how no teams in Europe are willing to buy our players. The only ones which could attract interest in Europe are Hernandez, Maignan, Leao…

        1. That is a myth.

          a) Many of the players people claim lacked “quality” were in fact Scudetto winners. Saelemaekers played 32 Serie A games to help Milan win the Scudetto that season. So it’s not speculation to say Saelemaekers is a player capable of winning the Scudetto. It’s pure speculation to say that any of our new signings are that quality since none of them have. Sure you have to start somewhere and I wanted an upgrade down the right but this level of turnover is extreme in the circumstances when you have a base of actual Scudetto winners.

          b) Many of the players we sold e.g. Tonali, Saelemaekers and even Messias, played a key role in getting Milan to the semi-finals of the champions league (no less) and even beating our immediate rivals e.g. Napoli,
          Juventus and Lazio.

          c) Milan actually did best last season durning the injury crisis before Christmas when Pioli was forced to use his squad properly. The wheels came off after Christmas when Pioli started rotating 7-8 players at once against the so called weaker teams.

          There are many myths in football most of which are put forward by the media to fuel transfer speculation and content.

  2. Do you know a really good way of winning the Scudetto?

    ADDING (v subtracting from) the squad that actually won the Scudetto!

  3. Some fans here may try not to admit it but it’s the Milan’s best transfer market in more than 10 years. This is really smart business. All the players they bought are upgrade to the ones of last season apart from Hernandez, Maignan and Leao

    1. i was livid when we first sacked maldini and then sold tonali but in regard of incoming transfers they all looks like great aquisitions, Im still sad about losing the two before mentioned people but as angry as i were back in june i also said i would wait for my final judgement for when we reached september and here we are and i absolutely agree we have done pretty marvelous in between and also think we havent had as good an incoming mercato for at least a decade, maybe even 15 years. Now its up to the coach and players to prove their worth,

      1. Yeah , from banter era 12 years ago to this summer . This is the best summer transfer for ACM . That will completed if yunus and taremi can perform well for this season like pulisic dan tiji

        1. Im not so sure i would call it banter era 12 years ago as we was reigning champions then and qualified for cl till 2014 but a lot of transfers done before those years lacked foresight even if big names was brought in we should have prepared far better for the future instead we bought aging players and even loaned aging players, Had we bought quality young players players instead of wage heavy aging players in their careers fall im sure we could have avoided that nightmare of a decade the 10s turned out to become, This tean is being build for the presence and for the future which the managment should be applauded for even if im not happy about all outgoing moves,

        2. It remains to be seen but I see this as just a typical transfer window for Milan which consists of:

          – selling a player I love – Tonali check;
          – huge turnover – check;
          – uninspired signings – ok some of our signings are a little inspiring, not world beaters, but there’s some interesting players there.

          But I really don’t see how it’s much different to the banter era except for the fact we have a qualified manager.

          A lot of the players in the banter era didn’t perform because we had people who had never managed a side before let alone a top Serie A side eg Seedorf (who actually did ok considering his total lack of qualifications).

          Pioli is the one hope but if we do struggle he’ll no doubt be sacked and then replaced by some moneyball manager who probably hasn’t won anything themselves.

          The directors’ tendency to engage in such massive turnover is extremely concerning. They did all this after Milan met and exceeded expectations last season (reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League). If we don’t hit expectations this season what are they going to do?

          Are we going to see another 10 out/10 in next transfer window?

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