GdS: Pioli’s chances of staying at Milan are increasing – three key factors

By Ben Dixon -

Several vital decisions will be made by AC Milan in the upcoming summer, and the outcome of their decision regarding Stefano Pioli’s future could be vital in the outcomes of other scenarios. 

Pioli’s future has hung in limbo for a prolonged period. The 58-year-old seemed destined to leave Milan at points of this season, but now, the tides seem to be turning, and continuation under his tenure seems a very real possibility.

In this morning’s edition of Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below), the paper detailed that Pioli has laid the foundations for next season after a period of extreme uncertainty, and credit has to be given to him for this.

In the months following the rumours of his seemingly destined future, the Rossoneri and Pioli found ‘serenity’, and now the Italian has re-established himself and refound his identity.

Whilst continuation is possible, there are three factors which will decide his future. Firstly, regarding the past of this story, Pioli has already seen himself in a position where his tenure looks likely to end and then has recovered, and there are several reasons why this could happen again.

He has a great relationship with the squad and has a track record of improving young players, which are appreciated traits. Furthermore, he and Milan’s senior figures share a great respect for each other, which is another appreciated factor.

The other factors are during April, when the Diavolo face Roma twice in the Europa League, and shortly after, Inter. European success is possible, but their route to it would be extremely difficult, and elimination against Roma might sound alarms.

Finally, there is the Derby della Madonnina. There have been five consecutive defeats in the fixture, and there is a demand to rectify this, and this, perhaps, will be the deciding factor of his tenure, should Inter make it six in a row.

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  1. Good.

    We’re having a good season. With a lot of new players being integrated.

    Not Pioli’s fault that Inter are peaking due to their long term planning and ignoring their debt.

    Stability for next season please, sign him back up.

    1. Well said. Inter are simply having a brilliant season, our points tally is similar to that of the Scudetto season. No reason to change, as with the team we have, 2nd is overachieving in my opinion. Need a CDM and striker next year though.

  2. A track record of improving young players………… Doesn’t play them only if he’s ruined the first team with injuries.
    Usually gives them away to other clubs.

  3. Pioli have been doing a fantastic job for ACM, no serious debate about that. And he gets way to much criticism here, and elsewhere. But it is also time to shake things up and try something different.

    Incomming comment from Maldinis heir in 3-2-1…

    For me the only excuse to let Pioli management another season would be, if the club had an agreement with Xavi, Kloop or similar name from next year.

    1. I sense a A4-long essay on how Milan’s management ruined the club and embarrassed everyone by buying 100 new players last summer and sending out 200 players on load…

  4. It’s definitively time to move on now, when a coach is in a state of mind where he refuses to celebrate goals and get mad at his staff for doing so you know his mind is not in a good place. Don’t think its healthy for the team at all.

      1. More than proven, yes.
        Sacchi and Capello were more “unproven” than the two above-mentioned gentlemen. Most like they are also to big/expensive for ACM, unfortunately.

      2. Not really a big fan of Motta, but wouldn’t mind De Zerbi. The important things is that the team needs fresh ideas and a injection of positivity.

    1. I don’t think he refused to celebrate the goal, you read too much into one’s reaction – let alone being mad at his right hand – he had similar reactions several times before, it’s a bit more unusual expression of happiness, trying to show his macho-side.

      Imagine how Ibrahimovic would express his happiness if he was on the side line. I personally, would always stay at least 3m away from his feet.

      1. You haven’t watched much if you think this has only happened once, it’s been ongoing this whole season and it all started when he was rumored to lose his job. The pressure got to him.

        1. That maybe true. But he isn’t wrong about your trying to read too much into Pioli’s mind… unless you have a background into psychology or counseling or something…

    1. change and then what? Bring Motta in and hope he magically wins the treble? Or go through another transition seasom or 2 again?

  5. Milan must win against Inter and everything about pioli will be good thats all . The story about sacking pioli is rising when milan is continue losing against inter in derby . Just grab a win and trust will restore again .

  6. I think it’s normal to drop points even against teams like Monza ,more so Inter to be honest, however how you drop points is where I like to base my judgement and seeing the team’s performances in the overall matches were they’ve failed to win, I’d say 90% of them would be repeated with the same outcome. Matches like at home to New Castle and the latest 1-1 dtaw to Atalanta are the few you’d most likely win with the same attitude and performance in a normal day. Hurts but any team can lose to Inter ,however not even the weakest teams in the league should think it’s normal to perform and lose like that against them. In my book, certain losses are acceptable or say normal but losing while performing below your standard is not. Despite the injuries Milan could off at least performed better during that period. Not to mention the coach’s refusal to properly rotate the squad during that time. Pioli is a good coach and a likable person which is why it personally took me awhile before starting to go all out for a replacement. But I like to be decisive and not being played around with small adjustments here and there like a good winning run ,postponing Inters scudetto celebrations ,winning the Europa League etc. Truth is all of Milan’s primary season targets were lost midway in January.. midway through the season! So early and so long ago that we’ve forgotten and comfortably setting new targets.

    1. Fully agree that losing to Inter hurts, especially if you lack the ability to create chances.

      That said, it has also been the case that our team had a slump last year that coincided with the growth of Inter. Arguably I’d prefered that we at least fought for a draw, but not always that was possible. Unlike a coach like Allegri, Mourinho or Simeone, he’s not the kind of coach that knows how to put a game to sleep and/or score a goal in the final minutes even if they have been lousy the entire game.

    2. I appreciate this sort of post even if I don’t necessarily want to change the coach just for the sake of changing coach. I think he’s a very very good coach. All coaches have limitations and our next one will too. Not that should be there shouldn’t ever be a change but 2nd place, a Scudetto a UCL semi…these things are hard to top. I always wonder are people prepared for the worst eg. Not making UCL etc or are they seeing the grass greener on the other side…and maybe it is. But one can’t deny our coach’s abilities and accomplishments

  7. Another concerning thing is that if we are so content with these gaps between us and Inter and not looking to be more competitive then they will win all the trophies. Juve Napoli Roma etc ain’t stopping them anytime soon so we’ve to stand for ourselves. We’re losing twice if we don’t win the scudetto.

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