GdS: PSG, Juventus and Man City circle amid Milan-Popovic stalemate

By Ben Dixon -

With AC Milan withdrawing themselves from the race for Serbian starlet Matija Popovic, Manchester City, Juventus, and Paris Saint-Germain may now step up their chase for the now free-agent.

Alongside his entourage, the 18-year-old arrived in Milano on Tuesday with a deal seemingly close to competition. However, this has backfired massively.

Reports have stated that this attempt to pressure the Rossoneri caused the break-down in talks, alongside the high commissions demanded and the unwillingness to negotiate these.

Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews) have reported that because of the Diavolo’s exit from the chase, there is now a chance for someone to capitalise. The expiry of his Partizan Belgrade contract means he can join any club of his choice for no up-front fee, only the previously requested commissions.

Several elite European clubs have been interested in him previously, so the break-down in negotiations between the Serbian talent and Milan will only tempt these clubs to re-enter talks with him and his party.

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  1. Backfired? They did exactly what they planned to, went to Milan to see if Milan is serious or will the management pull another Kamada and leave them hanging after they waited for Milan. I would say it was smart, now they know they need to go to other clubs and sign…

  2. They came without sn invitation thinking that publicity would force the club to fork out idiotic amount to the agents. Management refused to be bullied into dealing with Balkan criminals. Not really sure what the problem is?

    If they want clubs with more money than brains, they need to go to England.

    1. That’s the nature of the business – money talks. You can keep your moral high ground but it won’t get you anywhere in sports unfortunately.

      You also should be wise enough by now to know that when you get a player as a FREE AGENT – you WILL be expected to pay agent commissions that will be typically higher. everyone knows that. So either you go after players under contract and pay a larger transfer fee OR you get him on a free and pay the higher agent fees. You CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. Everyone is out to either make $ (selling club and agents) or save $$ (buying club). It’s the nature of the business. If we don’t pay it someone else will that thinks 2M is worth to pay in agent fees if you are getting this supposed high talent on a FREE lol. I mean if we were going to use our last non-EU spot on this kid Moncada must believe he was worth it right?? Ask yourself this question: if Popovic was under contract and we had to pay his CLUB the 2M instead of his AGENT – nobody would complain and all the fans would say do it – it’s a deal. But because it’s the agent we are paying we are now morally outraged?? lol. That’s comical. No clue of this kid will turn out or not – BUT considering our budget and that we will never spend 40M on a real proven striker – perhaps 2M seems like a gamble worth taking. Like I said Mr Moncada obviously thought so and to think we would get him for nothing or the agent wouldn’t ask for a large fee is absolutely NAIVE.

      What a fkn mess. The inexperience of Our management team is shining bright. It’s embarrassing but unfortunately not surprising.

      1. No, the player should make no profit, as well as his agent. Only Milan should profit from him not signing the contract, and if the player would want he is a money hungry vulture. Why didn’t Milan offer to pay his former club let’s say 3M because they are morally superior? Oh wait, they aren’t…

      2. I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion as it has been reported clearly in the press.

        Milan had an interest in the kid and come to agreement with his people, with some minor details and a signature left to finalise.

        The rest is something from a bad movie.
        He and his entourage arrive in Milan early without informing the club, which angered the management (partly due to the fact they always like to make a media event of these signings).

        His agent(s), subsequently demanded hefty signing bonuses that had not been previously agreed.

        They have rightly told them to f_ck off!

        These gangsters were trying to shake them down.
        Given how he was already frozen out by Partizan this is no surprise.
        I posted here long before this drama that Popovic or more specifically his “people” seem like bad news.

        1. I agree, not surprised considering who is in his entourage (mob gang). Non-EU spot should be saved for someine of proven value. This guys is bad news pass and forget about him alltogether, he is bound to fail. Wearing our sacred shirt one needs to be a good olayer and have class

      3. I have no doubt that Milan had already agreed to certain signing on conditions with the player and agents, including a payment.
        Problem is they decided to show up early to strongarm Milan for more money (given city interest).

        It all smacks of amateur gangsters from Serbia

      4. Never said anything about agent fees or half the things you are replying with but I do like your rant. Seems like you had stuff to get off your chest and I’m happy I was able to be your launch pad. And yes our management is clown levels, hopefully they improve but it’s debatable. Ciao Juro

    2. Yes, he should have joined Milan because the club is famous for playing their young players. City used more of their young players than Milan, until everyone at Milan got injured so there was no other option…

  3. Whatever…. Everyone is a critic. LOL!!! Interisti were giving us so much flack about trying to sign Taremi. Look at them now…

    Same here. I don’t care about an unproven kid for the primavera who ALREADY comes with baggage. Next level problems for richest clubs.

    Like a last century American scholar Jay-Z said “I got 99 problems, but a b*tch ain’t one”. Good Luck to Popovic and his entourage.

  4. Based on what is already out in the media he seems toxic maybe he’ll find better mentors and become a star but Milan have many young talents and don’t need to force this one

  5. Why such a big deal over him? This kid decided at his 17 years that he’s too good to sign a contract with Partizan and play with big kids. Instead he blackmailed and even agreed to be put aside without any playing for long period. And now his agent want high commission. Typical balkan way of dealing.

    Not really someone I’d like near my dear club. Also, I don’t see him succeed at Milan. He’s a CdK type of player so not really our coup at the moment. More of a bargain chip with the likes of Atalanta and Torino as a possible counterpart in any transfer dealings.

  6. Deja Vu? Sounds like the Taremi fiasco in the summer. Everyone wants some cream from the top, well bollocks to them and fair play to managment for sticking to their guns again.

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