GdS: Probability of signing Bordeaux midfielder drops as Milan focus on return of Chelsea man

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s chances of signing Yacine Adli from Bordeaux seem to have decreased due to the asking price of the French club, a report claims.

This morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews) writes that in recent days, Chelsea have opened the door to the possibility of a new loan for Tiemoue Bakayoko, this time on more advantageous terms than two years ago.

That is why Milan have slowed down negotiations on the Adli front, aware that they can secure a player with more experience – especially in Serie A – on what will likely be better terms. Not only that, but Bordeaux still want over €10m to sell the 21-year-old midfielder which is a figure deemed too high by Paolo Maldini and co.

The interest in Adli is intact and if later in the window the French club were to lower their demands, his signing could also be concluded in addition to that of Bakayoko.

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  1. What in the world is going on? I’m not sure if it’s because Pioli doesn’t want him or because management is unsure what they want.

  2. 10 mil should be an easy no brainer….wtf is wrong with Milan and pinching cash..I am sure his wages are lower than Bakayoko and he can actually be sold off for a capital gain in future unlike Bakayoko.

    1. I wondered why Maldini kept buying wrong future players…Hope Maldini is not thinking they will win CL / League with player like of Bakayoko.. Adli will gel with the team and development more .. this is all Pioli plain & thinking he can also do the same thing conte did with International 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  3. If Milan can loan Bakayoko, so signing Adli for more than 10 million can be colded. 10 milion for Adli can be used for two attaching area ( AM and RW). Two area that need to conclude soon.

    1. You are correct. I understand the philosophy behind Milan’s transfer policy. They really are trying to build a team here. I trust Maldini to make the right choices for us.

      1. Anchor Reigns, trust me this is absolutely not right choice for milan, if Bakayoko is that good then why not Napoli rather but Milan

    2. Do you really think 10M can buy you a starting ACM and RW??? Lol. Yacine for 10M is a fkn steal. This kid is a prodigy and can play both DM and CAM. It’s should be a no brainer and he should be signed at all costs regardless of what we do with Bakayoko. Yacine can cover Diaz. If you have ever seen him play at Bordeaux you would know how special this kid is. And to not sign him over Bakayoko is nuts. Spend the 10M on Yacine and loan Bakayoko if we have to (although I’d rather we sign Kamara over Bakayoko). Two totally different players. One (Yacine) with massive upside and resale value and the other (Bakayoko) a backup to Kessie. Honestly if we let Yacine get away we are idiots. Yacine and Kamara are future stars and will be worth every penny. I mean if we cannot afford to spend 10M on a blue chip player like Yacine, what fkn future do we really have? Sign Yacine, loan Bakayoko and if we are lucky we can bring in a RW on loan at least. Then that’s it. And enough of the BS that we spent 61M on players already. Tired of hearing that shit. We HAD to spend that $ as 95% of it were options we had to exercise to just keep the somewhat of the SAME team we had from last season. If we did not spend that we would have no chance at a top 4 finish this season. And arguably we have gotten worse losing Donnaruma and Hakan and replacing them with only Mangnin thus far. Adding Giroud for Mandzukic and Toure for Dalot is perhaps slightly better. But other than that who have we ADDED? Not much this far. So let’s hope we don’t let another young blue chip player get away. Use the fkn Hauge $$ (that whopping 7M profit lol) and sign Yacine at the very least. If we can add Bakayoko for depth on loan or at small cost fine. But it should NOT be at the expense of Yacine.

  4. Milan is not serious at all what have they seen in Bakayoko, very pathetic. Instead of buying guys with bright future look at what they are doing. 10m is hard for milan now, and you want a good placement in Seria A table, am sorry!

  5. Lol not surprising at all. We cannot even afford 10M lol. Yacine for 10M is a fkn steal. Yet we cannot buy. What happened to all that Hauge $$$ LOL. It’s embarrassing. Florenzi had to pay 500k out of his own pocket to make his move to Milan. Yacine on doorstep but now wait – can’t sign him either. Sound familiar (Kaio Jorge)? From a team building on youth and promising talent to settling on old players with limited value nobody really wants (Giroud, Florenzi, Bakayoko)…WTF is going on. Will check back on September 1 when none of the players rumored to be coming to Milan sign (Yacine, Vlasic, Ziyech, Berardi)

  6. I guess I will not visit this site nor read any other transfer rumors before September 1st…

    Anoter failed operation over and over again.

  7. If they are not signing Adli then what is the essence of letting Pobega go. Bakayoko is not good enough for milan this season when both Kesse and Bennacer would leave for Africa

  8. 10 mil for Adli and a loan deal for Ilicic. Youth and experience for various positions. Not sure why this is so difficult.

  9. I think Bakayoko have more experience in Seri A dan European League with Napoli thats why Milan loan him and hold to pay 10 million for Adli. Beside that, with 10 million Milan have alternative option to loan Vlasic from CSKA

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