GdS: Points deduction and European ban – what Milan risk amid ongoing investigation

By Oliver Fisher -

Amid the chaos surrounding AC Milan following the raid on Casa Milan by the authorities yesterday, one question is on the minds of every fan: what happens now?

As La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) write this morning first thing that needs to be clarified when venturing into this type of response is that we are only at the beginning of a story which will be long and that at the moment there are no certainties.

However, it is also true that the ‘on-field’ consequences of the Milan Prosecutor’s Office’s investigation into Ivan Gazidis and Giorgio Furlani risk being serious.

The former and current CEO of Milan are accused of ‘obstructing the exercise of the public functions of the supervisory authority’, or – as also specified by the search decree signed by the substitutes Cavalleri and Polizzi – the FIGC.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office will therefore open a file and immediately ask to obtain the documents from Milan, to then establish whether there are grounds for proceeding. Thus, it is worth overviewing the possible disputes and the consequent sanctions that the Rossoneri risk.


The possible alteration of ownership information by the club would entail the violation of article 32 paragraph 5 of the Code of Sports Justice which punishes ‘the club that does not fulfil the communication and filing obligations within the terms established by the federal provisions in matter of control of professional clubs or admission to professional leagues or issue of FIGC licences’.

The possible sanctions, which are vague so as to leave ample room for manoeuvre for the Prosecutor’s Office and judges, range from fines to points deductions in the table.

This could be accompanied or alternatively contested by article 31 paragraph 1 on violations in management and economic matters.

It reads: ”The failure to produce, the alteration or the material or ideological falsification, even partial, of the documents requested by the bodies of sports justice, by the Supervisory Commission on Professional Football Clubs (Covisoc) and by the other control bodies of the Federation as well as by the competent bodies in relation to the issuing of UEFA and FIGC licences, or the provision of false, reticent or partial information’.

Here too the sanctions range from fines to points penalties. The chief prosecutor Giuseppe Chinè, once he has studied with the utmost attention all the documents acquired by the Milanese prosecutor’s office, could also contest article 4, which also obliges companies and managers to observe ‘the principles of loyalty, correctness and probity in any relationship in any case referable to sporting activity’.

Milan, based on article 6, can be accused of direct responsibility, given that we are talking about two CEOs: the effect of the sanctions could therefore be the heaviest. Also directly linked to the possible offence in question is article 20 bis of the Noif, which regulates the ‘Acquisitions and sales of company shareholdings in the professional field’.

Here the control role of the Co.A.P.S. also emerges. – Commission for the Acquisition of Company Shares, a body with no public value (unlike Covisoc) responsible for verifying the requirements of new buyers.

The sanctions for an alteration of this type of documentation expressly refer to the aforementioned article 32 of the Sports Justice Code: paragraphs from bis to octies, based on how the violation is broken down, define the number of penalty points to be assigned which among other things they can also be cumulative.

In short, the summary of this long list of articles and rules is simple: the risk of penalisation is very high, but at this stage it is better to be cautious.

In Europe

The situation in Europe is not much calmer. If, as the prosecutors claim, Elliott – who also have a dominant influence on Lille – remained ‘in control’ of Milan even after 2022 (something they deny), it could constitute a violation of article 5 of the UEFA regulation, the one on ‘integrity of competitions and timeshares’.

However, the fact that last season the French did not qualify for the UEFA competitions, while this year the Rossoneri made the Champions League and Europa League and Lille the Conference League – thus excluding any possibility of meeting or influencing each other – reduces the risk to almost zero sanction.

The real problem is different and could arise if the Italian sports justice system certified the alteration of the documentation provided to the FIGC. UEFA, very attentive to transparency, would certainly not be happy about this.

Article 4 of the same regulation deals with ‘Admission procedures and criteria’ – if something in these procedures had arrived in an even partially falsified or distorted way it could even lead to an exclusion from European competitions.

Now, however, we need to wait for this complex and very delicate case to be enriched with new information and some certainties.


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      GO for some checkup oooo. Because you truly need it.

  2. My strong suspicion – did the authorities in milan hatch this issue now to pay back milan for their project to build new stadium and abandon san siro? Looks to me very much like being a case of revenge for not accepting offer to continue using san siro!!!!
    Am i dreaming?

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