GdS: Pioli to field Reijnders in the control room against Dortmund

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan head coach Stefano Pioli will have to make do with the midfield options he has available for the game against Borussia Dortmund, with Tijjani Reijnders tipped to take up a new role.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport (via RadioRossonera), Yacine Adli will not start his first Champions League game despite getting the nod in the last two league games, with Reijnders taking his position in front of the back four.

The midfield will be completed by Tommaso Pobega on the left and Yunus Musah on the right. There remains the possibility that Pioli could choose to play Musah in the middle of the three, in which case Pobega would go to the right with Reijnders back to the left.

The attacking trident will remain the same: Christian Pulisic on the right, Olivier Giroud down the centre and Rafael Leao on the left. The back four of Davide Calabria, Malick Thiaw, Fikayo Tomori and Theo Hernandez should be deployed.

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    If you @Oliver Fisher is not among the development team, you are closer to the developers and maintainers of this site because your name is what we constantly see as the author or editor of every post we read here.

    My point here is we all can’t go on and criticise the Milan management for choosing a blue coloured sports wear as our training kit while Alesio Romagnoli’s pics who is now a player of SS Lazio for the second season running is still seen at the bottom page of this site as a background pics still wearing the AC Milan captain’s armband.

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    1. Value your own players, Value your own present captain if it’s only the img of captain’s that is seen in that position of this site.

    2. You read way too much into our image selection, my friend! We have had it for a very long time and honestly, forgot to change it. Romagnoli’s head isn’t even in the shot. It will be changed this afternoon, though, rest assured πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks you Isak Miller.

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      1. I think one of the handler of this site has taken the not and has also assured that it will be changed.
        It doesn’t matter until you get critised by an Inter or Juve fan then you will realise the passion of supporting AC Milan.

        1. Yeah, I can understand that, I have been a supporter for more than a decade now. It just doesn’t bother me much. It depends on person to person. I have seen that image for a long time on a website, and it’s not like his head in that pic. Also, unlike $umma, Kessie and the Turkish kebab, I don’t have any animosity against Ramgnoli. But I can see how it can cause problems for some people, and I don’t want my fellow fan’s image to decline because of something like this

  2. Why not stick with what we have been doing the past two games which we won? It’s like Pioli looks for any reason to not play Adli. Pobega, give me a break. Now, we lose Reijnders ability in the mezzala role. Adli has been receiving too much hype and is doing too well, so Pioli has to make sure his lover isn’t exposed for when he comes back and starts passing backwards again.

  3. Pioli should use 4-2-3-1 but since he chooses not no problem in the 4-3-3 Pioli should play musah in the centre midfielder then rejnder in the left pobega in the right

  4. But again Pioli I must confess any how u want to do it let me still make it clear 4-2-3-1 is far stronger than 4-3-3 we use 4-2-3-1 to conquer teams like Fiorentina and Napoli despite our weak squad last season those teams we conquer plays 4-3-3 and the played it well than how we are playing it now because we are strangers to that system only that we have Good players that have us results in a match

  5. Basically I read this as not having faith in Adli for a big game. Coach needs to grow some balls…
    I’m trying to think who makes me feel comfy at the DM and none of them do. Reinjders is porous, Musah is too wild, and Adli seems lost on occasion. But atm id prefer Adli as he has familiarity with the role (unlike the other two it would be like starting all.over again) and his teammates have started to gel with his style of play too. So why not just continue with him. Musah can play the Gattuso role and he’s able to carry the ball anyway. Of course, it’s goes without saying Slowbega is a heck no πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but dude has an insane knack for finding attacking spaces smh

    1. if you have 32 minutes go watch the end of the caligori game with musah at the 6 and give us a sign of how wild things are…hint…the only wild part is the iconic call:

      “ANZI NO

      hope I got that right, its seared in my memory.

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    1. I heartily second this idea. Disqus works great.
      Other clubs do this already, such as Newcastle’s The MAG website. You can easily keep track of all of your posts for many years past, and whatever replies you got.
      At present, I m actually having to SAVE the individual URL’s for each blog post that I posted onto where I’m interested in any replies.

  7. This alignment sort of makes sense given the loss of RLC, Krunic, and Bennacer.
    Pobega, as much of a slow and clumsy footed clod that he is, actually TRIES to play defense. And even if he misses the ball a few times, the opposing player is sure to feel that thump.
    Putting him on the left side of midfield, where Leao only plays defense when he feels like it, and Theo can play excellent defense, but often doesn’t for whatever reason, well…. Pobega is probably a better defensive fit compared to Adli, who is probably equally likely to get dispossessed by BvB’s intense press.

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