GdS: ‘Milan internazionale’ – Pioli expected to field an all-foreign XI vs. Bologna

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are expected to field a starting line-up in the game against Bologna that is entirely made up of non-Italian players, a report claims.

La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) reports this morning that Davide Calabria is not at 100% after his muscle injury and thus the starting right-back role will go to Pierre Kalulu for the match against Bologna on Monday night.

France will be the nation most represented by Stefano Pioli’s team at the Stadio Renato Dall’Ara as Kalulu will be joined by his compatriots Mike Maignan, Theo Hernández and Olivier Giroud. Yacine Adli should be on the bench.

Two Englishmen (Fikayo Tomori and Ruben Loftus-Cheek) should start as well, in addition to a German (Malick Thiaw), a Bosnian (Rade Krunić), a Dutchman (Tijjani Reijnders), an American (Christian Pulisic) and a Portuguese (Rafael Leão).

The alternatives are also foreign players, given that Simon Kjaer is Danish, Samuel Chukwueze is Nigerian, Luka Romero is Argentine and Noah Okafor is Swiss.

There are Italians in the squad, but they are not likely to play. Marco Sportiello, Alessandro Florenzi and Tommaso Pobega will be on the bench, while Mattia Caldara and Lorenzo Colombo are expected to leave.

On 13 March 2023, Milan played out a 1-1 draw against Salernitana at San Siro in a game where the Rossoneri took to the field with 11 foreigners for the first time in 123 years. Florenzi and Sandro Tonali then came off the bench.

After the end of the summer transfer market , there will be just five Italian players left in the squad, the lowest quota ever recorded. Last year there were six, in 2021-22 they were nine and the year before that there were eight.

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  1. Goes to show how crappy italian footballers are. If national teams keep falling, Im thinking that FIGC is implementing a set number of italian players for league games. Many countries have done this to great success.
    Midtable and relegation battling teams arent prioritizing youth development and are opting to strengthen through short term deals and loans e.g. Umtiti scenario.
    Something like this is a more pressing issue than improved/new stadiums and consequently TV deals and revenue

    1. Yes, it shows how those crappy Italian players got Inter to be in front of Milan. With that 34 year old free Italian CB and other bad players they have, that somehow got them to the final of the CL and in front of the super international Milan in Serie A. 😄

      1. What player other than Barrela are wc in italys NT?

        What youngsters can even come close to the likes of Bellingham, Camavinga, Musiala, Gavi, Pedri, Rodrygo, Vini?

        Mancini has been thrown under the bus despite overperforming with a bunch of mediocrity that on paper isnt even on par with 2nd rate Croatia or Portugal sides. A steep fall from a team that throughout most of its history was always one of the favorites to win trophies.

        Hell, one of the most prominent NTs are still stuck with Ciro with his alternative being a noname from Mexico (or w/e Retegui played, nobody cares)

        As far as Milan goes: a total of 1 italian player has significantly contributed to our rise from banter era. I think that alone says a lot.

        Italians are objectively bad. Still better than most, but the bar for quality in major football nations isnt the same. Guys like Ciro, Spinazzola, Pellegrini, DiMarco would be bench warmers in every other big national team. Maybe not even that.

  2. Italian players of nowadays are mediocres unlike before, unless you want to cough out over 150 millions to sign few good players like barella,frattesi,chiesa,tonali and few others from italian national team which will be very difficult,if you decide to buy cheap italian players from mid-table teams,you will end up turning your team to average mediocre mid-table team as well,even captain calabria cant cement his place in italian national team… Right now,Italy doesnt have good talent players unlike the time of pirlo and co,even the good old ones are retiring,one of the reason why italy can’t make it to world cup.. Maybe the incoming young ones will be full of good talents in near future,let wait.

    1. All of those players cost under 40M when the clubs bought them. Barella 32M, Frattesi 35M, Tonali 23M and so on. Your idea is that someone should sell a developed player for 30M because he is Italian? Are you serious? There is a bunch of talents, just for the left back position there are 4 really good Italian talents, Milan will probably sign one of them, Juventus already signed one. What you wrote is nonsense, random gibberish…

      1. Calafiori? Well I’d hope he becomes a star player and all… but… I think we’re signing him more for quota reasons. I mean I do Bartesaghi is also great, but again quota reasons.

  3. Retegui, Gnonto, N’dour, Zaniolo, Fratessi, Ricci, Rovella, Parisi, Baldanzi. All were or are available between 10 to 30 millions.

    But now we are called Milan internazionale while last week, merda had a newspaper headline Inter-Nazionale. That’s sad.

    1. All of these players are ass except for Parisi who under no circumstances would agree to be a deputy to Theo. And even that is solely because of potential and not based on instant impact.

      If they were good they wouldnt be (at best) linked to midtable EPL sides. You think that Klopp, Pep, Arteta, Ancelotti and others wouldnt be sniffing around if they had the quality to hang with the big boys?

      The cope is real. Our short term future has and shouldnt have any room for meddling with current italian “talent”.

  4. there are no bad Italians..
    its just that they won’t bet to buy them and develop them..

    players need to develop with experience from the highest club competition available (UCL/UEFA/Conference League).

    and how can Italian players developed when they aren’t in the teams that are playing in those highest competition?

    when there are good Italians, we will say they are pricey..
    but when there are affordable Italians, we will say they are not good enough..

    1. For someone who cares about Milan’s history and DNA it does matter. The great Milan(s) who conquered the world back then were always filled with Italian backbone. We keep buying abroad players simply because they’re cheaper and lower in salary (growth decree and such).

      It is understandable because we’re heading towards the modern era of Milan. Who put less and less importance towards values like tradition, history, and heritage. Whether we’re in the right direction or not, only time will tell.

  5. It’s embarrassing, we have become internazionale, our fiercest rivals, and we still want to bring more foreign players to block the progress of our homegrown talent, why buy a untested Argentinian when we have a perfectly good Italian primavera player in bartesaghi who we can promote as cover for the first team ? Why loan Broja when we can give Colombo time as Girouds deputy etc…..why sell Tonali and buy a load of untested newcomers to serie A ???

  6. It is hard to develop as italian player in Italy.
    Like Mocanda said, in France many clubs prefer to play/integrate young french players instead of buying foreigner.
    In italy,the youngster will be seen as unexperienced or not ready for first team. We heard this a lot even from maldini and pioli.
    That’s why they will be sent on loan.
    I think it’s italian football culture which is hard to change.
    Many big italian clubs only bought proven italin player.

  7. Name an actual great Italian players playing in Series A now who can make it to any great teams in top 5 league across Europe and be immovable starters? It is not a surprise the Series A is not exciting and so poor everywhere in Europe. Now only midtable teams in England and Europe want Italians. imobile still Italy best sticker, Acerbi best Italy CB. In the last 16 years , Italy only won 2 Champions league with AC Milan and Inter.

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