GdS: PSG ready to pounce on Milan star in Donnarumma-esque fashion amid €10m demand

By Isak Möller -

Franck Kessie is yet to renew his contract with AC Milan, despite the words during the Olympics, and the parties are still far from an agreement. As you would expect, therefore, several big clubs are monitoring the situation. 

As reported by today’s edition of Gazzetta Dello Sport (via MilanNews), Paris Saint-Germain are ready to make a move for Kessie, just like with Gigio Donnarumma. Milan, for their part, have already done their best in the negotiations.

The Rossoneri put €6.5m on the table but that was rejected by Kessie, who’s now hiding behind a demand of €8m plus another €2m in bonuses. This is too much for Milan but it’s certainly within reach for PSG-

Kessie is currently recovering from his injury and he has always made it clear that he wants to stay, just as his agent has always been loyal to Milan. However, now the fear of losing him for free is real.

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  1. Well those oil farmer team only know how to buy a player. They never create good player. Mbappe is the only things that good from psg. But either way Milan can release those traitor el presidente. He can always join calhanoclue or dollarruma. Who cares we already have bakayoko this seasons and Adli next season. No one need him anymore.

  2. Like I said before, make your offer, go as high as you’re willing to go and make it final. If h rejects it, withdraw all offers and bench him, or better put him on the stands. Let see who will sign him after a full year of no playtime.

    Examples have to be made. Since Gigio situation didn’t make it clear to players and their greedy managers.

  3. Ok, let’s just bench and forget about him. For ACM it means only 2 mill loses due to his current salary. Focus on other players instead of training a player for PSG. Even Krunic deserves more than Kessie. At least Krunic never promises things he is not about to do.

  4. Kessie’s mind is made up. The earlier Milan realizes that, the better. Stop wasting time on this guy and move. Don’t include him in the team for the entire season and let’s see. Management please stop pushing this guy for a contract, or else it will affect the mentality and zest of the other players in the camp. Kessiecannot be BIGGER than the club. Thanks.

    1. And just like that with a snap of the finger, some club pays 70 million plus his 10m wages. You think clubs will go for him with a transfer fee??
      It’s because they can get him for free that’s why they are willing to pay that much.

      1. YES they will. 8M season plus a transfer fee is nothing to EPL clubs or a club like PSG. Do your homework and look at the transfer fees they pay plus the wages. They are not scared off by an 8M year salary plus a 50m transfer fee lol. The same argument was used with Donnaruma. No team would pay him 12M a season plus a transfer fee lol. Of course they would! These big clubs are not scared off by such salaries nor transfer fees. Look it up you will be surprised.

  5. That’s a great idea but I doubt PSG will wanna spend 70m on him as the chance of getting him for free is very possible right now. And trust me bro, Kessie is only demanding for such an exorbitant amount just to spite the management. He wants leave already!

  6. -Kessie: “I want to stay at milan” (whispering: as long as they pay me a salary that I know very well Milan can’t pay)
    -What’s that?
    -Kessie: “oh, nothing, nothing”

  7. Another disaster by management if true. So much for waiting and believing Kessie would sign for below his market value lol. We cannot let him leave for free like Donnaruma and Hakan. Sign him to 8m or whatever then sell. EPL teams and PSG will not be scared off by an 8M/year salary unlike Italian clubs. Sign the SELL his ass. But do NOT let him leave for zero transfer fee. Replace him with Kamara And/or Renato Sanches and use the rest of the $$ on Farivre. I do not understand the fans who say fuck him let him walk for free….that is insane. Have we not learned anything? Sign him to his bullshit 8M/yr salary then SELL his ass. For those that argue others teams will only pay Kessie 8M per season because they are getting him on a free transfer obviously do not know enough about world football and what other clubs pay (esp EPL teams) for players salaries. 8M a year is nothing to them and they will gladly pay it PLUS a transfer fee. So let’s stop this BS from repeating itself again and sign Kessie to his fat salary then transfer his ass out the door.

    1. This is a massive gamble that he will get better. He was kinda ordinary for the first 3 seasons with us. After signing new contract he could get injured or have a dip in form and loses starting spot to Baka or Tomori. Then we will be in same situation as Juve is with Rabiola and Ramsey on huge salaries that are not worth the money and they cannot sell as no one is willing to pay the salary and they are not willing to drop it for a move.

      1. Your missing the point my friend. We are looking at it from an Italian team where 8M is a massive salary and extremely rare. Up to an EPL,team or a team like PSG is nothing. So yes we should sign him and yes we should then sell his ass ASAP as we cannot afford 8m a season for long term. And those that say no one will pay a transfer fee in addition to an 8M yr salary are funny. PSG tuned down 220M for M’Bappe – they don’t need the $$. So do you think they are worried about paying Kessie 8M a year plus paying us 40-50M in transfer fee? LOL. The answer is NO

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