GdS: Pioli’s plan for Musah emerges as Milan move closer to €20m deal

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have moved a bit closer to the signing of Yunus Musah as Valencia’s stance seems to have softened a bit, according to a report.

According to what is being reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, the main news from the talks on Thursday is positive news regarding Musah, who is continuing to push for what he considers to be an ideal move to Milan.

Valencia have lowered their requests in the last few hours and Milan could also take a step towards the LaLiga side with a bid that is slightly improved too.

It will still take some time but the chances of closing the operation and bringing a new reinforcement to the midfield are increasing, with €20m a possible meeting point.

The player is training alone waiting for news on his future while Valencia president Peter Lim has the final decision, having asked for €25m minimum up until this point.

Stefano Pioli sees two roles for Musah: in the double pivot in a 4-2-3-1 or as a mezzala. On the other hand, the use of the USA international as the deeper-lying player in a midfield three – the role Rade Krunic currently occupies – is not foreseen as an option.

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  1. Moving right along… I know some say we need to sign a DM, but trust me Musah can fulfill that role. However, I don’t think he’s worth more than 20 million. Maybe in the future he’ll be worth more (likely so), but not now.

    This is good business. But what a tough negotiation!

      1. This, having 3 full seasons in La Liga and 24 NT games at 20 is massive, that’s circa 130 games of high level experience. Kalulu didn’t have a single pro football minute at that point.

        1. 100 la liga games by 20. Under 6 different coaches playing all over the field. The resilience of this kid… And yes, if we are talking about investments. this is your theo, your tonali, etc. but I think the upside is even higher. The arsenal academy is obviously world class, but the fact he made it through the last 3 years…cant wait to see him with some consistency.

    1. I dont think its about being a DM. Its about being a regista. Musah seems the same as Pobega and Ruben. Any hack can play DM and disrupt the flow of the game. Sh!t for that they can just slot a cb in.
      #Tomori for DM

      1. Disagreed. This kid is clearly talented enough to dictate play and he’s been doing that for several seasons at Valencia. He’s also oozing of potential. Tomori for DM? Surely not.

        1. I haven’t seen a single valenica game in years.
          Doesn’t look like it from stats. He was box to box there.
          Potential is great but Milan needs certainties atm not more talent and potential. Idk
          Hey, with Fik at dm at least when he fsup there will be 2 cbs to pick up the slack behind him

      2. Any hack can play DM? No, they can’t. It’s the most important position in the modern game. We were a dominant team because Rijkaard, Desailly then Gattuso allowed others to play.

        1. Ofc they can. Being a disruptor is easy.
          Being a regista is not. But i won’t get into that with you.
          Doubt you know the difference

      3. I’d argue he is more of a Partey or Kante who again are 8s who played in front of a 6 but played a huge role on defense. The 6 wastes his work rate.

    2. When you turned down the kind of money you did just 6 months ago. Honestly I’m surprised they were willing to move an inch…

    3. Given how much they turned down for him just 6 months ago, I feel bad that they didnt get at least 25 but its business i guess

  2. I’m sure Dominguez’ profile has come across the desk and if they are sticking with Musah. There’s a good reason for it.

    I don’t think they’ve put in a foot wrong so far in this transfer market. Credit to Furlani & Moncada.


    1. It’s a decision they had to make. And there is a lot more upside to Musah. I know people doubt if he can play as DM, but he fully can. This is a type of player that bosses around other players easily.

      1. I think the fact that gattuo highly praised him and said he is better than himself at the same age and even though he might need a bit of patience could exceed kessie is a good sign for me so even though my knowledge of him is a bit slim im all for it as it seems as good opportunity.

  3. Defance is the reason of milan’s debacle last year after Rama’s exit to Lazio they need to buy at least one strong defender, As it was visible in the last game against Real Madrid

      1. This comment?

        “We had Tonali who was maturing as a player and this new management royally blew it. Nobody can skirt around this. This is a mess. This new management is a disaster already. None of these named players are worth our time. Musah? For crying out loud.”

        1. I never said I wasn’t unhappy at the time. I said multiple times I was disappointed, dismayed and for a time disillusioned. I wasn’t optimistic at the time, but later said I was surprised we made multiple signings.

          You frauds really come out of the woodwork.

          1. In addition, to clarify for the stupid and slow person here, I was more upset about Tonali then about any of those players. I loved Tonali at Milan, but you move on. This isn’t about one player, but rather about a team.

            That remark was more my emotions about not being able to see Tonali play for the team anymore, and not about Musah himself.

            So before you clowns continue being clowns, ask for clarification.

          2. And why are you angry toward me? It was @Ted who brought up that old post.

            What @Ted meant was your comment against Musah. You have not clarified your change of stance toward Musah. No one is interested about your upset toward the sale of Tonali.

      2. sneaky…its like people blamed him for not being what they wanted and his owner being crazy. have some sympathy.

  4. He is not a DM and will never be one. He’s a ball carrier and a dribbler. But mister knows best so let’s see what he’ll cook out of this.

    1. You just haven’t seen the full range of Musah’s talents.
      Musah is fast, quick, has great technique on the ball, and is extremely strong and muscular. He’s quite capable of catching and knocking any superstar player off the ball, and once he has the ball, it’s very hard to take the ball away from him.
      He’s 100x better than Pobega or Krunic – if you remember that one episode in the Real Madrid match where Pobega tried to make a run up through midfield, well he ran out of gas and was caught and stripped of the ball. If that were Musah, he wouldn’t have been caught, and, if he did get challenged, he would most likely have kept control of the ball.
      Valencia haven’t done much to develop him, unfortunately, treating him as a youth player. Musah has grown more playing with the USMNT, where he most recently played as a DM in a double pivot.
      It’s way too early to predict, but Musah shows flashes of a raw, undeveloped version of N’golo Kante, with the same sort of relentless drive to control the ball.

      1. That I agree, Musah has talent and I am fond of him. I see a lot of Kessie in him and we are missing that kind of player. But he is not holding midfielder. He likes to dribble and carry the ball to final third. He has more dribbles per game and less passes than Kessie. That show he’s indeed more of a box to box/mezzala. But like I said, mister knows what he wants and maybe his idea is to transform him into a role Fabinho had at Liverpool. Let’s see. Anyway I will support the team as I do always.

        1. The best way to explain Musah is that he’s got all the tools to be a great box to box midfielder as well as a great defensive mid, but in his short career so far at Valencia and the USMNT, he’s primarily been deployed as a box to box midfielder with somebody else playing the true defensive mid.
          The first time he ever played a true defensive mid in a double pivot was in the two Nations League matches in June with the USMNT. Look for the Youtube video “Yunus Musah vs Mexico Nations League” – he was absolutely dominant as a defensive mid, sweeping up all the loose balls, taking balls off Mexican players, and mostly making quick safe accurate passes to teammates once he got the ball. He mostly stayed back on defense and did not try to carry the ball downfield himself except once or twice.
          When you see that video, you can see how he just shut down the Mexico offense because he’s just so quick and powerful and has great ball cintrol, he just gets to the ball first and gets control of it.
          What he does aftee that is a matter of the coach’s instructions. In previous matches where he was deployed as a box to box midfieldee, he would drbble the ball up himself – he’s actually very good at that and likes to do that.
          But, in those two Nations League matches, he was designated as the defensive mid and was clearly instructed not to drive forward, and he did a good job of quickly passing the ball instead.

    2. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. But go back to playing football manager please since you know so much.

        1. sounds like a pretty bad article when we have Reyna, Balogun, Weah (arguably the best player on the field tonight), Musah, Pulisic, etc..

  5. I see some clowns (like TED) are bringing up a comment I made some time ago in early July.

    Let me clarify so this idiocy doesn’t go amuck.

    Yes, I was angry when Tonali was sold, and I didn’t see any real positive out of it at the time.

    I was proven wrong when they did start to sign the appropriate players, and didn’t think they would.

    An idiot will continue blindly and not admit they were wrong, when someone of real courage will admit their mistakes.

    Ted is an example of an idiot.

    1. In other words at the time, i didn’t believe we would reinvest the money. I thought most of it would go to “balance the books and little would be reinvested”.

      Well, we reinvested more than what we made, and I was surprised they did that. But Ted can continue being the worthless clown he is.

      When you make an error in judgment and admit that, you have more courage than a worthless fool like Ted.

      1. Oh man so much words for nothing. Why are you explaining yourself? It’s ok, we got you. Don’t worry, I won’t bring that up again. So much;)

        But insults as your defense mechanism? It shows your lack of character. Well that was shown already when I got you on your comment about Tonali, the management and Musah on that article. But you are weak boy. And easily bought too.

        1. And my lack of character? I’m not the one pretending to be a Milan fan.

          Oh, and look at my other comments from recent weeks. I admitted I wasn’t happy about Tonali leaving. About six or seven times.

          Keep pretending. You’ll never get what it takes to be a Milan fan. You’re a fraud. And I’m actually convinced you’re a Juventus fan trying to stir up problems. Go cheer on your bankrupt team. And leave us out of it. Fraud.

  6. What is happening. I’ve been watching Milan fans bash my favorite player for the last month. He isn’t worth 15M. He can’t do xyz. Where did this positivity come from. Am I dreaming?

  7. I do love Tonali. I didn’t want him to leave. Whatever I said there was out of emotion. But life goes on.

    This has nothing to do with being “bought”.

    1. Also, this guy will just carry it on. I have to admit, I don’t like talking to Juve fans. You want to find out why he’s bashing on this team so much? And hating on all the players? Because he’s a Juventino.

      Imagine having to watch that team week in and week out.

    2. We don’t care about Tonali case, a lot of us was angry about that too. Here we are talking about Musah. Why do you change your mind about Musah?

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