GdS: Reijnders rejected hefty contract offer to join Milan – the figures

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan have reached an agreement with AZ Alkmaar for the transfer of Tijjani Reijnders, who is expected to arrive in Italy on Monday. The player’s will was decisive, pushing for the move throughout the process. 

Milan tabled a new offer of €20m plus bonuses late last night and AZ Alkmaar decided to accept. Reijnders is expected to arrive in Italy on Monday, as reported be various sources, and should thus be available for the USA tour.

According to Gazzetta Dello Sport’s Luca Bianchin, Reijnders turned down a contract worth €3m per year at AZ Alkmaar as he only wanted the move to Milan. His salary with the Rossoneri will be €1.6-1.7m per year plus a sign-on bonus.

In short, the player made a big sacrifice in order for the move to materialise. For Milan, it’s a very important signing not just for the squad, but also for Giorgio Furlani and co who now have shown their strength.

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  1. Strange. Hope he will grow his play, become first team player, gain better salary and in near future sold for 64 million.

    Good luck !

  2. We got tonali replacement who seems to be more offensive type, now we need kessie replacement and he would be dominguez?

    1. We will most definitely play a 4-3-3 considering our midfield options so I expect a Dominguez type profile to arrive

  3. Really want to see how we are going to play next season because we signed 2 midfielders who are very good pushing the ball forward, something that the team lacked the last couple of years, especially this past season.
    Now, signing a defensive midfielder to complement RLC and Reijnders should be next, along with a striker.

    1. Even if we don’t sign any other midfielder, we still have good options for DM. Everyone acts like Bennacer is dead, but he’ll be back in a few months. Then there’s Krunic, who played his best football when he played deep. And although Pioli won’t agree, I think that Adli would be perfect for that role, due to his similarities with Pirlo, especially great vision coupled with good long passing skills.
      Yes, we could use another player, but I would rather take the money for a DM and instead go all in for a top striker.
      If we really switch to 4-3-3, then we’re covered for RW with Pulisic and maybe Saelemaekers or even Romero.

      1. Bennacer had a very serious injury and he isn’t coming back before new years and once he does come back he will need time to get back in rhythm. That’s at least half of the season.

          1. It makes no difference to me if it’s on loan or a permanent transfer but we do need a defensive midfielder. And yeah Gravenberch would be ideal

  4. Keep in mind Az wont play CL, Milan will. He might earn less than he would if he stayed, but he is gonna play on a bigger stage now and if he does well a raise will come. Gg

  5. Great Player we get,
    Thanks for both owners and the Management.
    But do not Forget we are in a stage of Minus One Plus One,So if we ,acmilan get Yonus Musah than we are in a Profit futher for net Profit at Midfield.

    1. They are salty because they were convinced Gerry/Redbird was planning to sell everyone this season and aim to finish 18th


    2. You can act like Reijnders is Marcel Desailly or Andres Iniesta if you like, that’s freedom of speech.

      It’s good to finally see the management closing one of its priority targets. Benvenuto Tijjani!

      1. “It’s good to finally see the management closing one of its priority targets. ”

        One? That’s their 3rd one already. But who’s counting anyway… 🙂

        1. Wait I thought it was all Doom & Gloom….. Are there actual glimmers of hope?! Whaaaaaaaa?!

          FORZA MILAN ⚫️🔴

      1. Thats far from the truth

        Juventus Expenditure: €77.60m
        Kean 30 mil
        locatelli 30 mil
        weah 11.3 mil
        milik 6.3 mil

        sassuolo 48mil
        monza 42 mil
        napoli 38 mil
        inter 26.5
        torino 24.7

        Milan is still running in + for now due to tonalis sale, tried to post a link to transfermarkt but it didnt turn up

        1. Kean and Locatelli have been at Juve for 2 years.
          How much have they spent on new players.
          All those numbers you are posting are from them paying transfer fees for players they already have on their teams that were there on loan.
          They are just paying now for kicking the can down the road in the previous years

          1. Doesnt matter your initial question were if any teams had spend over 15 mil which several has done so far and that is regardless whether they were on initial loans with obligation doesnt matter whether its new players they still spend that ammount.
            Last year people when nuts about napolis mercato they also had to fork up for raspadori as well, still its money spend this year.

          2. @Martin Bernhard I was talking about money spent on new signings. New players that will be reinforcements to the club. New players that would make the team better.
            Not players that have been at the club for 2 years that Juventus have to finally pay the piper for.
            The only new player is Weah 11 mil.
            Inter only new players are some CB from Bundesliga for whom they paid 7 mil over 2 years, Frattesi on 6 mil loan and Thuram as a free agent.
            I don’t even know if Napoli has signed any new players yet.
            Most of monza, Sassuolo,
            Torino money are also for players thay were already there last season.
            None of them have spent much more than 15 mil on new players that would actually make the team better

          3. Doesnt matter its still money spend this year regardless whether they were there last year, Its simple facts and math so there is no way around it but sure im glad im not in juventus shoes nevertheless.

      2. we sold for 70 million, so technically, we didn’t spend anything at all yet 😂🤷‍♂️ other clubs also had deeper rosters than us going into the season. We also got beat out for better players.

        We still have 45 million left on our budget. We had Brahim, Kessie, Chanaloghu, Ibra, Tonali and Bennacer to replace. So far we can say Brahim/Raindeer, Chana/Pulicic and Partially Bennnacer/ RLC

        Now for Kessie, Ibra and Tonali, we got 15 million left for each….Now if CDK is considered Brahims replacement Raindeer Kessie, We have Ibra and Tonali for 22.5 each…

        1. You dont counting yet…a revenue from last season CL, which maybe bigger than Tonali’s prize, and prize money for 4th place in the league

      3. I was salty about Tonali leaving and pessimistic. But even I can say they are proving me wrong. They are going for players at a higher caliber. And doing it in a cost effective way.

        Tonali leaving left a bitter aftertaste for me, but maybe it was needed so we could keep a balanced book and reinvest.

        If they get 3-4 more signings (definitely another midfielder and a RW), definitely a great impact.

        1. Tonali also showed doubts, we dont need players playing half-heartedly.

          I still hate that so many people fell for his cr*p and call him ‘true Milanista’, if that was so it would’ve taken longer than one meeting with NUFC people to convince him to leave. And this is facts because NUFC literally said they didnt want an auction.

          1. Playinng half heartedly, you are freaking bunkers, time for you to change your name to bolderdash as that seems to fit your nonsense comments better.

          2. Tonali reject more money from inter, transfer request exclusive for Milan, push hard to lower his price even cut his salary & he’s 1 of scudetto heroes,
            what he gave to Milan is far much more than you & jerry combine

          3. WTF are you talking about kid. Always nonsense coming out of your mouth. So a player is not a “Milanista” if he leaves for more money elsewhere?? So that means Kaka and Sheva were not “Milanisti”?? Then you should love Maldini – a true Milanista right because he stayed his whole career with Milan and turned down many more lucrative contracts from other clubs to stay. Your a clown 🤡 who doesn’t understand football. Go back to bed donkey.

  6. remember when people said only Maldini can convince players to join Milan? Well in Maldini’s case this took 6 more weeks to complete last season lmao

  7. No way AZ offered him a new contract on €3m a year when their total annual payroll is €10m. Gazzetta needs a reality check and to stop making up stories. Pathetic.

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